Arma 3
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How to balance your loadout to work with your team.
By GamingMad101
In this guide I intend to help you produce better balanced loadouts and to also help with team balance.
Hello! Welcome to the guide.
Today I will be discussing the topic of producing loadouts for arma 3 in the virtual arsenal, I will mainly focus on the equipment you should/shouldn't use, as well as the importance of team play and co-ordination. This guide is set into multiple parts to ease reading and will be regularly updated.

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Basic Rifleman Loadout + explaination
Rifleman Loadout
In this section I will explain the basic equipment that every loadout should have and why
The image demonstrates the loadout I will be discussing, this should help visualize the topics I discuss.

Firstly the rifleman has a MX 6.5mm, this is due to it being the standard issue rifle, this should keep the weight down and reduce excess, other rifles such as the MXM, MX 3GL, MXC and MX SW are specialist weapons, and shouldn't be on a base rifleman loadout.

A rifleman loadout should also be devoid of a rocket tube for similar reasons to those set out above, If you want to use a rocket tube then you should use a loadout specialized for it (See the Class List section)

A pistol is missing on this loadout due to the fact that they are literally useless.

A basic rifleman should wear combat fatigues due to the full body coverage for the MTP, this means that camouflage and concealment should be easier. To be honest, as long as it is in MTP Camoflage, it should be fine for this section, just don't wear guerilla equipment / CSAT fatigues as NATO, or if you do, don't complain about team killing, as it is easy to mistake you for an enemy in the wrong camo.
Please don't wear a ghillie suit unless you are on over-watch duty. It makes you look like an absolute pillock.

 Literally Unplayable
The armour worn can make or break a loadout in arma 3; this is due to the fact that it can weigh a lot, and arma uses the model itself for protection. For the rifleman loadout I just went for a standard carrier rig. This is due to it being a well rounded rig.

Also as a side note, the rig has a 5.56mm 30rnd NATO STANAG magazine on the model, this is despite the fact that ingame NATO uses a 6.5mm round/magazine. This makes the game literally unplayable.

In terms of uniform, I have an empty kitbag on my back. This is so if anyone else needs anything carrying (Machine gun ammo, Rockets etc.) this loadout has space to. Remember, Arma 3 is a team based game, so consider your team when making a loadout.

The helmet used is an enhanced combat helmet and it allows you to take a single shot to the head without dying. Very nice.

Finally I have utilty items which will all be done in a list to save time and paragraphs.
  • NVGS - Just go for brown ones. if you really want to, go for compact ones or envg's, however, I tend to leave envg's specifically for special forces loadouts.
  • Binoculars - your a rifleman, your not recon, get rid of them binoculars, it is wasted weight and if you need them you are probably not playing your role correctly.
  • Map - Bring one.
  • GPS - If you need one for navigation, bring one, I tend to leave it as a map is good enough
  • Radio - Dont be that guy...
  • Compass - For navigating and map orientation
  • Watch - For when you forget/loose your compass (see below)
Credit to ACP 32, Volume 2
the watch can also tell you the time, that's kind cool as well.

Get the code for the loadout here[] (copy it and click import while in the virtual arsenal)
Loadout Weight
This section is to do with loadout weight (duh) and I hope to raise some points and provide some (hopefully useful) advice.

Firstly I will explain it in simple terms, then explain myself and ways to improve your loadout.
Scale allowing you to compare weights.This is a rough guide and goes off the pistol modification slots so it should be easy to check at any time while playing. (The loadout in the image is the rifleman one demonstrated in the rifleman section.)

[Below Pink Line] You're too light, make sure you are actually wearing clothes and an armored vest! if so make sure they actually have contents. If you are this light you are potentially missing some equipment and could be detrimental to your team.

[Below Pink and Green] You are a reasonably light loadout, consider asking your squad if they need anything carrying such as rockets, machine gun ammo etc.

[Between Green and Blue] Consider asking your team if they need any assets carrying, but make sure to not carry too much.

[Between Blue and Orange*] Tell your team that you can't help carry stuff, however, consider if you actually need the 5 medkits and 500 rounds for your DMR, or if it could be better spent helping your team.

[Between Orange and Red] Ask your team if they could help you carry some of your missiles / machine gun ammo. Also, if you don't have a LMG or a AT launcher, please remove all the contents of your backpack immediately and proceed to help as a member of your team.

[Above Red] Form a team and get them to carry your stuff. Also make sure you don't have a case of one man army syndrome. (section coming soon)
*(sorry blue orange colorblind people its the third and fourth lines from the left.)
Class List (Ideas for different loadouts to make and items to use for them)
This is a list of suggestions for different classes and loadouts for the classes. For ideas on the weapons/equipment to use see APPX A.

