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Asparagus Staging: The Key To Putting Crap -Heavy or Light- Into Space *Updated To V2*
By TalenTaylor
If you're trying your best to get a rocket up and out of the atmosphere, but just can't seem to balance out your thrust:weight ratio, this guide will ensure you are soaring through space with a very simple build
Enjoy The Enhanced Asparagus Staging Guide

Welcome to the complete overhaul of my Asparagus Staging guide.
This guide includes hundreds of changes and improvements from the original that I think we will all come to agree make the guide more understandable and easy to use.

These improvements aren't the end either, in the future you can expect to see many more changes including:
  • More Videos
  • "Advanced Users" Sections
  • Different styles of builds
  • How to integrate asparagus staging into any rocket
  • And maybe even more!
Disclaimer And Notices
I can confirm this method still works as of 8/25/2016

I did not design this type of staging.
Basic Build
This part of the guide can be done just by looking at the pictures, but be sure to read anyways for clarity!

To keep it as simple as we can, use the Mk1 Command pod.

One of the key ingredients in a good asparagus is to make sure it stays straight, so be sure to add an AdvancedSAS.

Many different tanks can be used as the center of the asparagus, but the Jumbo-64 will provide the best results for beginners as far as understanding how asparagus staging actually works.

The Jumbo-64 tank on top of the engine we want will overheat the engine before it can get very high at all. So we will need a smaller tank below it. Just grab the smallest Rockomax brand tank and stick in underneath the Jumbo-64.
(Important: As of version 0.20, a strange wobble will occur causing the rocket to become difficult to stear when these 2 tanks are placed in this fashion, so until this is fixed, add Strut Connectors to hold the Jumbo-64 firmly against the smaller tank.)

Now that that overheating problem won't be an issue, we can now attach our Mainsail engine.

This is the center of our asparagus, from here on, it is crucial that your symmetry mode is set to 2.
Any of the radial decouplers will work, but the TT-70 will provide the most distance from the center.
Now we need to set up our 6 outer tanks, we will do this by keeping our symmetry mode on 2 so we only ever end up having to attach these parts once. Place a FL-T800 on the center of your decoupler.

Though there is a more effective version of asparagus staging, it can create problems with decoupling, so we will just be using the LV-T45.

Now to save (a lot of) time, we are going to copy our outer rocket (and decoupler) by pressing your respective operating system's modifier key, and left clicking on the decoupler.

Doing this will give you an exact copy of what ever you click on, as well as the parts branching away from it. Make sure your symmetry option is still set to 2, and paste your copies to match the pictures.

You should now have 6 rockets symmetrically placed around your jumbo. The last parts we need to attach are the fuel lines that make this rocket have its efficiency. Place your lines to match the picture (be sure the lines are facing the correct direction.

Our rocket is now finished, all we need to do now is set up our staging and we will be ready to fly.
Staging for this build is something you'll be able to do from memory after getting it the first time,so don't worry if it looks and or sounds complicated.

To start, you need ALL of your engines on your initial launch stage.

Next, if you had done the decoupler and fuel tank placing steps correctly with symmetry-2 on, your decouplers on your staging bar should be in pairs.

The stage followed by your engines firing, should be 2 of your decouplers detaching, the 2 that decoupler first should be the 2 that don't have fuel lines feeding in to them. In other words, the first 2 should be the ones that you originally hooked fuel lines up to.

The following stage will be another 2 of your decouplers, these 2 are the ones that are directly next in line in the direction your fuel lines are flowing.

The final stage is the remaining 2 decouplers. After passing through this stage, you will (should) only have your Jumbo left.

When you are done, check the below lists to make sure you have it right.

Decoupler X2
Decoupler X2
Decoupler X2
All Engines
[/table]This picture shows which decouplers should be detached through the stages.
Launch And Flight
Before Launching:
  • Turn your SAS on (Press T)
  • Throttle up all the way

    This launch is as simple as just hitting the space-bar from here.

    Stage 3

    Go ahead and hit the space-bar once, all of your engines should be firing at full blast now.
    Stage 2

    On your staging bar, (given that your staging is set up correctly) you should see 2 of your engines running out quite quickly, those 2 should run out at the same time, and as soon as they do, hit the space-bar.
    Stage 1

    Again you should see that 2 of your engines are running out faster than the other remaining 2. When these run out, hit the space-bar.
    Stage 0

    You should now only have 2 rockets left, it will take a bit longer for these 2 to empty than the other 4 (see: Explaination section) but as soon as they do, hit the space-bar one last time.

