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Left 4 Dead 2

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Agent Francis
A 3 month old project I've been working on little by little. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and I hope you are too.

This mod makes Francis in an Agent suit! Packed with an earpiece, a watch, and some nice shades! This'll be sure to make you'r...
Badass Ellis
Created by Gorilla God
AKA "Executioner Ellis"

BEFORE YOU ASK - YES it is compatible with any hat or face textures you may have.

This mod contains original logos and bulletproof vest textures and normals created by myself. The only logo I didn't make was the skull, which b...
Chef Coach
Created by Salad
"Sit, relax - Coach's gonna make you... DINNER!"

Dresses Coach up as Chef Antoine, the King of Cuisine from Dead Rising 2. Includes HUD imagery, first person arms, wrinkle map, yadda yadda yadda Happy Halloween.

Ellis The Division (Masked)
Created by scream

When we were activated, we knew the situation was bad. Worse than anyone knew. We're an elite, highly-skilled group of embedded agents. They only call us when everything else has failed.

We have no rules. We have no limits. Our job is to protect wha...
Fiddy Louis
Created by Lt. Rocky
Love & hate,
Joy & pain,
War & peace,
Sun & the rain,
Sugar & spice,
And everything nice.
That's what Louis is made of.


Louis has long lived a secret second life from his days at the IT offices. In real...
Gunrunner Nick
Created by 👻Ninja Nub🍕
Looks like Nick put on his good old Gunrunner equipment to start running some guns for the Survivors!

Outfit originally by ubisoft, ported by dragbody, rigged and set up in source by me....
Secret Agent Zoey (Red Suit)
Created by AlexM
I wanted to modify the Secret Agent Zoey (Suit) mod to give Zoey a red suit, and I did it. Decided to post it so anybody that wanted to do this by chance and doesn't know how can get it for themselves easily.

My other mods:
- Secret Agent Zoey Re...
Rochelle Military Style
Created by Phaeton
Continuing the military theme, here is an outfit for Rochelle. This replacer uses Zoey's animations and body proportions, so yeah, Ro got longer legs and.. well, see for yourself. Coach is so into army now.

You can find one for Zoey here:

Rochelle with hat and tied jacket
Created by Zetnus
Rochelle with Ellis' hat, and Zoey's tied jacket, as was requested by Tangerine Juice.

Fully compatible with retexture mods.

If you want to make your own reskin, and need the hat and jacket to be different from Ellis and Zoey, please put your modifie...
Zoey Military Style
Created by Phaeton
Hello there. This is not something I am into, some of you may know me as the mapper and not a modder, but sometimes I need to challenge myself, so I recently learned modding for l4d. And here is my very first survivor replacer as a result. I was already qu...
Zoey - Shirtless
Created by Hedy
This isn't clickbait, she's actually shirtless. I didn't put "jacketless" in the title now, did I?

This is compatible with outside normalmap textures and face retextures.

Breast texture sampled from this skin for L4D1
Nirvana Zoey
Created by мяFunreal
This is an old mod i made, so don't expect the quality to be the best.

Arby25 - Model
MrFunreal - Reskin

This is a reupload from gamemaps.
I had to upload it here because people kept stealing my mods without permission and got away
Zoey Anarchy Black Jacket And Black Hair-Blue Eyes
Created by VOLKAN ☭
- Anarchy Black Jacket
- Black Jean
- Black Hair
- Blue Eyes...
Secret Agent Zoey (Suit) [RNG]
Created by Kurumi
Zoey replacement

Due to many spam from my friend, i finally create the RNG Colors of the beautiful Secret Agent Zoey (Suit) by Lt.Rocky. It's the first time (and i think the last) i do a RNG Colors for a ...
Blonde Zoey with cat eyes eyeliner and red lipstick
Created by Armored
Changes Zoey`s hair to a blond colour, with red lips and cat eyes eyeliner...