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Scorch (Titanfall 2)
Universe: Original IP
Models: Character
Tags: Sfm
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May 19 @ 9:17pm
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Scorch (Titanfall 2)

Scorch from Titanfall 2

Kind of low quality, since this is my first port and I had no idea what i was doing. If you know how to port models from blender into sfm, I got this from a website called VRC Mods. I downloaded the package from there, imported it into unity, and then imported the fbx into blender (It comes with textures obv)

A few problems with this model: Main problem is that it doesn't do well with custom lighting, the skin gets all glitchy. Works fine with map lighting for some reason though. 2nd problem is that, due to a bone in between the upper arm and the lower arm, this model cant be autorigged for the upper body. Those are all the issues I know of. Let me know if anything else is wrong with it.

ALSO big thanks to Stuffed for babysitting me through the whole process and NO I won't be porting any other titans, including stock Scorch or his weapon. Not until I figure out what's wrong with my compiler, Crowbar.

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Lililalala Jun 9 @ 9:37pm 
Good job, son.
O.W.N Jun 2 @ 1:52pm 
ok thanks and also nice model :)
Thicc daddy bigdab  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:51pm 
You can import fbx files into blender my man. Just use the import tab under File > import
O.W.N Jun 2 @ 1:48pm 
yes i don't have another programm
Thicc daddy bigdab  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:35pm 
how are you porting it into sfm? Are you using blender?
O.W.N Jun 2 @ 1:29pm 
to make it into an .obj
O.W.N Jun 2 @ 1:29pm 
Uhm yes thank you i meant it didn't work for me i know how to download it and some stuff but the extractor didn't work
Thicc daddy bigdab  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:28pm 
It includes Northstar Prime, and the sniper rifle
Thicc daddy bigdab  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:27pm 
If you want to port Northstar Prime, I can link you to the file. It includes the fbx, and all the textures.

https:// //
O.W.N Jun 2 @ 2:46am 
actually i tried it myself but the fxb extractor didn't work