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PVE Plus Ambush
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PVE Plus Ambush

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1389591415

Communication Procedures

Please use the following Discord link in order to access manual download links. Previous versions, and most up to date versions will be made available for manual download 1 week after an update is released. It is also the ideal place for communicating with helping to provide descriptive bug reports and other help venues.



The exiled lands are a dangerous place. Strong prey on the weak, and the next ambush is lurking around the corner.

At regular intervals a random player level 11 and up will be selected and get ambushed by a set of npc's. The tier level of the npc's will be calculated on the player level. The amount of npc's is random from one to three ambushers. If you are within 10m of a foundation the marked player won't be ambushed yet. However once he moves past 10m the ambush will trigger.

The default interval is defined with a minimum of 20 minutes and a variable time added to that of 10 minutes. This translates to about two ambushes an hour.

Thank you note
I like to thank Scooper, RobTheSwede, Kharzette, Dragoonduneman, Foxcat, shadowCMD, Testerle and many others of the Conan Modding Discord channel for all their help and insights

Admin Menu Access

This mod has several admin settings available. To access the admin menu, use the following two options:
  1. With admin enabled, access the console (~ or insert) and type DataCMD PvEAmbushConfig

  2. With admin enabled, use ModControlPanel by hades and press Shift + End to access the admin menu.

Admin Settings Description

Minimum Time Between Ambushes
This represents the minimum amount of time between ambushes. Enter in seconds. (ex. 1200 = 20 mins (1200/60))

Maximum Extra Time Between Ambushes:
This represent the additional amount of random time between ambushes. This allows you to randomize the ambush clock. Enter in seconds. (ex. 600 = 10 mins(600/60))

Minimum Spawn Distance:
This is a base minimum number for spawn closeness. The spawner will choose a random distance between the max and min. Choose a slider point, the lower the number the closer the spawn.

Note: Setting this number below 20 may result in NPCs spawning right on top of you, pinning you in a position where you cannot move.

Max Spawn Distance: This is a base maximum for spawn distance. The spawner will choose a random distance between the max and min. Choose a slider point, the lower the number the closer the spawn.

Note: Setting this above 600 may result in spawns that do not aggro on you.

Ambush Warning Time: This represents the amount of time between the ambush horn and NPCs spawning in. Enter in seconds.

Max Number of Ambushes Per Ambush Event:
This sets the maximum number of ambushes that can trigger server wide after the first ambush event triggers.

Delay Between Immediate Ambushes:
This sets the amount of time between each additional ambush. For example, if 5 ambushes trigger with a delay of 10, the mod will choose players at random 5 times and wait 10 seconds between each ambush spawn.

Additional Ambush Chance:
This sets the percentage chance in which additional ambushes can spawn after the first ambush triggers. Each ambush chooses online players at random.

Minimum Number of Enemies:
The least amount of enemies that can spawn during a single ambush spawn.

Maximum Number of Enemies:
The maximum amount of enemies that can spawn during a single ambush spawn.

Enable 'Exile Lands' Specific Monsters:
Enabling this toggle will allow monsters unique to the 'Exile Lands' map to spawn. For example, Frost Giants, Yetis, and Sandbeasts.

Enable 'Isle of Siptah' Specific Monsters:
Enabling this toggle will allow monsters unique to the 'Isle of Siptah' map to spawn. For example, Devolved monsters, Bigfoot, and Fiends.

Enable 'Maelstorm' Specific Monsters Found on 'Isle of Siptah':
Enabling this toggle will allow monsters unique to the 'Maelstorm' event found on the 'Isle of Siptah' map to spawn. For example, Doels, Ghouls, and Blood Defilers.

Progression Spawning Toggle:
Use this toggle to allow all enemies to spawn in randomly regardless of the level. By default (ON) will level lock so only enemies appropriate for character levels will spawn.

By changing this toggle to off, any enemy within a characters level and below will spawn. For example, with the setting on, between level 21-40 Dogs of the Desert enemies will spawn on the character, but not Exiles (which are range 10-20). With the setting off, both Dogs of the Desert and Exile enemies will spawn on the character between levels 21-40.

Mod Links

Celludriel's Other Mod's Can be Found by Clicking Here!

Multi's Other Mod's Can be Found by Clicking Here!
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Release 1.4.0
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Multigun  [author] Nov 5 @ 1:29pm 
Please check your settings. If you have questions about the settings, please post your questions to discord. Thanks.
dominicslivers Nov 5 @ 8:22am 
yes I am having this problem too, it is spawning more enemies than it has in the past
Multigun  [author] Nov 3 @ 7:14pm 
If you have additional questions on the settings, please use the discord instead. Thanks.
Multigun  [author] Nov 3 @ 7:12pm 
Every complaint you have can be configured. Please look at your settings. We have every setting described above.
andragonfirefly Nov 3 @ 7:00pm 
I love this mod, but since the update, it has been acting very weird and overly challenging for a new start character. When a spawn occurs, before we can kill the ones spawned, there is 2 other spawns. It always spawns high level NPCs too. Sometimes we can get lucky and they fight each other to give us a break to recover. This is something I would love to happen after I have progressed quite a bit and ready for a challenge but still on Broken Highway and just picked up my waterskin is a bit too early to tackle NPCs from the volcano. And always 3 spawns in a row 1,2,3 before the first spawn is even killed. It's overwhelming.
Like I said, it didn't do this until the last update after Funcom's big changes so IDK if it is conflicting now with some of the new mechanics or if you had made changes.
Jekh Oct 29 @ 4:05am 
Thanks multigun , i did try and it work perfectly but yes no thrall from aoc. It's fine anyway and add a bit of danger ;) thanks
Multigun  [author] Oct 28 @ 5:51pm 
Yes. It likely won't spawn AoC thralls as I would need to set up a separate table specifically for them, and to do that I would need to work with Espen, and it also complicates some other factors.
Jekh Oct 28 @ 5:48pm 
Hi Celludriel and Multigun ;) I would like to try your mod but i run AOC , is that compatible ?
Celludriel  [author] Oct 26 @ 2:40pm 
version 1.4.1 to be exact but yeah small miscommunication
Multigun  [author] Oct 26 @ 2:32pm 
Miscommunication on the upcoming update. Please continue to use version 1.4.0