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ASTW2 - Arctic's Simple Thirdperson Weapons 2.0
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May 23, 2018 @ 4:08am
Dec 14, 2019 @ 4:13pm
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ASTW2 - Arctic's Simple Thirdperson Weapons 2.0

This addon is now OBSOLETE: Use ACT3: Arctic's Customizable Thirdperson (Weapons) 3.0 instead!

Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.
- Solid Snake

251 weapons, 12mb of downloads.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here:

ASTW2 is the sequel to ASTW, the only previous third person addon on the Workshop. Inspired by games such as the ArmA: Armed Assault series, Metal Gear Solid (And particularly, MGSV), and the Grand Theft Auto (Particularly, GTA V) series, this weapon base and pack is like nothing you've seen before - guaranteed.

Rage_Panzer : Neo, I know what your problem is bud, it happened to me too, but I found a fix.

Go into the Client setting of ASTW2 in the Options tab in the Q-Menu.

From there, turn off the Forced Custom Camera setting.

The reason it causes your camera to bug out is because they're fighting over which is domniant over the camera view, so make sure you either have the Forced custom cam active, or your custom camera active. DO NOT ACTIVATE BOTH.

- FULL NPC SUPPORT!: Nearly all weapons, excluding melee weapons, can be used by NPCs. Have fun!
- Balance: All weapons have been thoroughly tested for a good combat experience. We know that nobody wants to die to something they can't control.
- Camera Integration: The camera system included is tuned for playability.
- True Scopes: Weapons with sniper scopes include the "True Scope" system, allowing them to work as one would expect from a proper game.
- Exceptional Variety: If you can think it, it's there. Antimateriel rifles, 75mm cannons, grenades, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, assault rifles, .22 caliber pistols, even muskets, antique naval cannons, and wads of money... All at only 12mb! With over 250 weapons, there's bound to be something to fit your bill.
- Animation-Based Melee: Watch out for those models - where they hit is where they hurt you!
- Easier to work with than M9K: With fewer variables to tweak and no viewmodels to rig or align, even the newest modder should find it easy to add guns to the ASTW2 base.
- Immersive Modes: Just because it's tweaked for third person doesn't mean you can't play from your character's perspective!
- Reload Sounds: The holdtypes which are normally silent have custom reload sounds added to them.
- Proper Networking: Works properly on servers or high-lag environments.
- 3D HUD: With, like, cool stuff.
- Spawn Icons: Neat, huh?
- Customizable Camera Modes: With 5 aim camera styles, 4 passive camera styles, and a system for building your own camera, you can truly make your experience your own.
- Loads of Options: Configure and disable or enable almost anything you want.
- Bullets Come Out Of The Gun: Bullets come out of the gun, not your eyes. You'd think someone else would have done this before. A 3D crosshair makes sure you're always on target.
- vFire Integration: It Just Works! Burn, baby, burn!

- Switch Camera Sides: Use the command, "astw2_switch_sides" to change the side the camera is on. Works with OTS Close and OTS Far modes, as well as custom cam.
- Drop Weapon: Use the command, "drop" to drop and unload your current weapon.
- ENABLE FIRSTPERSON/FIRST PERSON: Type "astw2_camera_enabled 1;astw2_camera_aimmode 0;astw2_camera_passivemode 0" (No quotes) into your developer console. You can also use the options (Q->Options->ASTW2->Client).

