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Squad Vehicles Armor Overview (V11)
By Bubba
This is an updated vehicle armor guide for the light anti-tank loadout. Each number represents how much rockets it took to kill. If it doesn't immediately explode after the designated amount of time wait for the fire to burn and it will soon pop.
Vehicles Not Listed
I only included vehicles, where there armor could withstand one hit from a LAT. Any vehicle not included in this guide can be killed with a single RPG. So everything that isn't here you dont need a guide on how to kill them. Potentially if enough people like this guide I will do one for each HAT. (AT-4 and the tandem RPG have different damage values.)
M2 Bradley Armor Overview
The Bradley needs 4 RPG hits to get it killed frontally. Not recommended to shoot turret as all around it needs 4 RPGs. The hull sides requires 3 rocket hits and the hull rear armor needs 2 LAT hits to kill.

Warrior Armor Overview
Same exact armor layout as the Bradley. 4 rockets needed to kill frontally. 3 LAT rockets for hull sides and 2 for hull rear.

Stryker Armor Overview
The Stryker requires 3 RPG's to kill it frontally. 2 for the sides and 1 rocket to the rear.

BTR-80 Armor Overview
The BTR-80 suprised me when I did this testing. The frontal lower glacis on the BTR only requires 2 hits to take out. The turret also reqires only 2 hits. The wheel arches require 2 as well. The frontal upper glacis and upper sides (above the wheels) require 4 hits! The top armor and rear armor are only need 1 RPG to take it out suprisingly.

BTR-80a Armor Overview
Same exact armor layout as the regular BTR-80. Only included it so that people know that the 30mm turret on both the BTR-80a and MT-LB require 2 hits to the turret to take the vehicle out.

MT-LB Armor Overview
The MT-LB and BTR have very close armor layouts. In fact there is no difference in layout. As it requires 4 hits for the upper glacis and sides. 2 RPGs to the lower glacis will kill and 1 hit on the top armor and rear armor will one shot.

BRDM Armor Overview
The BRDM is a light vehicle compared to everything that I listed. It requires 1 rocket to take it out except for a few places. The turret and additional armor plating on the BRDM require those areas 2 shots to take it out. So make sure you don't hit the additonal armor/turret.

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Stabby McKillington Jul 9 @ 3:04pm 
Can you include top armor as well? Top is always the best way to engage vehicles, hence why Javelins have the top down attack mode. I know I set a BTR to burning with one shot from an M72 in v11, so there's a start.
Tiromir Jul 9 @ 9:41am 
We need a HAT guide!
Supreme Leader Jul 6 @ 9:43am 
Thank you, very useful :D
oneshot Jul 2 @ 5:45pm 
Only thing missing is Bradley and warrior have a small strip of two star armor on the tops of the hulls so if you have a front shot on a bradley/warrior aiming at the turret gives you a chance of your rocket sinking just enough to hit that spot
Bubba  [author] Jun 5 @ 6:04pm 
My bad I mislabeled all the vehicles. I will edit later /s
Endsieg Jun 5 @ 5:44pm 
I mean the vehicles are named wrong in the guide. '
1. Is a tank
2. Is a tank
3. Is a BTR
4. Is a BTR
5. Is a BTR
6. Is a tank
7. Is a BTR
Bubba  [author] Jun 4 @ 8:55am 
What do you mean? This guide is how much rockets from a LAT a vehicle can take to kill. The numbers represent how much rockets is needed for different areas of the vehicle.
Endsieg Jun 4 @ 2:52am 
What is up with this guide? All I see here is 4 BTRs and a tank.
Bubba  [author] Jun 3 @ 3:11pm 
Alright I think i might do a complete armor guide including MG's and SPG's since the tandem RPG one shots everything, so the whole testing for HATs finished rather fast
Bahrein Jun 3 @ 10:15am 
Thanks for the info.Looking forward for HAT test