Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic

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X's Scripted Objects & Remote Logic Mod
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X's Scripted Objects & Remote Logic Mod

Thanks to Hitwo for the new textures!

W, S, A and D converter
Make a WASD-converter, using only 4 blocks. Just hook up the driver seat to the WASD converter blocks, and then take the output from those blocks and connect them to whatever you want, such as a thruster.

Thanks to TechnologicNick for finding out how to make the A and D converters!

Remote Connection Sender
This block remotely sends a logic signal to any Remote Connection Receiver block with the same color.

Remote Connection Receiver
This block listens to the signals of Remote Connection Sender blocks with the same color.

Memory Bit
The memory bit is a block that can be turned on or off from a logic gate or button input.
Memory blocks lose their state when they are put on the lift. However, they now do save their state when you close the world!

Steam Train Chimney
This block emits dark smoke particles when moving (the faster the train moves, the faster the chimney puffs out smoke), and also emits white smoke when being triggered by logic. Does not work perfectly.

Power combiner
Combines power inputs (drivers seats, switches, logic gates, power reversers).

Power distributor
Evenly distributes a power input over all the connected outputs.

Power combiner distributor
Works as a power combiner and distributor in one block.

Power direction reverser
Reverses the direction of power. Connecting a switch into this block and then this block into an engine makes the engine run in reverse. Combining this block with a power combiner and using some logic gate magic, you can make the direction an engine runs in changable with a switch.

Location Finder
Prints exact location of the block to /console
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Xesau  [author] Aug 13 @ 2:51pm 
Nope. Right now, script mods can't do anything with bearings.
Its Bond.... James Bond Aug 13 @ 5:45am 
Would it be possible to make a block that can toggle a bearing between being free to rotate and blocked?
Xesau  [author] Aug 13 @ 2:30am 
@SometimesitsnotMinecraft That's not possible either :(
SometimesitsnotMinecraft Aug 13 @ 12:29am 
Actually the first one is best i think that is a block that can take only 2 controler inputs and the controler that is put thru to the bearing is decided by logic input so it picks one or the other that way players can just make stacks of this setup and use logic to pick what controller settings get thru to the bearing that should be the easyest to make and for us to use i think i only hope its possible
SometimesitsnotMinecraft Aug 13 @ 12:25am 
Someone has already asked something similar but i have been told it is currently not possible to mess with bearings in mods but i was wondering if instead of directly doing something to the bearing i wonder if a block can be made that acts similar to your power combiner block but with controlers
say you have 2 controlers going into that new block maybe have it so the block just selects which controler affects the bearing by switch or logic input

either that or a combinational effect stacking any overlaping commands such as if the first rotation selector in both controlers connected to the block are set to something and both controlers are activated at the same time the block adds both commands together so one set to 30 deg and the other is set to 20 deg the conected bearing outputs 50 deg of movement so on in that way either way the block is set up would add so many possibilities
Energyslash Aug 12 @ 12:46am 
@ChaosWolf How are you using it?
Energyslash Aug 12 @ 12:45am 
Is it possible to combine controller outputs to one bearing? Or is this just a stupid question?
ChaosWolf Aug 10 @ 6:39am 
It is possible that I may be a very stupid person, but I think your power combiner doesn´t work at all. Please help me ;-;
Xesau  [author] Aug 9 @ 9:27am 
@Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Szabolcs That's currently not possible.
Dr.Szabolcs Aug 9 @ 7:57am 
can you make a block that can increase or decrease the piston length. Like, when a signal coming from A the piston become as long as the signal is active and if a signal is coming from B the lenght start to decrease. It would be awesome.