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25th Wingman League Structure, Rules and How to host a match
By [25th] Red Dagger
Rules for the 25th Wingman League
There will be 3 groups for people to compete in. The Elite League, Intermediate League and the Development League. The teams will all play everyone twice with the winner being promoted and the bottom place team relegated. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for losing. This is so that everyone can have equally or a little bit more skilled opponent so that everyone can compete even if you just started CSGO. We will go through this rotation 4 times with a playoff at the end of the 4th rotation for both the lower ranks and the higher ranks. Playoff structure will be decided when the number of teams participating will be finalized.

How the Promotion and relegation system works:
1. Teams
1a. Players from the 25th Community are only eligible for the league.
1b. No replacements are allowed in the league.
1c. Teams that want to join halfway through the league are allowed to start at the next rotation at the bottom league.

2. Matches
2a. Matches will be Wingman games and played under Wingman Rules.
2b. The map pool will be Mirage (A), Cache (A), Short Dust, Cobble (B), Train (A).
2c. Best of 1(BO1) matches will be played during the group stage. There will be no overtime.
2d. BO1 maps will be decided by a single ban from both teams, leaving 3 maps for the team that banned the first map to pick. The team that did not get to ban first in the first match, gets the first ban in the second game.
2e. Best of 3(BO3) matches will be played during the group stage. There will be overtime in the scores are tired. Normal 5v5 overtime rules apply (Best of 6 rounds). First to 4 round wins win the game. If there is a tie in overtime, a second overtime is played and so on until a team wins.
2f. BO3 maps will be decided with both teams picking a map each, followed by a ban each with the left-over map being the 3rd deciding map. Team with the higher-ranking picks first.

3. Knife Rounds
3a. Knife rounds will happen at the beginning of the game to decide sides. The winning side will get to pick the side with the match restarted and going live immediately after.
3b. During the knife round, bomb plants are allowed.

4. Hosting games
4a. Both teams need to agree if they are happy about who is hosting and if the ping is okay to play with before the game has started.
4b. A player who is also playing in the game can host the game but must take responsibility if wrong commands take place or internet disconnected that causes the match to be abandoned. If this happens, the other team can either request the game to be replayed or if seen to be deliberate, call for an organiser to make a decision on the outcome of the game. If a player is deemed to have deliberately lost connection, the team is disqualified.
4c. An independent host can also be used to host the game. Same as above but directed towards the indie host.
4d. If a team want to use Ruben’s server then get in contact with Red Dagger or MRuben to host the games.

5. Scoring
5a. The team that won the game must report the score to Red Dagger and have a screenshot ready to present when ready.
5b. If a screenshot cannot be given when requested then both teams will receive 0 points.

Any rules which are missed can be implemented at any time during the league and can be enforced for a game which has been played in the last 24 hours of the rule which was affected by the added rule.
Hosting a match
Maps and workshop links:
Cobblestone – In current Wingman rotation
ShortDust – In Current Wingman Rotation
Train – In Current Wingman Rotation
Mirage -
Cache -

Setting up the game;
All the maps can be selected to Wingman mode so no need to change anything in the console.

Start of the match
When everyone is ready for knife round, type;

At the end of the knife round to decide the sides, type the following commands in;
Mp_swapteams; mp_restartgame 1 (Only do the swap teams if the winning side wants to swap)

Overtime (BO3 Only)

mp_overtime_enable 1 (Must be inserted at the beginning of the match)