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[1.0] Android tiers
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[1.0] Android tiers

Order: Core - Jecstools - Humanoid alien races - Android Tiers

This mod aims to add several tiers of sentient android colonists, robots, mechs and other features. In an attempt to vastly extend late-game colonies.

B18 Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ww373VWEq5K3nbDUIOjhLGvxfQreEbFr
B19 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AVONZQDdTWuyzSkh0w63lPvN4-Jybqg1
Non-Steam 1.0 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h8yYpMsNspdfKPYupab3ydU78FSyrNuz
CE Patch made by Sebi: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386530536
Our Discord:
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  • 2 New Android Factions
  • 70 Android backstories
  • 5 Tiers of android
  • Mech and 5 Mech Weapons
  • Android Doggo
  • Robotic Muffalo
  • Robotic Sheep
  • Robotic Cow
  • Robotic Chicken
  • New Crafting Material
  • New type of mortar shell
  • Over 60+ Different parts / implants for androids
  • 5 Android Dog specific implants / parts
  • 4 Android specific diseases
  • Lots of high-end research
  • Custom body layouts for androids and animals
  • Artificial brain implants that alter abilities
  • Ai Persona Fabrication
  • 2 New Incidents
  • 5 Android specific "drugs"
  • Android specific capacities

This mod does work with old saves but will not spawn the new android faction unless a new game is started.

Surgery on androids works differently than that of humans, requiring high crafting. The chance of success can be found within the stats of every pawn. Under the "work" section.
Special Items and events

Mech-Fall Transmitter: This is the orbital targetter needed to spawn the M7 Mech. It can be obtained from item stash quests and traders, similar to the way other orbital weapons are gained.

The Fractal Enhancement: A special pill developed by ancient archotech societies, when consumed by an android it will increase almost every useful stat per each use. However if a human consumes it they will convert into a fractal mutant.

Infected Wanderer: Rarely a human will wander onto the map mid-way through the fractal mutation process. If not dealt within a day they will convert into the mutant.

Android Assembly Kits: These kits are useful for setting up colonies as they are only a fraction the weight of the android they can be assembled into, able to set up wherever and whenever.

Swarm Mortar: A Mortar filled with several small drones that will attack any hostiles on sight, can be made once T2 Android research is done.

Mechanite Storage Upgrades: Each tier of Mechanite storage upgrade increases or decreases health regen speed, with an archotech mechanite storage upgrade halving the time it takes an android to recover from injuries.

Metallic Wool: A faux wool made from hundreds of small strands of metal, very good sharp defence stats but quite coarse on human skin. Androids are unaffected however. Metallic wool can also be refined into steel at a 1:2 ratio.
Tiers of android

Tier 1

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts (T1 replacements)
- Steel plating

Speed : ●○○○
Upgrades: ●○○○
Strength : ●○○○
Health : ●○○○
Cost : ●●●●
Summary: the cheapest of all the androids but also the worst in every other way.

Tier 2

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts
- Steel plating
- Plasteel Plating

Speed : ●●○○
Upgrades: ●○○○
Strength : ●○○○
Health : ●●○○
Cost : ●●●○
Summary: Somewhat cheap but not nearly as cheap as tier 1. This tier of android works at 80% efficiency to that of a human, with moderate health. The middle tier of all 4 tiers.

Tier 3

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts
- Advanced replacement limbs
- Steel plating
- Plasteel plating

Speed : ●●●○
Upgrades: ●●●○
Strength : ●●●○
Health : ●●●○
Cost : ●●○○
Summary: an expensive tier of android with near human abilities, quite strong and fast with average mental capacity.

Tier 4

Can install;
- All types of replacement parts / Plating

Speed : ●●●●
Upgrades: ●●●●
Strength : ●●●●
Health : ●●●●
Cost : ●○○○
Summary: the most expensive tier of android but also the best, far surpassing the mental and physical abilities to those of a human.