Weapons List
10/22, 92FS, 92G, 93R, AK74, AKM, AKM16, AKMSU, AKS-74U, Trench Knife, Annihilator SMG, AR-10, AR12.7 Beowulf, AR15, AR2 OSIPR, AR556, ARAK-21, ARMAC-10, AR-15 Pistol, AS VAL, ATX, AUG, AUG Para, AW-20, AWP, AWP Obrez, AWS, Axe, GroBzAK-69, BAR, BAR M1918, , Bayonet, Baby Eagle, Bizon, M2 Browning, Bottle, BR99, Broadsider, Brown Bess, C1911, C228, C4, C96, CAR-15, CDTE, Chainsaw, Cleaver, Colt LMG, Colt 9mm SMG, CQ-249 STANAG, Crossbow, Crowbar, CS-390, Double Deagle, Desert Eagle .357, Desert Eagle .50, Colt Defender, Derringer, Detonator, FAL, FALO, FAMAS, FAMAS G2, Felin, Fists, Five-seveN, Flare Gun, G18A, G36, G3A3, G3 PDW, G3SG1, G98, Galil AR, Galil ACE 7.62, Galil SAR, Garand, Garand Tank Carbine, Gas Mask, G17, AT Grenade, Concussion Grenade, Stun Grenade, Frag Grenade, Gas Grenade, Impact Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Mini Grenade, Petrol Bomb, Rejuvenative Smoke Grenade, Shrapnel Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stick Grenade, Gun Shield, Harpoon, HK21E, HK416, HK416C, HK417, HK53, K2, K98, K98 Obrez, K98 Scoped, Kabar, Keyboard, Knife, KwK30 L/55, L42A1 Scoped, LAM, M72 LAW, Lods Of Mone, M1 Carbine, M1014, M14, M16A1, M16A2, M16A4, M16/M203, M1903, M1903 Infantry, M1911, M1911 SD, M1919, M1D Sniper, M2 Enforcer, M202 FLASH, M203 UGL-SA DB, M203 UGL-SA TB, M203 UGL-SA, FN MAG, M249 Para, M249 SAW, M3 Express, M3 Super 90, M3 Shorty, M4A1, M4A1 Tacstacked Mags, M4 Super 90, M53 Sarac, M60, M60E4 CQB, M712 Schnellfeuer, M79, M79 'Pirate Gun', M76, M79 Buckshot, M11, Machete, Mare's Leg, Match Competition, MG36, M32 MGL, M32 MGL Stunstorm, Mini-14, Minigun, Minimi-12, Mini Uzi, Mk. 2, Mk. 2 SD, MP5/10, MP40, MP5, MP5/M203 EOD, MP5K, MP5SD, MP7, MP9, MP9-SD, NSVT, Kozlice Boomstick, Kozlice, P228, P38, C38, P38S, P90, 7.5cm PaK 40, The Patriot, PB Shield, Pickaxe, Lead Pipe, Plasma Pistol, PMA, PMB, PMT, PS90, PSG-1, PTI-2002, Python, Python Desperado, R870, R870 Shorty, Varmint Ratslayer, Recoilless Rifle, Granategewehr, Smoke Projector, Road Warrior Sawn Off, Rolling Pin, Rosa .22, RPG-7, RPK, RPK-74, P-556, Single Action Army, Saiga, Scout, Scout Obrez, XM100 IMR-SD, SG550, SG550 DMR, SG552, SG552 ACOG, Shovel, Skillet, SKS, Slammer CIRD, Sledgehammer, Shoulder Mortar, Desert Eagle .357 Sniper Variant, Spade, SPAR-3, SPAS-12, Spud Gun, Steel Shield, StG-44, StG-44K, Stun Rod, PSL-1, Wells 1908, Wells Sawn Off, Tachi-Sairenza, T-Gewehr 1918, Theia Carbine, Thompson, Throwing Knife, TNT, Tonfa, UMP-45, UMP-45K, UMP-9, USP, Uzi, Varmint .223, Varmint LR .22, Vityaz-SN, HMP-5/100 Vollmer, VSS Vintorez, Winchester 1897, Wrench, Zbr. 08

- Arctic: Coding, the majority of the weapon models.
- Shib[]: Stun grenade model
- Unknown Original Author[]: RPG model
- Sebastian Croon[]: Minigun model
- Dopey: Helping me out with the new animation system.
- Battlepope's HL2 Beta Pack: Flare gun model/texture.
- Xyzzy: Basis for the NPC integration.
- Counter-Strike: Online: MGL Model.
- Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat: Certain weapon models.
- Fistful of Frags: Certain weapon models.
- Day of Defeat: Source: DoD:S weapon models and textures, base for WW2-weapon-based models.
- Left 4 Dead: Certain weapon models.
- Arctic: Making the mod itself.
- (You): For your inspiration, your support, and your time. Here's to (You)!
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