Your job is to lay down covering fire for your squad while they are moving or to provide suppressive fire upon enemies.
  • Swap your rifle for a LMG / LSW
  • Swap your backpack for an assault pack
  • Fill your assault pack with ammo.
  • (Optional) Swap your vest for its light version

Hey look, buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems.
You fix cars and blow stuff up. Get ready to be a very useful asset to your team
  • Swap your backpack for an assault pack
  • Put a toolkit, explosives, and a mine detector in your backpack
  • Swap your rifle for a carbine (to cut down some of the weight)
  • (Optional) get your friendly riflemen to carry more explosives for you

The townsmen cry, "Hurrah, boys, here comes a Grenadier!
You launch grenades up to 300m away! Do not go for this role unless you actually use the grenades, however. This is because you will lose some of your magazine pool to make space for grenades.
  • Remove your backpack (It is excess weight)
  • (optional) you could use a tiny backpack like the leg bag, but nothing bigger
  • Put on a GL rig / grenadier harness
  • Swap your rifle for the grenade launcher version
  • put some 40mm grenades into your vest / leg bag

anyway that's how i lost my medical license
You make the decisions on who lives... and who dies. A great supporting roles quintessential to any successful squad.
  • Put a medkit in your backpack
  • Fill the rest of your backpack with FAKs for your team
  • (optional) Don't be the first one to die in every battle

The enemy is in front of us
Your role is primarily formed about finding and eliminating targets, you need to keep your squad updated on enemy movements, so good radio communication is key.
  • Remove your backpack, its excess weight.
  • Put on recon fatigues or a ghillie suit, this is the only time a ghillie suit is acceptible.
  • Swap your rifle for a DMR
  • Pick up a pair of laser designators and some batterys
  • Get a good scope such as the DMS, LRPS or nightstalker.

Rocket Man
And I feel its gonna be a long long time.
Your role is to destroy enemy assets such as aircraft or vehicles.
  • Swap your rifle for a carbine to save weight
  • Pick up a launcher of choice from the list
  • Place some ammo in your backpack
  • (optional) Nuke America

UAV Operator
Enemy UAV above
You are the eyes in the sky. you call out targets and can guide in ordnance. This is a powerful role to get assist kills.
  • Change your backpack for a UAV backpack kit of choice (AR-2 or AL-6)
  • Change your GPS slot over to a UAV terminal.
  • (optional) Change your rifle to a carbine to save weight.

Do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common? Details.
From eliminating HVT's to performing long range reconnaissance. Killing is only half of your role and you should keep that in mind when planning positions.
  • Replace your rifle for a Long Range Rifle / Anti Material Rifle
  • Remove your backpack
  • Replace your clothing with a ghillie suit
  • Put a good scope on
  • Replace your binoculars with a rangefinder or laser designator with batterys
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Appx A: Gear for each faction
This section details the standard gear for each faction (guns clothes etc.)
The clothes don't cover every option, just enough to give you the idea.

NATO Soldier With SPMGRifle:

Light Support Weapon:

General-Purpose Machine Gun:


Designated Marksman Rifle:

Surface to air missile Launcher:
Titan MPRL

Anti-Tank Launcher:
Titan MPRL Compact
MAAWS Mk4 Mod 1

Long Range Rifle:
M320 LRR


Combat fatigues
Recon fatigues (MTP)
CTRG Uniforms (They are all in one block)

Carrier Light
Carrier Rig
Carrier Special
Carrier GL

Light Combat Helmet
Combat helmet
Enhanced Combat Helmet

CSAT soldier with a NavidRifle:
Katiba Carbine

Light Support Weapon:

Light Machine Gun:

General-Purpose Machine Gun:


Designated Marksman Rifle:
ASP-1 Kir

Surface to air missile Launcher:
Titan MPRL

Anti-Tank Launcher:
9M135 Vorona
Titan MPRL Compact

Anti-Material Rifle:
GM6 Lynx


Fatigues (Hex + Urban) [CSAT]
Officer fatigues (Hex)
Recon fatigues (Hex)
Special Purpose Suit (Hex + Green Hex)

Tactical Vest (Brown)
Tactical Chest Rig (Brown)
Slash Bandoleer (Coyote)
LBV Harness
LBV Grenadeer Harness
Chest Rig (Khaki)

Protector Helmet
Assasin Helmet
Defender Helmet
Special Purpose Helmet

AAF Soldier with a MK200Rifle:

Light Machine Gun:


Designated Marksman Rifle:

Surface to air missile Launcher:
Titan MPRL

Anti-Tank Launcher:
Titan MPRL Compact
MAAWS Mk4 Mod 0

Anti-Material Rifle:
GM6 Lynx

PDW 2000

Combat Fatigues [AAF]
Combat Fatigues [AAF] (Officer)
Tanker Coveralls [AAF]

GA Carrier Lite
GA Carrier Rig
GA Carrier GL Rig

Modular helmet
Head Bandage (severe)

*Lists don't include pilot coveralls, also csat has no helicopter pilot coveralls, use theire normal clothes.
Appx B: Other Useful Guides
This section is mostly blank for now, help me fill it!
If you have a guide that is related, comment and I will add it to this section, together we can help the state of public games. -- Good list of premade loadouts. -- Good more in depth guide that focusses further on the Loadout aspect
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ShockRock May 20 @ 1:14pm 
GamingMad101  [author] May 20 @ 10:12am 
The main reason the US army uses the grenadier style vest is due to shrapnel from IED's etc. being a big problem. I personally don't mind it being used on an infantry loadout, you just have to avoid the spiral of adding a more and more weight to a loadout for additional protecton.
In my advice I would say use a normal carrier rig unless you have intelligence suggesting that you may come across mines. (most zeus's dont use mines) This is due to the fact it has more weight but beyond protecting your sholders and groin, no additional advantages (same carry capacity etc.)
Fishbed May 19 @ 7:26pm 
Good guide! I wanted to know what you think about having the grenadier vest as a default infantryman rig for NATO, as it's closer to what the US army uses and less contractor-looking than the others. I'd say it has a good middle point between mobility and protection. May 19 @ 1:59pm 
Nice guide!