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Breaking Bad references in Payday 2
By Lil Meatbeat
Here is the list of all the easter eggs and references to Breaking Bad in Payday 2.
This article *WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS* for Breaking bad so if you didn't finish Breaking bad do not read it since it can spoil the show for you in any way.
The Rats job
The rats job is the job with the most breaking bad references. Here are all of them:

1. I am the one who knocks achievement

To get this achievement you need to cook 3 bags of meth with not a single cop entering the house on day 1.
This is a reference to one of the most famous monologues in history of tv shows.
2. Full measure achievement

If you want to obtain this achievement you need to cook and secure 7 bags of meth without blowing up the lab.
This achievement may be referencing to the Mike's story and also the title of 13th episode of 3rd season.
3. Captain cook achievement

This achievemnt is unlocked when you finish the Rats job on the Mayhem difficulty (or above).
Achievement name is referencing to Jesse Pinkman's nickname before meeting Heisenberg.

4. Breaking Bad achievement

You unlock this achievement by completing the Rats job on Death sentence difficulty.
It's name obviously references to the TV shows name.

5. Mission succes messeges
When we finish the Rats job on any difficulty we can hear Bain saying "Which one of you is Heisenberg, Hector wants to know." or "We should break bad and do this full-time!". The first one you get after completing the day 1 with any ammount of the bags and the second one you can hear when completing day 1 with 7 bags cooked.
I don't have any footage of the 2nd quote but I have a video of the first one:
The Cook off job
This job has only 1 reference that is not shared with any other heist.
1. In the name of Heisenberg achievement

To get this achievement you need to complete the Cook off job on Death Sentence difficulty with One Down modifier activated.
Achievement references to the Breaking Bad main character Walter White A.K.A Heisenberg.
Bomb: Dockyard Heist
This heist also has only 1 achievement refering to breaking bad.
1. Breaking Dead

To obtain this achievement all you have to do is to find the meth lab that is in one of the containers.
The name is a bit changed name of the TV show.
Shared references
This section contains all of the references that are not exclusive to one heist.
1. Meth
On any mission you cook the meth is blue. In Breaking Bad blue meth was the most characteristic thing about Walt's meth (as well as it was the purest on the market).

Possible references
Here is the list of possible references to Breaking Bad although I am not 100% sure if they are referencing to it.
1. Chemists

The suit the chemists in the Rats job are really similar to the suit that Jesse and Walter are wearing when cooking for Gus and later when cooking in houses with help of Neo-Nazis.

2. Teddy Moo

Teddy Moo which can be found in safehouse or many heists and jobs can be refering to Pink Teddy bear which landed in Walt's swimming pool after plane crash.
References pointed out by community
1. Sometimes when Hoxton answers the Pager, he will say "I'm the one who knocks. Gotta go now." Referencing to Heisenberg's speech.

(Skip to 2:12)

(Sent by BaRyoNyX)

2.When masking up, Dallas can say "Let's break a little bad" referencing to the show's name.

(Sent by Shloomp)
(Video by BaRyoNyX)
That's all for now
And these are all the references for Breaking Bad in Payday 2 for now. This article will be updated so if you are curious of all the new easter eggs subscribe to the comment section and also like this article if you liked it.
If you know any other references go ahead and write it in the comment section. The article will be edited and you will get the credit.
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Lil Meatbeat  [author] Jun 19 @ 11:15am 
Ye ofc, but not everything that Giancarlo is playing will be now a reference to BB, will it?
Captain Roman S'Jet Jun 19 @ 10:50am 
Two words:

Gus Fring
Lil Meatbeat  [author] Jun 19 @ 5:23am 
You are a legend
BaRyoNyX Jun 18 @ 4:34pm 
Also the hoxton says the line in the video at 2:12
BaRyoNyX Jun 18 @ 4:25pm 
I did the thing:
Lil Meatbeat  [author] Jun 18 @ 11:43am 
I doesn't but its still not close enough to say its a reference
Eddieboy Jun 18 @ 11:24am 
...sorry but what? What does length have anything to do with it?
Lil Meatbeat  [author] Jun 18 @ 11:08am 
I dont think it's connected to it. I mean the event in BB was like 30 minutes and heist is 2 days
Eddieboy Jun 18 @ 10:50am 
Mike being a body guard transporting supplies for Gus in a truck, which is stopped by a rival gang. It was in season 4: episode 4.