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SYNTHETIK FAQ, Info and Tips (U17 - Pre-Legion Rising)
By Rhett
This guide is intended to answer some generally common questions that arise, provide basic information and tips for the game, as well as point players to other sources of information they may not know about to help ease players into SYNTHETIK.

Not currently up to date, though some information is still relevant. Gauging interest in an updated guide for Legion Rising before I revamp it.

So I'm not sure how I'd compare Synthetik to other Rogue games as I've only played a few in my lifetime, but I think that only speaks to how it can pull people into the genre that aren't veterans. As is common with Rogue games, a lot of information tends to be intentionally obscure, so I hope this guide can help alleviate some of that.

I have over 250 hours in this wonderful game, and I'd like to share my experience to help those who just need a little more info on the game or are struggling.

I will try to keep this guide updated with new patches, if new issues, mechanics, or drastic changes happen. You'll see the version numbers change when each section is updated.

If anyone has any suggestions - without me overlapping other informative guides like BlackjackGT's awesome write-ups, or the wiki - that they would like to see more information about, please leave a comment!

Edit: I intend to add more information, especially for classes, but I decided to hold off until the upcoming Update 18 which will bring significant change to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (U17)
What do weapon variants change?

The wiki's Weapon Variants page[] has got you. Generally, you can tell by looking at a weapon's stat page (X on the keyboard by default), and seeing which stats have red (reduced) or green (increased) bars.

Some variants, like Ammo Printing (regenerates ammo), Alpha (reloads vent all heat), or Overclocked (fire faster but generate more heat), have other effects that aren't listed. All of that is covered on the wiki, though.

My game crashed or froze! What do I do? Do I keep what I earned?

Ideally, if you get a crash log of any kind, please post it on either of these:

Discord[] (link)

Synthetik Bugs/Crashes Forum

Lastly, yes, you keep all data and experience earned in every run, even if you crash or freeze!
Small tip if you freeze and can't get to your task manager, at least on Windows 10: Hold Windows Key + hit Tab, and right click Synthetik -> Move to Desktop 2. Now you should be able to close it with your task manager, until this issue is fixed.

Multiplayer's not working!

First off, try re-opening the game (going back to the launcher is fastest), or hit 'Log Out', which often fixes it without closing the game.

If you're getting 'Creating Lobby Failed', or seeing a lot of servers piling up, it's most likely just the servers acting up and is most likely not an issue on your end.

Typically, if you can connect to chat, it's working.

I prestiged and nothing changed! Where's my orb and stat bonus?

At the moment, you must prestige once and then hit level 25 again to reap your rewards. This equates to 50 levels total assuming you didn't go past 25 before prestiging. I believe the devs have said that this will change to be less confusing in the future.

My class has mechanics that I don't understand. Why can only the Rogue aim? The Guardian has stacks!? WHAT?

Each class has a "core" ability, as seen below (stats will probably vary as the developers update them). Simply hover over your class icon, either on the main menu or ingame under your health bar. Below are each class' core abilities.

(From left to right: Guardian, Rogue, Commando, Specialist)

The Rogue's core ability is special (currently it's a passive ability tied to the Helsing Bolt item, and this item must be equipped in your bottom-most slot to use the RMB-aim ability!) in that you have to hold RMB to activate it. No other class has anything like this.

What's the difference between 'Low Alert', 'Normal' and 'High Alert' when I go to the teleporter?

This relates to your Terror Level (seen in the C menu at the bottom). You get 3 choices when this option comes up, changed with your left/right arrow keys. In MP, only the host can do this.

  • Low Alert (lowers Terror level, less chance of special events)
  • Normal (terror level stays the same, business as usual)
  • High Alert (raises terror level, higher chance of special events and chests)

These effects are also additive to your difficulty modifiers. The more modifiers you have, the faster, more reactive, and stronger your enemies are. Generally, if you aren't having too much of a problem, it's always advised to go High Alert for chances at extra loot.

Additionally, typically whenever you first get a rare/high tier weapon, the terror level will go up. Just fighting also slowly raises it, along with opening chests. It will go up as you play regardless of your choices.

I have an Ammo Printing weapon/Ammo Regen buff but my ammo comes back too slowly!

