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ITC Land Systems
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May 17, 2018 @ 2:42pm
May 5, 2020 @ 10:58am
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ITC Land Systems

ITC Land Systems is a mod that aims to add depth to some of arma’s ground based systems, with our main focus being player crewed artillery systems and anything related to them.


- Battery Control System
- Commander's Fire Control System for SPH and MLRS platforms.
- Self Propelled Howitzer Ammo Handler & Autoloader
- Improved Gunner's Sight for SPH and MLRS platforms.
- Improvements to AR2 Darter UAS.
- New 155mm and 152mm howitzer ammunition including 3 new special purpose types including 2 PGMs and 1 new anti armour shell.
- New Multi Option Fuzes for artillery shells including: Proximity, Point Detonate, Delay, and Timed functionality.
- CRAM system for vanilla Phalanx and Sea Sparrow systems.
- Overhaul to vanilla artillery accuracy.
- Variants of vanilla IDF systems with these features implemented.
- Counter-battery radar system.
- Indirect fire warning siren.

Documentation and Tutorials
Detailed information on the features added by ITC Land Systems can be found on our wiki[]



To keep track on the mod’s progress, discuss its features, or have any questions, feel free to join the ITC Addons Discord![]
If you’d like to keep track of what we have planned for future versions, you can have a look at our project’s trello page! []

V1.2 Changes
Added: MLRS App to tablets on MLRS, includes remote guidance and fuze setter
Added: New MLRS munitions with ITC features:
-M230 HEX - Unguided high explosive munition
-M230 ICM - Dual purpose anti tank / anti personnel cluster munition
-M230 PGM - GPS guided high explosive munition
-M230 MAT - Anti tank mine dispersal munition
-M230 MAP - Anti personnel mine dispersal munition
Added: Improved illumination properties for ACE 82mm Illum shells
Added: End of mission & record target functionality to BCS
Fixed: Muzzle velocities for 155mm & 152mm howitzer munitions reduced to provide realistic range capabilities
Fixed: Time fuze function was not spawning submunition/helper entities with correct alignment resulting in unpredictable behaviour of various shell types
Fixed: Mk6 82mm BTABs and battery definitions updated to v1.1 standard.
Fixed: Various tweaks to config components of CIWS feature.
Tweaked: Various config values used by BCS to provide TOF for various munitions that require optimal burst heights.