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Team Fortress 2

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it will be a all new gear for the spy. the knife will shoot.
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Sulfate Star Spangler
Make constellations out of your enemies! Bright, sparkly, short-lived constellations.

Suggested Stats:

+25% firing speed
Shells arc
-50% damage to buildings
Impacted enemies cannot hear Spy decloaks
Impacted buildings act more slowly

PyRoman Candle
Y'know those holiday stories of people hurting themselves with fireworks? They weren't doing it right. This is how you do it.

Suggested Stats:

+50% fire rate
+30% blast range
-30% damage
No reloads
Cannot pick up ammo until clip is empty
No min...
Doe's Mag Bag
Created by JPRAS
Doe's Mag Bag: Misc item for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 and 2 paint styles....
Gaelic Garb
Created by Midnight™
- model and textures remade from scratch, now has a normal map
- now paintable!

A traditional sash and dress shirt for the demoman.

Model and textures by Big Bob
Concept and original model by Midnight...
The Lochaber Lopper
Created by runglance
Finally a weapon worthy of the DeGroot Name.
Made famous for its part in the slaughter of Clan Mackintosh in the Battle of Bun Garbhain, the historical Lochaber axe of the Scottish Highlands is now available!

The Mile High Clubbers
Created by Constructor
Paintable goggles....
The D.I.Y.
Created by Statyk
Based on a PVC Potato Launcher. The "Do-it-Yourself" Rocket Launcher.

Comes in team colors, 3 LODs, a custom shoot sound, backpack icons, and awesomeness. :D

~~~~~ RESKIN ~~~~~

* Direct Hit: {LINK REMOVED}
* Liberty Lau...
Kaizen Cap
Created by E1 Studio
Kaizen means “improvement” in Japanese.

So why waste time?

Put it on and show your team how to frag more productively and effectively.

This hat is inspired by a character from the pc game, Hoodwink:
The Blutkonserve
Created by Ertz™
Blood better to have more than less.
-paintable blood

[Idea] - Sir Flaverson Flaveth
[Name/Description] - Komplete_Chaos
[Model/Texture] - Ertz...
The Trench Sweeper
Created by JPRAS
The Trench Sweeper: Shotgun for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 + LOD 2.

Suggested stats:

[+] 15% faster move speed while crouching
[+] 10% damage bonus
[-] -33% clip size...
The Warbreaker
Created by JPRAS
The Warbreaker: Misc for the Soldier....
Bott's Beaver Hatt
I want YOU... wear this hat!

**The 4th of July Bundle**

PyRoman Candle
The Double Clue
Created by Zoey
Even with blood on your hands this marvellous moustache and homburg combination will have anyone believe you when you say 'The Butler did it...'

Technical Stuffs -

- LODs 0,1,2
- 256x Diffuse
- 256x Normal
- Facial Flexes
- Paintability
- 2 Styles...
The Trench Dent
Created by JPRAS
The Trench Dent : Melee weapon for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 + LOD 2 and blood style....
The Brutinator
Created by E1 Studio
Tired of others not taking Team Fortress2 seriously?

Put on the Brutinator and show them you mean business.

This hat is inspired by a character from the pc game, Hoodwink:
The Croaker Poker
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Also known as "Aibaleet Makes Excuses Not To Upload This For A Month"

Download the mod here:
Bad Bacon 2.0
Created by dpg212012
- highlights to the zipper and detailing
- bad bacon neck tattoo

We took all the feedback from Bad Bacon 1.0 and went whole hog again... But sticking closer to the TF2 style.

Your nightmares are safe again!...
Steamer Head
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
if you smell what The Pyro is cookin'...
The Connoisseur's Cat
Created by Tøm
A classic hat that sits atop the spy's cat.

Jiggleboned tail, watch as it wags around when you move!

Top o’ the Mornin’
Created by E1 Studio
Unlawfulness will be met with courteous and lethal response!

As a service provider of Unicorp's law and order, dispense justice with polite and obliging force. Always be on hand to give assistance.

And remember: service with a smile!

This hat is i...
Engi's Etude
Created by :|
You know they're fancy because they have triangular screws
red/blue team colors
here's a bunch of screenshots
The Infernal Furnace
Created by ToxicWeasel
It can get pretty chilly out there!

But whilst you carry this... nothing will be cold... Especially the enemy!!!

3 LODs
Team Colours
Glowing coal

Resized to fit flamethrower scale.

Slight remodel to make 1st person view look...
Murder He Wrote, Vol. 2
Created by Wowza
Edward Bulwer-Lytton said the pen is mightier than the sword. Why not have both?

A remake of one of my previous items, with a lower polycount, fixed smoothing, new texture, and various tweaks.

1 LOD.

Concept by A trained chimpanzee.

Special tha...
Shipwreck Shooter
Created by Eternity
Cannon design based from both a 18th century ship swivel gun and a flintlock rifle....
The Shred Alert
Created by Double Fine
Harness the unholy power of the Dark One (Yngwie Malmsteen) and crush your opponents with blistering riffs, lava-hot licks and emotionally crippling power ballads!...
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!