Ammo regeneration in this game is based off of magazine size. The bigger the magazine, the more regen! Machine guns (MAG47, Apollon MG5) and high-capacity Assault Rifles tend to benefit the most, though some modules (like Specialist's Multiply module) can affect ammo regen, or trigger it more often.

General Tips and Tricks (U17)

  • Having trouble with the eject/reload mechanic? Rebind! - Since the game's engine lacks binding extra mouse buttons as a feature, many players have fumbled with this new-but-satisfying mechanic. This recommendation of rebinding comes from both the developers and veteran players alike:

    Simply add Spacebar to your alternative binding for both Eject and Reload. Spacebar now does both. It will first eject, then the next press will reload. It may take some getting used to, but it feels much better.

    Note: This may be default in the game now, I'm not sure.

  • Patience - Save up credits and/or weapon upgrade kits for a gun you either want to experiment with, or to buy one that you want to use/try. Sometimes you may end up not getting a weapon shop or a weapon you like, though.

  • Don't write off pistols! - Several of them (if not all of them) are very endgame capable, and some people, myself included, have beaten the game with just an upgraded pistol. They are very handy to fall back on if you aren't getting good weapon RNG.

  • Cursed items/weapons (pictured below) put a permanent, stacking debuff on you if you open them. (Damages player down to 100 hp. Permanent 100 Less Shield, +10% damage taken.)

  • Curse of the Partisan from the red prayer/curse terminal will remove curses, but apply a hefty +50% damage taken debuff. Devil's Dice can remove curses (red item) if it hits its maximum stacks, too. It's generally safe to open cursed boxes if you get Devil's Dice.

    (For more information on curses, please see the wiki[].)

  • Loot Boxes - It's an easily missable detail, but there's actually two tiers of weapon and item chests, on top of the alarm and locked chests. Alarm and locked chests are always the upper tier (metal), but usually most items and weapons you find are in wooden boxes. Wood boxes have higher odds of blue-tier items (but can still rarely give the good stuff).

    Metal boxes have a much higher chance of giving at least purple-tier items and weapons. To see some of the visual differences in containers, check out this page of the wiki[].

  • Cores and Bolts - Every map has one core and one bolt hidden around it, until you get all 4 cores and 6 bolts. Sometimes hidden behind props/cover in the map. Don't ignore these! 4 cores gives you a one-time-per-run, one-time-use item that gives HP per kill in a 12 second window. Bolts give a random, typically decent-quality item. It can even be red!

    These items will show up even into the late game, so if you miss one or two, don't worry. They can appear on any non-boss level. You can see your current collectables progress at the very bottom right of the pause/Escape menu. They also show up in co-op, but you can only see your own collectables.

  • Curse of the Ignorant - This curse is especially good if you're damn determined to beat the game. It becomes nearly useless after the last boss, but it will help significantly in the fights before it. This curse reduces your currency gain/stat by 66%, but increases all damage absorption by 50%. Shields are included in damage absorption, too.

    Obviously, though, the later you can get this curse, the better. Ideally around the military base.


  • Ammo - Ammo is not shared, nor is custom ammo. The person who opens the box (currently) is the only one who gets the special ammo that comes with whichever weapon came out of it. If one person is after a certain ammo type, be aware of how you open chests!

  • Only one specific box is shared in co-op - That would be the golden, shining upgrade chest. Both players can pick this box up (pictured below). Every other box is first-come, first-served. Be sure to share with your teammates, you'll need to if you want to progress!

Class Tips and Tricks (U17)
Guardians are tanky, aggressive shotgun wielders that focus on maintaining stacks to keep up their speed and health regen. Methadone gives them unparalleled tankiness while it's up (as well as for their teammate) combined with its stacks mechanic, but they need to stay in the fight.
  • Shotguns get major accuracy and magazine bonuses from the Guardian's leveling perks, perhaps the most significant weapon buffs of any class in terms of weapon class benefits.

  • Guardian stacks build up in co-op if your teammate kills enemies.

  • Due to the Guardian's stacking buff based on kills, you need to play this class aggressively if you want to be able to tank damage. If you aren't killing, you're losing extra survivability.

