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Left 4 Dead 2

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窃格瓦拉 Jockey
Created by depictmaster
Nope right-click sound
Created by depictmaster
Nope right-click sound
charlotte Sound
Created by depictmaster
ともり なお奈绪酱的 锵 jiang~~替换拾取物品音效
replace pick item sound...
MLG Charger sound
Created by depictmaster
A large number of game funny video sound effects replace the charger sound
坷垃止痛药(Pain Pills)
Created by 13 Cat°
无所不能的金坷垃又来了_(:з 」∠)_...
Created by 蒜蓉炒面
Replaced part of the game's computer monitor





Created by Anti_Air_Banana

游戏内海报,标志,图标替换为海王星图片 Posters And Icon Replace For ACG
Created by 上杉つきひ
海报 演唱会背景 游戏内的大部分图片 图标 标志均替换为海王星图片
Replace in-game posters, signs, and most icon.

http://www.bilibili.com/video/av3919514/ 这个是自制的背景动画替换也是海王星预览

自制求生之路2 菜单页面动画替换
分别为海王星OVA 海王星U 重生1 2 3 新次元V2
重生1 2 3 新次元V2 U 原视频为720P(找不到1080P_(:...
重金求子广告替换官方喷漆-Spray_Chinese Small Advertisement
Created by 小萌新
重金求子,真情求缘,代孕等广告替换了官方的贴图喷漆233333333333 -Replace the official Spray of chinese small advertisement...
22 2018 Spring Festival ver For louis(BiliBili)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Louis for 22 from BiliBili.com

-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures

This is my 19th mod on workshop,happy woking festival!thank you bilibili.com take me so m...
[Tank Sound Mod]Billy Herrington tank v1.0
Created by WillSawJason
Replaces most of the tank's sounds with the voice from Billy Herrington!!!!enjoy!

If you have any suggestions please tell me!

Yae Sakura Rochelle
Created by 职业记者文
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Windows XP Startup for Defib Resurrection
Created by Panchy
Adds the Windows XP startup sound for when you revive someone with the defibrillator...
van's chainsaw sound
Created by kyuuu
This chainsaw holds the spirit of your favorite dungeon master Van Darkholme, enjoy...
Van Darkholme Smoker Sound Mod
Created by Nailgun Jesus
This mod replaces smoker sounds with your favorite Dungeon Master, Van Darkholme....
Tigg's AK-74M
Created by CinnabarFlail
AK-74M on my custom animations.

Replaces AK47 (i forgot lol)

Models/Textures : Tigg
Firing sounds : NightmareMutant
Reload sounds : FIREARMS SOURCE
Thanez's Glock P80 and Waedoe's Colt M1911 - SILENCED
Created by Licentious
Cool thing about this release is that I managed to give Valve-ish walk movement to default animations.
That and silencers.

Thanez - Models/Textures
Waedoe - Models/Textures
Crash - Models/Textures
Me - Fight with godawful Source model compiling (I won), ...
Slave get your ass back here Mega horde sound (Gachimuchi/哲♂学/レスリングシリーズ)
Created by Ms.Kanna
Hello bros!

Yet this is another Gachimuchi/GachiGASM mod.
This mod replace mega horde sound into your beloved dungeon master Van Darkholme yelling "F..u..c..k.i.n.g Slave get your a.s.s back here!"

He yelled that because dungeon master wants to cal...
Raiden Mei [ellis]
Created by kaizen
It is welcomed to find me to make mods!//欢迎找我订制mods
Price negotiable//价格好商量~
Created by Rex The Impaler
Here, have a china gun from china.

-clearskys anims[works online]
-firing and reloading sounds

-Nexon/Valve: model/textures/sounds
-TFA: porting from cso2
-ClearskyC: animations
-Rex: slapping shit together...
[ShunFeng] Tank
Created by K"ashimura♦
Add a dress to tank.
Clothing from China's express company.
If you like this piece of work.Welcome to subscribe!


[Kanna] Hunter Sound
Created by K"ashimura♦
Sound from a call 《小林さんちのメイドラゴン》 animation.
Replaced in-game the Hunter Sound.

Sound source
  • [ Role ] Kanna Kamui
  • [ Dub ] 長縄まりあ

33 2018 Spring Festival ver For Francis(BiliBili)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Francis for 33 from BiliBili.com

-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures

This is my 20th mod on workshop,happy woking festival!thank you bilibili.com take me so...
Admin System
Created by Rayman1103
With the Admin System, you are given Admin control. You can spawn Infected, give Survivors weapons/items, kill/revive Survivors, change Convars, change the timescale, and much, much more!

