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Riftwatcher - New Class
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Riftwatcher - New Class

In 1 collection by CarnifeX
DARKEST SOULS - Mod Compilation
22 items
Updated: 25th July 2018
Languagess: English, Russian

  • New Move Ability "Swiftstep"
  • Stealth Mechanics
  • 9 Class Trinkets + 2 Neutral Trinkets +CoM Trinket
  • 2 Crimson Court Trinkets
  • Legion Bonuses for bringing multiple Riftwatchers
  • Search for 30 new Herb Items with Herbs of the Wild [HotW] - Mod
  • Early Hero Town Event
  • 1 Palette and 2 Skins included
  • Coming in 1.4: Flashbacks against Darkwraiths

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Damage Dealer, Shuffler, Scout

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The Riftwatchers, come to places whre "the Rift", the eldritch dimension between worlds, has become thin. They specialize in quick movement to counter foes with uncomprehendable power and size. The watchers were once united as "The Grey Legion", reminiscent of the one they call "Riftwalker". A grey knight acompanied by a wolf. Since the Legionwas a caravan of wandering hunters, they needed to learn to survive in the corrupted wilds. Therefore they specialized in using their surroundings for their advantage.
(Art and Lore based on the Abyswatchers from Dark Souls 3)

This class is a Definitive Shuffler relying on quick movement and accurate positioning.
Almost each ability moves him and has different effects depending on his position.
Watchers are best paired with other agile classes. Grouped with other watcher they benefit from passive bonuses.
As a survival expert he is well equipped for long runs, benefiting from the ability to gather resources and sustaining himself passivly. His stealth mechancis and the swiftstep ability allow him to avoid damage on demand, to compensate for his low defensive stats.
A quick, tactical and adaptable hunter !


Stalker's Pride
xooo ooxx
- Forward 1
- Bypass Riposte
- Bonus Damage if Target HP above 75%

ooxx 0oox
- Forward 2
- Ignore Stealth
- From Position 3: Stun
- From Position 4: Increased DMG & Armor Piercing

Veil of Daggers
xooo o+o+ox
- Back 1
- From Position 1: Bleed
- Debuff enemys ACC
- chance to stealth self

Legion's Gambit
ooox xxoo
- Distract the enemys to open an Escape for your Teammate
- Pull back your ally (2), Clear Ally Guard
- Stealth ally
- Setup Counterstrike: Single Riposte hit with increased DMG
- Destealth self

Sadistic Dagger
ooxx xooo
- Dagger with Poison that delutes the blood
- Cause small bleed
- Inflict blight to bleeding enemys
- More Bleed dealt to blighted enemys

Chameleon's Dance
- limited uses per combat (scale with level)
- Clear Debufs and enter stealth
- Suffle for 2 turns
- Offensive Buffs while stealthed
- Maintain steallth to keep the buff going

- Limited uses per battle (increase with level)
- small initial heal followed by a slighty stronger regeneration
- cure Blight/Bleed/Horror
- One use after each combat

Move Skill: Swiftstep
- Free Action
- Back 1
- Enter a defensive Stance: -DMG + Dodge


time cost: 2
- Craft a flute out of wild cattail gras
- Cattail Flute: Clear Horro, Heal Stress
- Legion Effect: Buff Speed of all Riiftwatcher in Party

time cost: 2
- Small Reg (1pts 5 rds)
- Search for curative Moss (cures bleed/ blight)
- Search for Herbs (different loot in each dungeon)

time cost: 2
- Perform the Brotherhood Ritual
- gather wolfgras
- Self: + 15% Stress healing received
- Ally: +15% Stress healing done
- Self +Ally: Bleed (2pts3rds)

time cost: 2
2 uses
- Search for Herbs (different loot in each dungeon)
- Imroved Mixture: +1 Hp healed from Survi-Vial
- Chance to cure mortality debuffs (30%)
- Chance to heal Disease (30%)

time cost: 2
- Gather Resin to buff your weapon
- +DMG against Size 2 and Eldritchs

time cost: 4
- Buff all Riftwatchers

On the Watch
time cost: 3
- Reduce nighttime Ambush cahnce
- Stealth self for 1 Battle
+ High chance to Surprise Enemys for 1 Battle
+ DMG in the first round of next battle


Abyswatcher Skin by:

Crimson Court Trinkets, very rare Trinket & common Trinkets by: Hooded Lay [skelayton-lord.tumblr.com]

'Riftwatcher' is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.


If you want to translate this mod to other languages you can open warrior_of_unlight_LANGUAGE.string_table.xml file in folder:
You can then upload it to https://pastebin.com/ and provide it to me via Steam.


If you enjoyed playing my content, and feel like you want to support me on further projects,
you can easily do this by buying me a warm cup of coffee.

Thanks to the many people who supported me and kept me awake with coffe until now !

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Beelzebub Oct 23 @ 12:26pm 
Hey does he have an 'official name', like dismas?
Boomities Oct 12 @ 4:24pm 
I really love the theme and flavor of this class. Since liking the first one of yours I tried, I'm trying them all and gotta say, you really are good at this!

THAT SAID, a team full of riftwatchers who all have chameleon dance and the cat-tail flute camping skill is the absolute single most broken thing I've ever seen in this game, lol. Camp early, flute up for speed, then everbody stealths start of combat when they reliably go first every battle. Point and laugh as monsters just make that DONK sound (pass) on their turn every time until they're dead.
CarnifeX  [author] Oct 8 @ 4:40am 
I alredy got permission to do classes fo the bloodborn skins, but at the moment there is not plenty time since im busy with other projects. They will come eventually ;)
And thanks for your encouragement.
Lithe Oct 8 @ 4:36am 
Given all the amazing, AMAZING Dark Souls-inspired new classes that grace the workshop, I'm a bit surprised that no one has decided to make any new classes inspired by Bloodborne. We already have heroes that transition between two modes, a similar mechanic could serve as an interesting way to implement the Hunters' Trick Weapons.
CarnifeX  [author] Oct 8 @ 2:44am 
My bad i did a patch and the default upload mode was "hidden" i ddnt notice unti now. its back up again
dunlapkg648 Oct 7 @ 10:05pm 
I know this is the wrong place, but I can't seem to find anywhere else to do it. You put a mod up today called like the Voivode or something, and I downloaded to it, then literally an hour later or so, it dissapeared. I'm assuming it was taken down or something. Any update on that, or clarification? I was pretty thrilled with it.
Fuedrakia Aug 19 @ 7:11am 
Tried it with and without Herbs of The Wild, as well as trying it with Herbs of The Wild over and under Rift Watcher in the load order, however I did not try placing Herbs of The Wild over Lectern of Time, though it does say to keep that at the top of the load order I believe.
CarnifeX  [author] Aug 19 @ 5:20am 
Icould not imageiine why. did you test to load it without herbs of the wild. Did you try to use one over the other in load order.
I don't know why lectren might bee incopatible no one reported such things yet
Fuedrakia Aug 19 @ 4:34am 
Both Riftwatcher as well as Herbs of The Wild seem to be incompatible with Lectern of Time, it crashes the game every time I attempt to go through the Lectern of Time with these mods installed.
Lust Aug 16 @ 9:26pm 
idk if this issue has been noticed but I noticed when I go to the weald to fight the hag without hotW( crashes the weald as well ) with the riftwalker enabled it crashes when going to fight the hag but when I don't have it on it doesn't any , just thought I bring that up