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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Enhanced Gameplay
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Enhanced Gameplay

Enhanced Gameplay is a "quality of life" mod, which strives to improve the vanilla game. The core features of this modpack are:

- Expanded Caravan/Inventory - Increases Caravan and Inventory space.
- Character Retextures - changes the looks of player characters and adds new outfits.
- Pack Animals - allow the player to summon pack animals, which act as portable caravan drivers.
- Hirelings - adds summonable mercenaries, which fight on the player's side
- Tweaked UI - changes some of the interface elements, adds new fonts and text colors.
- Item Changes - changes visuals of some items, adds new sparkle effects and shows hidden affixes
- Item Filter - hides broken, common and magical items
- Optonal mods - adds new music, improved graphics, new main menus, camera rotate and many more

For full list of features, see here:



These versions play from the main game and doesn't block achievements. How to unlock Stash:

1. Empty the caravan stashes for your characters, in main game and custom maps. I advise you to use Vault XL, found here: http://titanquest.4fansites.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12241
2. In Windows, go to "My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\SaveData\Sys" directory. Delete winsys.dxb and winsys.dxg in the Sys folder and any mod folder you have inside. This will unlock the increased caravan space.


This versions play from Custom Quest menu as most soft mods. After you install it for the first time, most of the expanded caravan space is still unusable (you can't place items over the squares). Here is how to unlock it:

Unlocking Transfer Stash
You need to do these steps only once, when first installed the mod:
1. Make a new Custom Game character.
2. After you have entered the mod, go to the caravan driver in Helos and put a junk item (like a torch) in the caravan Transfer Stash. This will generate the needed files in SaveData folder (see next).
3. Exit the game and go to My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\SaveData\Sys\Enhanced_Gameplay. This is the mod's data folder. Inside it you will see two files - winsys.dxb and winsys.dxg. They correspond for the mod's shared stash. Delete them. The game will create new ones, adjusting the caravan's size to the new values.
4. Now your additional space is unlocked. Enjoy!

Unlocking Personal Stash
If you find that for some reason the Personal Stash is not unlocked (tho it should be unlocked by default):
1. Put a junk item in it.
2. Go to My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\SaveData\User\ and find the folder with the name of the character with the locked stash. Inside the folder there are another winsys.dxb and winsys.dxg. They correspond for the character personal stash. Delete them. The game will automatically create new ones, adjusting the size to the new values.

Importing characters from other mods can cause problems and loss of items, progress or skills. It is highly recommended to start with a new character!


These are submods, which you have to install manually if you want to use them. See the ReadMe files, inside Optional_Mods.7z on how to do it. The optional mods untill now are:
- Xmax Versions - increases monster spawn
- Nymph PC Mod - Transforms the female char into a Nymph
- Elf PC Mod - Transforms the female char into an Elf of Half-Elf
- Maenad PC Mod - Transforms the female char into a Maenad
- Bulgarian Patch - Partial translation of the game to Bulgarian
- Alternative Music - Replaces some of the vanilla music
- Alternative Main Menus - Changes the main menu screen
- Camera Rotate Tool - Allows you to freely rotate the ingame camers
- Invisible Markers - makes ingame markers invisible for those who use camera mods.
- Reshade Settings - Improves the game visuals

Link to the mod thread in Titan Quest Fans forum (you can download the non-Steam version there):


nargil66 – caravan rework, inventory rework, other content

tt300 – caravan rework in older versions, Rising Storm Menu

Bumbleguppy – sparkle effects, many helpful tips

HandballFreak – caravan tutorial, many helpful tips

Koderkrazy – new merchant window unlock, light bulb idea

W.N.G. - poison & vitality staves, bitmaps

Endymion - numerous vanilla bug fixes and new additions

ETB - camera rotation tool
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Mar 15 @ 11:34am
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LibraExAnima Mar 19 @ 7:30am 
Hi, I don't know if this has been adressed already or if I did something wrong (Did everything you mentioned in the descriptions, put everything in the right folder, deleted the files that were mentioned) but the bottom 3 ------ rows are not ... accessible as well as the 3 | rows on the right corner of the bags, basically as if the mod doesn't have any effect.
Peekaboo Mar 5 @ 9:18am 
Thanks for the reply
Nargil66  [author] Mar 5 @ 8:20am 
@Peekaboo You can store your items in Vault before downloading the mod. If something get messed up, you can always go back to vanilla. About starting a new character - yes, it is recommended. Or backup your SaveData folder and keep it somewhere.
Peekaboo Mar 5 @ 7:09am 
I don't know if this comment will get answered but I have a question. This is my first time I'm interested in downloading a mod from the workshop, so I'm a total noob here.

Do I have to start a new character in order to enjoy the expanded stash, or can it work with a preexisting character with lots of items already in their stash?

The only reason I ask is that I have over 1100 hours in the game and have a lot of.. stuff. I don't want to risk this mod if it might delete my items. Thanks if you get back to me.
Ryksa Feb 25 @ 4:59am 
Yeah, that was much better, Thanks Nargil!
Nargil66  [author] Feb 24 @ 11:50pm 
After commons became broken, the best i can do is remove the new color codes. It will be Gray > White > Green. Without yellows, like in the previous update.
Ryksa Feb 24 @ 11:45pm 
Yeaaahh, wohoo :D Please consider reverting back the vanilla colors. :)
Nargil66  [author] Feb 24 @ 11:08pm 
Forget what i said, there will be an update :)
Nargil66  [author] Feb 15 @ 4:29am 
@Ryksa Penetration is only the % pierce ratio, not normal pierce damage. I used it just because im fan of Underlord mod :)
I'm taking a break from modding untill the new patch comes out.
Ryksa Feb 15 @ 3:37am 
Except from the Affix/suffix color coding, I am very fond of the new ability descriptions like Lightning to Shock, clearer description to all items. However as I am aware, you changed Pierce to Penetration but the resistance sheet and item resistance bonuses do not reflect this. Thanks. :)