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IMMERSE RP & Building Decor
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IMMERSE RP & Building Decor

IMMERSE RP & Building Decor is intended for RP servers or Single Play players to add a little life and immersion to their game.

* Over 300 new placeables to decorate your world with!

* Crates, barrels, etc, can be used as storage.

* New drop materials from bushes, rocks, and more.

* Produce Vendors
Placed by admins to create a market of new fruits & veggies for food decor. (Please be aware our food decor is not for actual consumption at the moment)

* Luxury Goods Merchant
Placed by admins allowing players to purchase beautiful products such as Silk Sitting Pillows, Tables, Paintings, and the entertaining Hookah! (don't forget to put some tobacco or hemp in there for the full effect :P)

* Coin and Item Exchange
Break your coins into change with the coin exchange or swap items at the Item Exchange. Coin and Item Exchanges must be placed by the admin. There are 2 versions of the Item Exchange.

* Create a Gazel Corral to harvest it's milk and meat for food. You can also breed your gazels for baby fawns, who in turn will mature into adult Gazels for more farming! Be careful though, your gazels can and will die if you are not taking care of them!

* Dock Builder
A full dock building set of snap-able pieces allows you to create any shaped dock you wish. Pillar pieces to put underneath the docks are also available.

:: New crafting stations include ::
- Spinning Wheel

Craft new rugs and pillows

- Tavern Bar
Use Ale crafted from the Big Keg to fill your bar and hand out Mugs of Ale to others. If ale isn't enough to satisfy you, purchase a plate of yummy Bacon & Eggs! (Not yet edible, decor only)

- Big Keg
Craft Ale and fill up an empty mug with it at the Tavern Bar.

- Champer Pots
After filling up on some grub and creating some feces (ewww) you may want to drop that load in a chamber pot, at least it won't be going to waste seeing as it turns to compost :D

- Fishing Boat
Tired of fishing with nets? Use a fishing boat! (Must be placed near water. The fishing boat cannot be placed on open bodies of water! However you can fake the effect by building a platform and stairs underneath it to climb aboard.


Please view change notes for known issues.

We are always willing to help those looking for it regarding our mod. Please understand mods are not perfect and depend on a stable base game for them to function correctly at 100%. We are in the learning process and want our mod to be as good as it can be, however we cannot fix what we aren't aware of.

Feedback regarding bugs or general suggestions help us greatly! We appreciate your support!

Visit our website for more information as well


MOD ID: 1394768794


Currently we have a 30 person max server running this mod if anyone would like to check it out.
Our Server Name : IMMERSE : Casual RP/PvE-Conflict
IP Address :
Player Count : 30 Max
Mod List :
1. IMMERSE RP & Building Decor
2. Pippi Server Management



Q. I can't see anything on the Vendors, Merchant, or Exchanges, what do I do?
A. Use a Reset Feats Potion Admin Spawnable or buy from Tavern Bar for 50 Bronze Coins.

Q. Where do I gather logs? I don't seem to be getting any?
A. Logs are made at the Carpenter's Bench after learning Adventuring Carpenter.

Q. I'm having a building placement error when using this mod, how do I fix it?
A. We have confirmed it is not our mod causing this, but the use of multiple mods together and a vanilla base game bug. Try adding the Less Building Placement Restrictions mod to your game, or try removing this mod and adding it back to see if the problem persists.

Q. Which order should I add IMMERSE to my mod list?
A. For best results we recommend putting IMMERSE at the BOTTOM of your mod list. The mod at the bottom of your modlist is the dominant mod. If you are having issues with items not dropping the most likely cause is mod conflict, so try adding it to the bottom of your list and see if it works for you.

Q. I removed this mod and it corrupted my game, why?
A. It isn't this mod specifically, it's mods in general. Removing mods tends to cause problems due to them still thinking they are there. Always create backups of your game saves before removing or adding new mods!

Q. Is this mod compatible with Emberlight? Age of Calamitous? Any others?
A. Currently we are fully compatible with the Emberlight mod. We have players confirming our mod also works with Age of Calamitous with minimal conflicts. There have been no reports of other mods conflicted badly with our mod.Make sure to load IMMERSE last for compatibility with Emberlight.
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Q. What files do you alter?
A. AB_Human_Male is altered, LoadScreenBackgrounds, LootTable_Resource, ItemTable, ItemNameTemplateID, CraftingStationNames, SpawnDataTable, FeatTreeTable, RecipesTable, RaceTemplate, ProfessionTemplate, and EquipmentTemplate are merged through ModController.


Help us add content and drop us a favorite! :D
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Server using this mod
Jain Zar
< >
Mohawk 6 hours ago 
I really hope this mod is picked up by someone with the time for it, anyone know of a good replacemnt mod, atleast for bathroom type furniture. lossed my baths and toilets etc. now
Diminius 8 hours ago 
rather then removing this mod please allow other modders to use it so it can stay alive. its an amazing mod and id hate to see it disapear
Sweet and Innocent 9 hours ago 
Since you're removing the mod, is there a chance of a cleanup tool, to clear out all the (now) invalid items (black squares) left in our databases?
Relic 10 hours ago 
This mod has not been updated. Having problems wwith my server. According to Gportal it is because of the mods that have not been updated. Even thou I have removed the mods that have not been updated. Is your server working with this mod (which is not updated)?
angel-tiger 10 hours ago 
My favorite mod! It will be a huge loss ..
Lupin III 11 hours ago 
Still got that paypal link though...
Mickey 15 hours ago 
on the discord:

SanyettaToday at 22:24
Siobhan#2043 Hii, unfortunately it's looking like we may be taking the mod down soon. Our RL doesn't offer us many oppurtunities to work on it at the moment, and when we do have time we prefer to do other things because we don't enjoy the game anymore. We will let you know soon when and if for sure the mod is coming down. I'm sorry to let any of you down :heart:
!Criss! 15 hours ago 
This mod has died
Mickey 17 hours ago 
@euphonique: Yes, all will gone.

I test all mods on my own server step by step, and it run only if i deleted Immerse.
Stand by, ok, but how long?
Northryder 17 hours ago 
Yep, 'Ragnar's Realm Fast PvE (UK) has also removed this mod as it crashes the server post-FunCom patch yesterday. A sad day as most of our players have used this mod extensively. The mod has not been updated in a while so may no longer be being supported?
Will monitor in case there's an update. :steamsad: