Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Additional Eastern Units
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Additional Eastern Units

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As a short work I created this mod to hopefully do something against the annoying eastern-spearmen-spam by most eastern factions. Therefor this mod adds two new levy units which are available very early, a sword militia and something like pseudo peltasts. This should at least give the early AI armies more variety.
In addition to that I created a new heavy veteran archer unit for eastern factions and made several naval units to all of the new guys.

Unit list
  • Heavy Eastern Veteran Archers
  • Eastern Sword Militia
  • Eastern Warband
  • Heavy Eastern Veteran Archers (Pentere)
  • Heavy Eastern Veteran Archers (Pentere + Scorpion)
  • Heavy Eastern Veteran Archers (Pentere + Tower)
  • Eastern Sword Militia (Large Ship)
  • Eastern Warband (Small Ship)
  • Eastern Warband (Small Ship + Fire Pots)
  • Eastern Warband (Large Ship)

Additional Information
  • This mod is high compatible, you can use it with most other mods in the workshop.
  • You get 2D unit cards in the original style subscribing here or 3D cards if you subscribe to NordoPic too.
  • German translation available via NordoGerman
  • This mod is included in my NordoUnits Pack 5
  • In case of questions or issues post a comment below


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