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Persistent Kingdoms
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Persistent Kingdoms

Current Version: 1.1

How To Install! (IMPORTANT)
Warband Workshop doesn't support multiplayer mods! You have to apply this workaround, or download the mod from a non-workshop mirror!

"I subscribed on Steam Workshop, but it doesn't work"
1) Click Subscribe to start downloading the mod. Then wait for the download to finish before proceeding.
2) Go to Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 48700
Example: (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> workshop -> content -> 48700
3) Move the folder (1389572813) from '48700' folder to \Modules folder inside the Mount & Blade Warband Steam folder:
Example (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> MountBlade Warband -> Modules
4) Rename the mod folder from (1389572813) to (Persistent Kingdoms) exactly as typed, do not include the parentheses(brackets) in the mod folder name or you cannot join any servers.
5) Launch Warband and select Persistent Kingdoms in the drop-down menu. Make sure you select the one with a preview image, if there is no preview image then do not launch the game or you will crash before the main menu.
6) If you've performed the installation as explained above you will have 2 "Persistent Kingdoms" modules in the "Warband Launcher". Run either of them and make sure that the menu looks like this: . If it doesn't look like that, run the other module or your game will crash when clicking "Join game".

How To Update
"Persistent Kingdoms" always has the latest version of the mod on steam.
1) When Persistent Kingdoms gets an update you will automatically download it.
2) Delete your "Persistent Kingdoms" folder under "Modules" in the Warband installation.
3) Repeat the installation process explained above.

"Nothing works, how else can I download the mod?"
ModDB Download:
Nexus Download:

Still having problems? Join our Discord for help!

Mod Features
Persistent Kingdoms is a mod based on Persistent World. We have developed the mod with the help of the community and their suggestions.
New Weapons&Armours:
  • 55+ new body pieces added.
  • 40+ new helmets added.
  • 8 new gloves added.
  • 14 new boots added.
  • 4 new horses added.
  • 25 new weapons added.
New Scene Props:
  • New teleport doors have been added that enable people to teleport through them with horses.
  • 55+ new scene props (2 new wall & tower types, skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger props).
  • Dedicated arrow & bolt holder.
  • New civilian and war carts added.
  • 40+ new trees & bushes added.
Quality Of Life Improvements:
  • You can poll yourself lord if the faction is empty.
  • Outlaw faction chat added.
  • Lords can now assign marshals that can help manage the faction.
  • Castle flag capture animation.
  • Basic name labels.
  • Faction members now receive messages when getting keys/announcers & getting kicked/outlawed from the faction.
  • “Drop all” button that drops all your money.
  • Fast inventory transfer (right click).
  • Show pouch to nearby players option.
  • Easy show pouch system.
  • Lockpicked chest notification.
Graphical Improvements:
  • 50+ new banners added.
  • 20+ new skyboxes added.
  • New terrain borders.
  • Existing textures have been replaced to improve the overall look of the game.
New Roleplay Aspects:
  • Music system has been added (playable lute, lyre and horn).
  • Open & close helmet feature support for 6 helmets.
  • Dog model.
  • 2 sitting animations added (on chairs and anywhere).
  • Walking animation added.
  • 10+ roleplay new roleplay animations.
Bug fixes:
  • A bug where freeze walls remain in place after a player logs out has been removed.
  • Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore.
  • Arrows&bolts can no longer prevent chests/tp doors from being used.
  • Default wars have been removed.
  • Default spawn gear has been removed.
  • Arrows & bolts are now a craftable resource. Advanced arrows & bolts now also have smaller quivers.
  • Commit suicide option.
  • Poll cooldown has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails.
  • Confirmation required when joining commoners in the “death” screen.
  • Mute instruments option.

Credits, crafting recipes, classes, guides and more on:
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I don't have modules folder, can some one help me?
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just tried to play on the servers and tbh community is pretty trash, noone wants to talk to you nor explain the basics of playing on the server, and i just got randomly killed by a group of louted lancers with me having some crappy shield i found on the side of the road...Pretty sad, i hoped that at least in MNB the community is a little mature, but no...
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@Itachi follow the instructions posted above, especially the 6th point.
Itachi Jul 4 @ 2:00am 
when i clicked 'join game', game crashed.
Hubris423 Jul 3 @ 7:35am 
I get to the server browser menu and it loads a couple servers then the game closes
Hubris423 Jul 3 @ 7:35am 
Cant find the 48700 folder