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Del3te-O`s Dorito Guide to ReRe
By Del3te-O and 1 collaborators
This is a small guide for the ReRe Arma 3 Group
This is not of interest for anybody not trying to join us.
Joining the TS Server
How to join
To join the TS server of ReRe, you only require the standard version of Teamspeak 3 and the Ip which is as follows:


Download TS3:

1. Launch Teamspeak
2. Go to connections
3. Choose connect
4. In the "Server Nickname or Address" field, enter the following:
5. In the "Nickname" field, enter your name
6. Leave the "Server Password" empty, and click "Connect" button
7. Now you should be in the teamspeak server!

Rules on the TS
  • No mic spam or hotmicing
  • No excessivley loud noises
  • Soundboards and voice changers are allowed but only with acceptable volume and quality

Setting up the mods
Downloading the right mods:
1.Go to:
2.Download the mods by clicking the SUBSCIRBE ALL button.
3.Open a second tab
4.Go to:
5.Download these aswell (If you have Low Storage Space or slow Internet on your PC, Please ask the zeus or other players what Map Mod are they currently using, then download that specified map mod. This will limit to how much GB of mods you need to download. If the mission is on a vanilla map, you can skip these mods)
6.Wait until all mods are installed then open your launcher and go to MODS Section.
7.Load all the mods that you have downloaded from the collections mentioned above (Once you load the required mods, please save the mods into a new preset so you don't have to enable all the mods manually next time you want to join the server)
8.Once you have the mods loaded, Click the Orange PLAY button at the bottom left corner of the launcher
9.Go to the Server browser. Find the modded Renegades Zeus Server

Still having issues? Contact a member on the TeamSpeak or via Steam Private Message
Setting Up Task Force Arrowhead Radio Teamspeak Plugin
In operations, most often than not we use Task Force Radio Mod. This allows for a very realistic communication between players. Here is how you can easily set it up:

1. Go to this link:
2. Look for a blue button that says "Download radio". Click it and it should start downloading a small ZIP file
3. Once it's downloaded, go in it and you should see 3 folders and few files. One of the folders is going to be named "Teamspeak". Go in it
4. Now, if you went to the corect folder, you should see 2 Exec files. One of them should be: task_force_radio.ts3_plugin and the other task_force_radio_3.1Compat.ts3_plugin
5. Run the task_force_radio.ts3_plugin (Note: Do not use the task_force_radio_3.1Compat.ts3_plugin)
6. Follow the onscreen instructions.
7. Restart teamspeak once the plugin was installed
8. Go to the teamspeak and join the server (See Joining teamspeak server guide)
9. Once in the teamspeak server, look at the upper part of teamspeak and you should see a couple of options: Connections ; Bookmarks ; Self ; Permissions ; Tools ; Help
10. Click on the Tools Tab
11. Once you click on the tools tab, you should be able to see Options.
12. Go to options, then in the options navigate to "Add-ons" Section.
13. In the Addons section, find the Task Force Plugin, then enable it. (if it was already enabled, Click the "Reload" button.)
14. Done!

Note: Once the plugin is active, and you are in the modded server, YOU WILL GET Automaticly moved to a different channel that is called: "Alpha Bravo Chesscake Modded". That Channel is password protected, so the only way to get in it is enabling the plugin and joining the server.

If you correctly read the Guide, you should be able to talk in game with others realisticly, as well as use radios. If, for some reason, you have an error in the bottom right corner of the screen that says "Pipe Closed by TS" then your plugin is not set up/installed. In that case, ask one of the moderators, or players for help!
Clientside Mods
NOTE: Not a Single Clientside Mod is Needed to join the ReRe modded server! All they do is change small visual or gameplay features only for you. I highly recommend to not use any clientside mods for the first time you join the server. First make sure that the required mods are working fine and you can join the server, then you can consider getting clienside mods.

This topic is a big issue for many recruits and newcomers so here is a quick rundown:
1.Go to:
2.Download a few mods you would like to have active
3.Go to your launcher and enable them one at a time
4.Try joining the server
If running: Repeat from step 3
If not: Go back to the launcher and disable the mods you just enabled and pick a different one

The Gameplay Rules
  • No Thermal NVG`s except if the Game Master allows them
  • Not listening to Your squad leader or the Command, will get you kicked
  • Squadleader is a role that you should apply for at the Zeus and the other players
  • Medics should always know what they are doing (for refreshment course ask a certified Medic on the TS)
  • Follow orders from your Squadlead and Zeus
  • We have a radio mod for a reason use. Always Ask Your Squad leader or Zeus For Short Range and/or Long Range frequencies!
Basic Loadouts
Setting up a loadout might be a big problem for new players. Here's quick tips:

First, ask squad leader or zeus if there is a public loadout that you should get, or what kind of uniform to wear.

Now, focus on your equipment. Generally you should always keep your Equipment weight below 40 Kilos. Of course, that can change depending on how your squad leader specifies.

Equipment to take:
1. EARPLUGS. One of the most important item, that many forget to take. They prevent hearing damage of your characters ears when shooting an unsilenced gun or a launcher.
2. MEDICAL SUPPLIES. It doesn't matter if there is a medic in your squad. You have to always have at least 15 bandages. Either field dressing or quickclot. And also take 3 Morphine and 3 Epinephrine Autoinjectors. Morphine is for Reducing pain "White borders around your screen" and EPI is for Increasing hearbeat.
3. AMMO. Depending on your gun you should always take more ammo than you might think you need. Of course don't forget about the general 40 Kilos equipment weight rule.
4. RADIO. Without a radio you will not be able to communicate. Pick the one that squad lead, or Command specified.
5. Don't take thermals unless Command said you can.

WARNING: If you never played with ACE: Earplugs are a must have for every mission otherwise you might go deaf In-Game
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