Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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My mods that I use for my campaigns.
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Corinthian Greek Helmets
Created by Hephest
Hello guys. I am a big fan of the corinthian helmet used by the ancient greeks and, personally, I think it gives a respectable look to a soldier on the battlefield. However, Rome Total War II happens at a time when most of the greek armies abandoned this h...
Double Experience (Campaign)
Created by Ø76923
This mod simply doubles the experience your agents and generals recieve. It is great for 1-tpy games or if you find that you are not producing enough high-level characters.

Goes well with [url=
Double Experience (Units)
Created by Ø76923
This modifies a single file, halving the amount of experience required to gain an echelon.

It is only incompatible with mods that change what experience point thresholds units gain echelons at. It will work with "Traits, Talents and Toadies".

Goes we...
Dresden's Sack, Liberation and Diplomatic Options Mod
Created by Dresden
This mod gives all diplomatic and occupation options to all factions: Sacking, Liberating, Looting, Razing, Subjugating, Confederating, Forming Satrapies and Forming Client States. Patch 20 compatible.

Macedon Back in Black
Created by DMDR
For those who don't like purple, this mod restores Macedon colors to pre-augustus black and orange....
more skillpoint per level
Created by =LiG=Admiral Nelson
for agent,army and generals

full skillpoint at lv10...
Nordo's Faction Unlocker: 4 Turns per Year Add-On
Created by Nor Dogroth
Simple 2 turns per year version
This mod sets the turns per year for my faction unlocker to 4. You need the main mod to play with this add-on. For more information please...
Regions Needed
Created by Thomahawk2k
Now every faction has one turn to get a town after they lost all their own town's or they will disappear. This includes you.
I brought out another version of this mod a long time ago (couple of months) but a bug appeared and I decided to remove it. Sorry ...
Roma II: Total War Camera Mod
This is a simple mod that edits the land battle camera, sea battle camera, campaign camera, and unit camera. It increases the max and min zoom distance in the battle and campaign maps. It also lowers the unit camera in the mix position and lets you raise...
Jaki's Unique Mercenary black uniforms
Created by Jaki
Gives Mercenaries black uniforms.
Also gives the Veteran Hoplites a bit of a unique look.

Made by Request...
Shoes for Sparta
Created by DMDR
Returns sandals to spartan units in Grand Campaign.

CA has removed them with the release of WoS, the change I did not welcome because what the hell CA ?

!!! WARNING !!!
Enabling this will make sandals appear on some WoS spartan units, and this will...
Traits, Talents and Toadies: Character Overhaul
Created by Dresden
This is Hellbent's Traits, Talents and Toadies Character Overhaul Mod, updated with permission from Hellbent. This version is compatible with Patch 20 and works with the Caesar in Gaul, Augustus, Wrath of Sparta and Hannibal mini-campaigns. New campaign re...
unit upgrade mod
Created by drazan
hello rome 2 players

to see the changes, you can click on the update link next to the pictures "change notes ( view )"
for the best, ...
Two Agents Only
Created by [10ᛋᛋPD]Franzz
Simply sets the maximum Spies, Dignitaries, Champions at 2 for both AI and player, so no more having massed Agent wars! (This means it allows you and the AI to have one of each agent type)
Works with current save games and is updated to latest patch.

Testudo Fix - Emperor Edition Compatible
Created by The Professor
New Version 09/10/2014

- Fixed an issue where mod may have caused some other special abilities stat boosts to not function correctly. My bad.

- Added both types of infantry testudo to all testudo-capable units.

- Added cavalry testudo t...
Unit Cap Removal
Created by 18Lama
Removes the unit cap from the Grand campaign, CiG, HatG, and Augustus campaign.
Works with almost all the top tier Naval units and some infantry units. (Previous cap was 6)

Tested to work only with Single player campaign and custom battles.

Not comp...
ROME II music mod (Reuploaded)
Created by $-Freddy-$
DISCLAIMER: This is a free mod,I don't own any copyrights to these music pieces!

Music is taken from games and from movies, looked for something in other sources. You will find Sample from mod on My YouTube channel.

Better Greek Formations
Created by Jake Edwards
This mod adds better formations for the greeks. (Macedon, Sparta, Epirus, Athens, Seleucid, Egypt, Baktria, and Syracusae.)

Defensive Testudo:
I gave expensive spear units this ability because I thought that they needed better defence against missles a...
Skip Intro
Created by MINOS
Skips the Intro Videos.


So as a Modder, i was annoyed, that i had to press several Times the Escape Button for every Test - thats why i created it quickly.


Created by Kyle
This is an animation mod which makes the battle combat more cinematic and bloody

1. better charge kill
2. better matched combat in formation
3. every kill is bloody
4. if a soldier is killed by missile attack, he has half chance to get into wounded a...
Better Stat Box
Created by Laharah
Mod changes the normal displayed stats to the stats shown in the pic.
This mod does not change stats of any units, it only changes which stats are shown in the their stat box...
Political Impact
Created by scottfree001
Popularity has its benefits.
This mod gives your faction extra bonuses according to how politically powerful you are.
It also makes playing the political mini-game a little easier so that you have more control over your power/influence.

This mod was d...
A More Aggressive AI
Created by Turquoise-Falcon
***The pictures above are from an Athens campaign where the Seleucids and Drangiana swallowed the east and invaded the Balkans, forcing me to move west. Also did a Rome test campaign as the Junia (the family that receives the diplomatic penalty to all fact...
Better AI Recruitment
Created by Litharion
Better AI Recruitment for Rome II
Rome II Emperor Edition patch 20 :) compatible

This mod enhances the Campaign AI by building better melee based armies as well as improving the faction specific recruitment behavior.The AI will for example re...
Nordo's Faction Unlocker (All factions playable)
Created by Nor Dogroth


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