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Left 4 Dead 2

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Tits and ass (loli shit)
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(4 pack L4D2) CPU swimsuit (Neptunia V)
Created by Shigure
that's unfair if only CPU Candidates have pack. So today, ill release 4 pack of CPU. Swimsuit Pack.

Neptune - Ellis
Blanc - Nick
Noire - Rochelle
Coach - Vert

Tks to RandomTBush for the models <3~

06/10/2015: Enable Jigglebone on hair of Vert...
I'M GAY Landing Sound
When you jump down idubbbz says some fucking gay shit.

FAVORITE it and give THUMBS UP to show that you're gay for idubbbz!

I also made:
Left 4 MLG
Created by Trollmo
DISCLAIMER: Some sounds may appear very loud. Please play with Headphones and low volume.
To make this mod work properly, please deactivate other mods that may conflict with Left 4 MLG.

This mod is considered to be combined with...
Pick Up That Item and Eat That Ass
Created by Magic Genie
Replaces the generic pickup item sound with Papa Frank saying the iconic phrase of "I Eat A$$"

Enjoy you sick freaks...
Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
SULFER VISION Minigun Sound Mod
Created by Zeta
"I'm gonna destroy this thing with my..... S U L F E R V I S I O N!"

Self explanatory. Replaces the minigun wind up, wind down, and firing sounds with the sulfer vision clip from Spongebob...
Ugandan Knuckles (Replaces common infected)
Created by Joshe Gatito
Show dem da wea, my bruddas!

This mod replaces the common infected with those crazy lil' bastards that you may know from both YouTube and VRChat as the "Ugandan Knuckles".
Show them no mercy, as they will not hesitate to show you da wae.. And ...
Shrek (Tank) but without the music
Title explains it all. The model wasn't rigged by me,the original rigging for the model was by MasterGir and the model is by GormlessTosser. I can't help you if your game crashes,best bet is to play with sv_consistency 1. This still has his sounds from the...
Spongebob Hunter
Created by Despair
Replaces the Hunter with Spongebob.

Comes with Spongebob's voice.

Also, yes, his ragdoll is broken, it was for some reason nessesary at the time, sorry....
Boomer Music: Mr Boombastic
Created by COCO
Back from the dead here is my Mr Boombastic mod, did you miss it? Contains edited Mr Boombastic song that plays when the boomer explodes and bile gets all up in your face.

NOTE: This mod edits the boomer music you have to make sure that the MUSIC SOUND ...
Smoke Weed Everyday Smoker Song
Created by slyy
Replaces smoker's song with Dr.Dre - Next Episode feat. Snoop (Remix)

1 like = 1 weed
1 sub and you'll get your very own stomedy, to smoke cardboard in your house and pretend to die from it.

not a scam...
Hot Dog
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the jockey with a hot dog. Basically this mod exists so you can say "There's a weiner on your back!" No pun title this time, but in this case, you really wouldn't wanna see that.

Doktor haus - rigging, compiling
GriiM - model, texture...
Awolnation - Run (Footstep)
Created by kurweg
This was supposed to be a stupid joke. But look where we are right now. Incredible. Incredible how stupid someone can be.

I'm an idiot for doing this.

This little abomination changes every footstep in the game to the iconic "Run" from Awolnati...
Homer Simpson Chainsaw Sound Mod [Visible Edition]
Created by Vexed
Replaces the chainsaw sounds in L4D2 with Homer Simpson pretending to wield a chainsaw from The Simpsons Movie.

---- This is the VISIBLE EDITION! ----

A few people wanted to be able to see the chainsaw, so I have uploaded both versions to the Workshop....
ChainDildo 17+
Created by Ground_Control
This new mod for L4D2, replaces the normal chainsaw by a chainsaw more "friendly".

Press the bottom for video,thx.

Dildo Bomb (16+)
Created by Ground_Control
The Penetrator replace the pipe bomb.

My friend Ada Wong brought this model to l4d2, thank you Ada. She imported it from Saints Row, I think.
Credits for them.

If you like my mods,make a big thumbs up.(like/dislike)

Want to give me support? See m...
MLG Concert
Created by ❤Winters Haze❤
MLG Songs play on the concert map on DC....
Mountain Dew Vending MAchine SWAG
sWAG Dew of the Mountain...
Montage Parody Survivor Pictures
EDIT: Many people have been complaining about how PewDiePie is on the list. Whether you love him or hate him, the fact is that he is a meme in the montage parody community. He appears as a character in numerous montage parodies, and the "pewdiepie livecam"...
Sanic Adrenaline Shot
Created by ₱hØɛniχ
gotta go fast
us diz tu rekt zmobzi n b fsat az sanic d hegehog...
"MLG16" M16 Reskin
Created by Acrias
Air Horn Sad Violin Death Music
Created by Eva
le noscope mlg 360 memes xd
This mod replace death music to air horn sad violin....
Created by Cele
HUD icon for MK14 EBR,to aviod some servers enforcing the original scripts and kick u out,if u were kicked then disable this

Deagle Airhorn
Created by DaveStrangles
Changes the deagle firing sound into a MLG airhorn.

This is a recreation of a mod that used to be on the workshop a while ago, but it seems to have dissapeared, so i remade it....
Created by Miss Anthrope
Replaces the moon with the Shiba Inu from the Doge Meme. Purely for silly reasons. Now you can forever see Much moon! Wow!...
Game of MLG Ending Theme
Created by brokenmeteor
Makes your L4D2 Ending theme MLG!...
Intervention gunfire sound replacement for Military Sniper
Created by Hat Kid
This small addon replaces the gunfire sound of the Military Sniper with the one from the Intervention in Call of Duty, for all quickscopers.

Anyone asking:

The HUD is "Healthbars ...
MW2 MP5K F***k The System Edition
Created by Wendu-Chan
Write only feedback here. Every non-feedback comments will be deleted. If you got requests or questions join/write to my Steam group.

--replacing the UZI (non-silenced SMG)--
--contains custom hu...
The Finger Bang
Created by Splinks2
Taking your imagination 1 step further.

Pew Pew....
Nokia Hammer
Created by Ground_Control
This Addon replace the Crowbar and sound effects.

Does anyone remember this old nokia? Well if you have one at home and does not work, do as I, create a hammer. :)

Credits: Thanks to 7evenforce by the model and textures.

Color Lightsaber Pack
Created by Tя!cky ツ
7 Colors Pack of my prior released Lightsabers that will be random... (replaces the Katana)

Handle by Mr Lanky added Glow to Buttons
All New Sounds + Working We