All of this is done server-side via chat triggers. If you don't hav...
Amatukaze (kancolle) version [Zoey]
Created by Joshe Gatito
amatsukaze (kancolle) version [Zoey]

(Zoey Replacement)

  • dewobedil: Original model
  • [†×Ą]AYA SUPAY[Ļ×Ø]: Porting, rigging, editing
  • [†×Ą]AYA SUPAY[Ļ×Ø]
Amatukaze-kai for Nick(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Nick for Amatukaze from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 天津风(Amatukaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
-change a new sk...
BF4 M82A3 (military sniper)
Created by Prodigy

Hunting rifle version : Link
Desert Eagle SILENCED
Created by Licentious

valve - animations (with repositioned camera and added walk movement)
me - compilation and stuff.
silvertm - deagle model.
euni_qho.15/hemingway/bloody death skull - silencer model....
g pan particles
Created by Neptune QTG
What is it?
It replaces bile particles
Haipa | 害怕(滑稽) / Replace Coach
Created by Kyle
Please don't edit, resubmit, or port my submissions without asking for permissions! If you wish to modify them in any way, shape, or form, please contact me first about it. Thanks!

First person arms
HUD Icons
Voice pack ...
VOCALOID - IA School Ver.
This is my first MOD and first time to try making character MOD. Hope you like.

Screenshot 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304746650
Screenshot 2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304746507
Screenshot ...
Bilibili's 22 33 Cola Gascan
Created by Gordon Walkedby
Bilibili's 22 33 Paper Box Toy Model
22 and 33, two girls from bilibili (a video website).
I made the models of their toy paper box in gmod.
and now , replaces the models of cola and the gascan.
33 replace cola
22 replace gascan

Ammo stack replacem...
Charlotte Intermission - Safe Room Sound
Created by Shigure Kai Ni
As the title reads, Replaces the music when the safe door closes (themonsterswithout.wav & themonsterswithout_l4d1.wav) with the intermission sound from the Anime, Charlotte.

Nao Tomori Sauce: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id...
Duang~~~ - Frying Pan sound
Created by gepaoDIAO
Update:2016.1.20:Delete some sound

Changed the sound of the Frying Pan.
The voice is Jackie Chan
The sound of a wave is less than a hit.


Green Hat Jockey 绿帽猴
Created by USS Maryland BB-46
Replace jockey with a green hat [原谅]绿帽猴
If you don’t know green hat mean ,i suggest you not subscribe this mod
Cuz in China,green hat means marriage cheating

Hua Ji Hit Indicator 滑稽伤害指示器
Created by 九条カレン
Replace the hit indicator with popular emoticon Hua Ji in Baidu Post Bar.


滑稽大法好 ≖‿≖✧

BD网盘:http://pan.bai du.com/s/1cLq8NW 【注意中间有空格,要去掉才能打开】...
HK416-S Urban(SCAR)
Created by 傻关
Use Zkeierea's Storage Model and YoRHa Syr3Ҳ™ 's HK416 Urban skin,and chang the fire sound(CSOL2 scar-l sound)
I think the works are very good,and I make a litte change and make an integration
Original address:
HK416 Urban:
M-14 (w Silencer)
Created by Licentious
One more step on my journey of putting together a whole silenced arsenal for L4D2. This time with beautiful model of M14 rfile made by An Aggressive Napkin and Millenia and glorious animations by Inty. Additional model and texture edits/ sounds by me. Enjo...
Kungfu Charger 功夫Charger
Created by Gordon Walkedby
Charger model replacement. (not including hand models)


Kashima Replaces Hunter - Kancolle
Created by 이슬비
New report from Nagato: "After a few days sending shipgirls to defend the barricade of the safe zone. We received a report that one of the barricade was breached. No6 Destroyer Division reported about a special infected host leading the attack of
Medkit Model <5 Years of F**king Studying>
Created by Gordon Walkedby
this is a book,
and it replaces the model of the medkit
its name is <5 Years to Exam and 3 Years to Test>
it is a reference book in China,
but i like to call it <5 Years of F**king Studying>

[Note]Do not reupload my addon to other websites.
M1014 Shotgun SILENCED
Created by Licentious
It's another one!

M1014: tigg
Flashlight: Tripwire Interactive (taken from Killing Floor 2)
Sounds, texture edits: me
Salvo 12 supressor: me...
Created by Rex The Impaler
my first kriss vector, this one was pretty fun to make especially since this gun is so fitting for the UZI slot. This is an american PDW or machine pistol chambered in .45 ACP, fun fact when i shot one of these i found out they actually take glock mags, i ...
Kawakaze-kai for Francis(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Francis for Kawakaze-kai from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 江风(Kawakaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
Nico Nico Niinfected! - Love Live [CI Mod]
Created by Nekky
Replaces all common and uncommon infected with the School Idol, Nico Yazawa

Nico Nico Nii!
What better way to show the world that you are the number one idol in the universe than by killing everyone that stands in your way?
Get read
ONE school ver.
IA's sister. This is my 2nd MOD.

Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1317036014

Model by mqdl....
Author yebanjianjiao.Map's name may mean"what's this s**t!?"in English.This map suits players who like playing with trap not only zombies.If you just like fighting against zombie and escape.Maybe this map is a junk to you.This map is full of trap which can...
Surprise Mother****er - Pipebomb Explosion sound(Louder)
Created by Rashed UAE5

Original author: Th3 ZuRd0

Minor bug:
It also works when the oxygen and Propane tanks explode. (MunkeyThrust thanks for reporting)...