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Standalone Supply System
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May 25, 2018 @ 1:00pm
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Standalone Supply System

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Supply System
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Forces need supplies to function properly. Each unit, including garrisons, usually consumes one supply unit per turn. To make up for this, supplies can be sourced from the local settlement. This poses no problem when forces are garrisoned, however, when they leave the settlement they will have to rely on supply lines and their environment. If supplies get too low, soldiers will be tired and unhappy and might even desert or rebel.

Supply gain and loss is influenced by many factors such as a force's diplomatic relationship with the local settlement, stances, seasons, traits, etc. Supplies can also be gained from defeated enemy forces, though this of course is a more risky method of acquisition. Therefore, sooner or later, all forces should return to an allied settlement to resupply.

Forces can only supplied as long as there are actually reserves in the regional settlement. These produce, store and distribute reserves. Base production, capacity and logistical capability can be improved by buildings. If a region produces more reserves than it can hold, it will attempt to send them to allied settlements in the province. How many supplies can be delivered to forces in the region and other settlements in the province depends on the region's logistics efficiency.


Depends on some helpful functions Causeless wrote.
Utilizes DETrooper's vassal tracking script.
Sheridan helped with the new icons. UMC made the old icons.
The cover is from one of Invicta's videos.

Thank you all!


Just added and improved many features. Feedback on bugs and changes are appreciated.
If you enjoy this mod, please do leave a rating. It helps other people notice this mod and keeps me motivated.

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Sep 17, 2020 @ 5:38pm
Issues with supply system
< >
mementomoria420  [author] Apr 27 @ 9:46am 
For the first turn, it was. Was mistakenly in from development, should be gone now.
Mighty Mattia Apr 27 @ 6:45am 
Hi, great mod. I was wondering why the mod makes the whole map visible? As in, no clouds over distant territory. Thank you.
mementomoria420  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:28am 
No, it should just consume more of the supplies in the settlement. Sourcing and consumption are calculated separately.
TheBlackGrouse Apr 1 @ 3:38pm 
Isn't the Garrison Supply Factor of the besieged army interfering with the Under Siege Penalty?
mementomoria420  [author] Apr 1 @ 6:10am 
The garrisoned armies' supplies only go down, when no reserves are left. For some reason settlements don't loose reserves, when under siege. Don't know why. Will look at it when I find the time. Thanks for reporting the bug!
TheBlackGrouse Mar 31 @ 4:14am 
Strange, in general the mod works in my campaign. Three cities are under siege for a few turns and the armies are still fully supllied. That's correct as long as there are enough reserves in the settlement.

However these cities also keep their maximum supplies. In other words, the cities feed the soldiers but don't lose reserves while they are under siege. Seems impossible to me because there is no production/transport when under siege.

A closer look (city under siege for 4 turns): base consumption and defense efforts have the correct negative values (each about -14) and 'change per turn' has the value '0' (no production). The defending army is fully supplied so overall the city reserves should go down but they don't. What am I missing?
ancensan Mar 22 @ 3:11pm 
Thanks for answering me, great job what you are doing
mementomoria420  [author] Mar 22 @ 3:04pm 
In this version it's deactivated for now, as I'm still (actually rn) working on assigning the building boni.
ancensan Mar 22 @ 2:49pm 
I do not see the icons of the reserves in the settlements
TheBlackGrouse Mar 16 @ 12:25pm 
Thanks, I checked the Greq mobility mod to see if I could find the reason for crashing and I removed all the supply scripts and related tables

And now the save game loads fine. Your mod is save game compatible unless there is a mod that messes with the supply system too. But that's common knowledge and who would have two of them anyway.