Tier 5

(Can only be ontained by the [A Strange Crash] Event)

Can install;
- All types of replacement parts / Plating

Speed : ⍟●●●●
Upgrades: ⍟●●●●
Strength : ⍟●●●●
Health : ⍟●●●●
Cost : N/A
Summary: The tech used to make these androids is beyond human comprehension, boasting near unlimited power and requiring little sustinence to operate. They deem all races other than themselves to be somewhat below them and believe that living on a rimworld is a fate worse than death.

Special Trait: ; Intolerance. When this android's mood is too low for too long. There is an increasing chance of mental break and the android entering a murderous rage.
To add to that: this trait restricts the android's mental break types to only those that cause bodily harm. Such as bezerk and sadistic rage.


Summary: a very quick, strong cybernetic dog even without upgrades. Useful for quickly taking down attackers without sending colonists out.

M.U.F.F Unit

Summary: a very strong robotic hauler that is very useful for caravan trips but not very useful for anything else.

Phytomining Unit

Summary: Named after the process that this machine performs; extracting the small amounts of metal absorbed by plants, refining it and expelling it in the form of long, spindly strands on it's back and neck.
This faux wool can then be used to make resistant clothing or be refined into steel at an electric smelter.

N.Solution Unit

Summary: produces nutrient solution, a form of artifical milk that holds twice as much nutrition as it's counterpart; actual milk.

Chemical processing unit

Summary: every 2 days will dispense up to 5 capsules at once, these capsules contain semi-refined resources within them that can either be further developed into chemfuel or neutroamine at a drug lab or refinery.

All parts require repair kits to install

Android parts / upgrades are made at the android parts table
Androids drugs can be made at the parts table or drug lab.
Androids / k-9 units are made at the Robotics production casket
You cannot make Adv+ Replacements.

Special thanks to Uplinked for helping write backstories. More info on him can be seen HERE [uplinked.portfoliobox.net]
If you feel particularly generous, feel free to donate to my Ko-Fi page.
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12 hours ago
Why can't i disassemble androids?
Jan 30 @ 7:01am
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Atlas  [author] 19 hours ago 
I don't really have any control over that, sorry. Although I'll look into it just to be certain.
The unfathomable abyss 21 hours ago 
Hi i dont know if this is something within your control or not, but items from this mod seem to be extremely common rewards for quests, to the point where it seems to be blocking out vanilla items that can only be found through quests.
DarkEternis Feb 22 @ 10:54am 
hmm, I think I see where it added it now that I look deeper. I guess its number of items not kg of weight, two separate stats.

This mod is pretty much the best... it adds so much. Is there any way you might could look into making it compatible with the multiplayer mod? My friend and I were testing it out and unfortunately it desyncs in MP =(.
DarkEternis Feb 22 @ 10:46am 
do the hydraulic arms/legs etc work? It says it increases carry cap but the kg they can carry remains the same before and after I install them
Atlas  [author] Feb 22 @ 9:50am 
at stage XX of fractal enhancement, the pawn will be insanely powerful but also have a +50% mental break threshold and a +400% hunger rate. So they'll be quite dangerous too.
germnbarb Feb 22 @ 9:42am 
yes, the fractal enhancement does make them easier to break, this is also the reason for drugs (i do not condone drug abuse or the use of illegal substances in real life.)
Vane Feb 22 @ 7:40am 
Should high fractal drug raise mental break threshold, or lower it?
High-fractaled t5 androids are quite unmanageble.
(UMFGC)AceCaptainDon1405 Feb 21 @ 9:18pm 
Alright man thank you
Atlas  [author] Feb 21 @ 8:05pm 
The event will only occur after 1.5 years in game. With a 30% chance of occurring every 50 days from there on. Hopefully this info helped.

However if you want the event to occur sooner with the same level of frequency, there is a mod called Rimquest which allows you to pay for the event.
(UMFGC)AceCaptainDon1405 Feb 21 @ 7:59pm 
Hey man just wondering if there is a way for me to speed up the strange crash event I've been waiting ever since I got this mod and it never appears just wondering is all get back to me when you can