Rogues are headshot-centric, highly accurate and flexible murder machines. Thanks to their ability to steady their aim, many weapons can feel completely different in their hands. Rogues can't directly heal themselves with healing items on demand like other classes, so they tend to be squishier depending on your build, and require more attention to their health.

  • Just because the rogue gets sniper rifle bonuses, doesn't mean you have to use one! Steady Aim (RMB aiming) can make a weapon you hate into a thing of beauty! I personally love to use LMGs on the Rogue for sustained, accurate fire.

  • The Rogue is fairly difficult to play in single player without going all-out on survivability in terms of modules. If you're having trouble, you may enjoy playing it more in MP, where a teammate can take some of the aggro. Especially if you intend to be in the back with a sniper.
Commandos are frontline fighters, focused on high mobility strikes and rapid damage. The Commando also starts with two dashes for extra mobility. The Commando's modules are aimed at high-speed combat, or stacking bonuses that reward active reloads and chaining together kills.

  • Stim Pack and Madness Goggles tint the screen, and it takes a lot of getting used to. It's quite difficult to see sometimes with both active, but that's because they're so potent. The newer Scarred perk also plays well with Madness Goggles, for increased lifesteal.

  • If you like to be highly aggressive and be rewarded for it, Madness is an interesting module to play with. You'll get more money for maintaining a high rate of kills, though you lose a little accuracy.

  • Overdose is one of the most reliable healing items in the game, but it does sacrifice some of your health if you're above ~25% HP. It cannot kill you anymore, but it can put you into a dangerous position if you aren't careful, while waiting for the health-restoring part to go off.

  • The Commando gets Assault Rifle bonuses, but don't be afraid to use shotguns! Shotguns cater to its high-octane, typically danger-close playstyle.

The closest one can get to a "support" class, the Specialist focuses on managing heat and utilizing items to get things done. The Specialist has many unique modules that can enable interesting playstyles and item choices, but tends to be somewhat squishier in direct combat, preferring to let summons (like its LMG turret) distract enemies.

  • Field Supply is a really handy item, and it scales off maximum HP for healing (amount goes up from upgrading too), not to mention gives ammo to you and your teammate!

  • Acid Grenade is primarily useful for taking out turrets, because it leaves a puddle that does damage over time. Enemies often won't stand around unless completely unalerted, but this grenade does allow you to take a painful turret out of the mix if it's harassing you from offscreen.

  • Unceasing lets you dash more often, slightly lowering your current heat.. but also raises heat generated by all actions. If you aren't paying attention, you WILL overheat. Thankfully, Calculated makes overheating replace your shield so you aren't completely defenseless. It still hurts to overheat though.

  • Weapons Deal is a particularly strong perk if you love pistols, and also gives more value to the M79 Grenade Launcher starting item, since it, too, gets a different variant. Including the new super rare and powerful variants, like Divine and Timeless!
Useful Links and Resources

Here you can see past major updates' changelogs, as well as upcoming features planned by the developers.

Community-made Synthetik Wiki[]

The Wiki has most little tidbits of info you could want to know, like how weapon variants change stats, or most weapon modules and what they do.

The developers are active on Discord and often ask for input and feedback straight from users. Some active and enthusiastic users also try to help with any issues players are having, be it crashes, bugs, or general game inquiries.

If you aren't a fan of Discord for whatever reason, then your best bet is the Steam forums.

The Synthetik Gameplay Survey[]

Give the devs your thoughts on how to improve the game in a very short (~5 minute) survey. At the end, there's a code you can enter in-game to unlock the 9/45 Auto Pistol for free!

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prophyz Oct 5, 2018 @ 1:00am 
that's awesome, this guide shows how deep the game is.
I rly do hope more people give it a go.
Rhett  [author] Oct 4, 2018 @ 11:27pm 
Thanks, prophyz! I'm glad it helped.

I could update it for Legion, but I would rather it be thorough, so I'm not sure it'll happen unless more people are interested. I hang out on the discord a lot and try to help anyone I can, though.
prophyz Sep 19, 2018 @ 4:12pm 
brilliant, thanks for the effort writing this down.

Helped out a LOT, this game has quite some stuff to learn in it !