    For additional support, you can check my video of me launching this exact rocket

  • You have no rockets attached to your exterior
  • Your jumbo fuel tank is full, or nearly full
  • Your Mainsail engine is still in one piece

    If that checklist matches your situation by this point then...
    You have successfully asparagus staged a rocket
Advanced Builds
There is potentially no limit to how many rockets you can add, this guide shows a tutorial for 6 for the sake of simplicity. I personally have done a 64 staged asparagus, and even that was overkill (and not to mention hard on my computer). Though in the long run, 6 won't be enough.

If you do decide to add more rockets to your asparagus, then keep in mind
  • Your rocket must be symmetrically balanced
  • Your fuel lines must all face the correct direction
  • You have to add the appropriate number of stages and have them all in the correct order

    Don't be afraid to push your limits, we are Kerbonauts after all :)
"My tanks are running out of fuel at completely different times"
-Make sure you are using the same engines, and fuel tanks for all of your outer rockets.
-Check to see that your fuel lines are all facing toward the flow to the center tank

"My rocket keeps buckling under the weight of itself"
-Go to your structure parts menu and grab a few struts that you can connect, from your jumbo, to the outer rockets, then make sure what ever your launching is secured as well.

"My rocket keeps exploding as soon as i go to launch it"
-Go to your structure parts menu and grab some launch enhancers, and place them evenly around your outer rockets. The issue your having is a weight overload, this will disapear as soon as the rocket is properly launched given that the center of thrust, and mass are even.

"My jumbo tank is overheating and exploding"
-This can either be fixed by dialing back the throttle to just over the 2/3 mark, or by adding a small rockomax tank in between the jumbo, and the mainsail.
The reason this works as well as it does, is not through any type of exploit or glitch. To put it as simply as possible, the 3 tanks that are hooked up to eachother, let's call them tanks A, B, and C, and the jumbo will be X.

A tank, fires its engine, while refueling B tank

B tank fires it's engines, recieves fuel from A tank, and fuels C tank

C tank fires it's engines, recieves fuel from B tank, and fuels X tank

Ultimately, A, B, and C are working to keep X filled, while also firing their engines. And when those tanks run out, without any tank to refuel them, they are detached as dead weight and allow the remaining tanks -and over all the jumbo tank- to procede higher and faster.
Want to help build and grow this guide?
If you spot any spelling/grammar/ or punctuation errors or typos, leave the comment section alone, drop me an email directly at

If you have any suggestions for the guide, go ahead and email those too.

And hey, I've considered writing up a german version of this guide, so if you speak and write german and english fluently, add me up and we can talk about some dates we could discuss the possibility. You would of course get equal credit for the translated guide and be featured on the guide's page.
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wyp020610 Nov 26, 2017 @ 7:33am 
If you want to go very far,you will need a few Terriers or even Nervs.
Jakethebeest Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:27pm 
can you update this guide..... the guide is in v0.2 and its currantly in v3.1.
good for the time thogh

p.s about the fuel tanks dranning at the same time just add a thust limmiter to each set of fuel tanks.
loganjamesalex Oct 7, 2017 @ 5:08pm 
So it took some time and I figured it out. You DONT have to mess with the fuel priorities (and set advanced tweaking on in settings) but the radial decoupler has a fuel line in it now so you have to shut that off and if you do that and set the fuel lines the way you show in the guide it will do exactly what it is supposed to automatically
TalenTaylor  [author] Oct 7, 2017 @ 1:24pm 
@loganjamesalex I've been away from kerbal for some time, but as I understand it, there is an additionaly step involving setting 'Priorities' throughout the rocket. Fuel lines no longer run in a single direction if I remember right.
loganjamesalex Oct 7, 2017 @ 3:03am 
My fuel tanks are all draining at the exact same speed? i set the lines up exactly like you did. did they change the game?
harry Oct 27, 2016 @ 4:07am 
In 1.2 you can just connect everything with fuel ducts and set the priorities
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aug 24, 2016 @ 10:04pm 
Moar boosters
JC12231 Nov 9, 2015 @ 4:02am 
This also works great using skippers or mainsails and the medium rockomax tanks, using those is a very good way to get high up quicker and lifting heavier loads with less parts (woo less lag b/c my computer is oldish)
ethobat Mar 30, 2015 @ 7:59am 
Great guide, I could never understand asparagus staging :D
klesh Jun 17, 2014 @ 9:48am 
Great guide! If you've never tried asparagus staging, you simply must give it a go! The results are far superior than if you just slap all the rockets and tanks on there normally. It really extends the distance your ship can travel.