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Rhythms of Riftshadow Ruins
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May 12, 2018 @ 6:24pm
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Special thanks to Helen Norcott for the wonderful album artwork :)

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Legend says that the spirits inhabiting Riftshadow crystals are the cause for their luminescence. Some think it's to entice adventurers deeper into the ruins while others think they glow to aid those lost in the caverns. Deep within the spore capped fields of the underground, songs can be heard from the furthest depths of the glowing tunnels. Perhaps it's a trick of the mind or maybe it's the victims of countless dark rituals seeking a way out.

Rhythms of Riftshadow Ruins is a music pack for Dota 2 based around the theme of the titular caves. Riftshadow is the site of an ancient civilization, now lost to time. Adventurers journey through these ruins in search of historical and valuable artifacts. With this pack I attempted to capture the essence of cave diving, lost civilizations, and spirits looking for a way home all while maintaining tension and excitement for a game of Dota.