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Welcome to the description of BadCoWorld!

This awesome Custom MAP has beed created by BadCompany for ALL OF YOU!

#About BadCoWorld
When you step into BadCoWorld, you will see ONLY One Spawn Point on the MAP, which is a small village (called BadCo Village), where you can craft new resources, harvest some vegetables and tame a Dodo or two for the very first time.
In BadCo Village there is a dedicated space for special MODs like Capitalism or any other Trader/Market style MODs..
Trees are covering most of BadCoWorld, so navigating on the MAP can be tricky, especially when you start to play...

#Looking for the best spot for your base
Keep in mind that in those caves where Artifact(s) can be found, you are not able to place any structure to prevent blocking Artifacts!
There are lots of cool spots all around the MAP to start build a base! - Go discover the MAP first then you will find one, I am pretty sure! :)

#As you discovering BadCoWorld
You will see 3 Obelisks as normal, and Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Snow, Desert Areas, Caves, Lava and various places, that you have never seen before.
2D MAPS are helping your journey, like Main MAP, Zone MAP, Resource MAP (soon - planned), Creature MAP (soon - planned) and Cave MAPs (soon - planned).
Normal Loot Crates are spawning all around the MAP with their Original loot sets, except ScorchedEarth Loot Crates which is spawning only at Desert areas with their SE loot set and Aberration Loot Crates which will be spawning only in the Underworld (Aberration part of the MAP) later on.

#On your way in this new world you will find some new/modified Special Creatures, like:
- Loch Ness Monster (Alpha Tusoteuthis)
- Killer the Alpha Giganotosaurus (Alpha Giganotosaurus)
- Alpha Omega Raptor (Alpha Raptor)
- Pterodactilus Monster (Alpha Pteranodon)
- Kitty the Alpha Tiger (Alpha Thylacoleo)
- Thunder Style Alpha Griffin (Alpha Griffin)
- You Tyrannus (Alpha Yutyrannus) (soon - planned)
- Special Guardian Bosses (soon - planned)
All of these Special Creatures are tameable with their normal food or kibble.
All of these Special Creatures gives Special Loots after defeating them (their Saddles but usually Mastercraft or Ascendant), except Alpha Griffin which gives Mastercraft or Ascendant Chainsaw and Fishing Rod.

#Also you will find some new Resources, like Gold and Gold Ingot/Bar, they must be useful, arent they? :)
Gold can be harvested from the Golden Rocks in the Gold Mine, which is next to the Stone Mine.

#Of course there is a new item too, which is the Golden Sword. It can be found in a Special Loot Crate placed on the MAP.
This sword is the strongest one, it can be useful when there is a serious attack! - Made of Gold.

#Looking for Artifacts
It is always hard to find the Artifact that you looking for, even more hard if you have no idea about where are they located!?
There will be another 2D MAP for Artifacts with their Coordinates. (soon - planned)

#Boss Arena Fights
The Boss Arenas are Custom ones just like the MAP itself!
There is a possibility to do Boss Fights with the Original Bosses from ALL the DLCs in 3 difficulty levels:
- Broodmother (ready to Fight!)
- Megapithecus (ready to Fight!)
- Dragon (ready to Fight!)
- Manticore (ready to Fight!)
- Overseer (soon - working on)
- Rockwell (soon - planned)

Important for Broodmother Boss Arena: When you eliminated the Boss then DO NOT go too far, otherwise the Automated Teleporter Countdown on the top of your screen will disappear, then you will have to use the Tribute Terminal provided not too far from the Arena Spawn Point, this helps you to prevent stuck in the Boss Arena!

#Date of first upload = May 1, 2018
#Date of release WAS = September 1, 2018 (Saturday) 3PM (GMT+01:00)

Current progress of BadCoWorld MAP = 62% (approximately)
You can find update history by clicking here.

Details about #BadCoWorld
- MOD ID: 1383636655
- MAP Name: BadCoWorld
- MAP Size: 127x127 ( same size as TheIsland )
- MAP Levels = 2.00 (UnderWorld is the -1 level, it's still under construction - going to be released soon!)
- Number of Obelisks = 3.00
- Number of Arena Bosses = 6.00
- Available biomes on this MAP = Beach, River, Grassland, Swamp, Jungle, Redwood, Mountain, Snow, Ocean, Desert and Lava
- Available wild creatures on this map = Almost every creatures from ALL available DLCs
- Available learnable engrams on this map = ALL engrams from ALL available DLCs
- Available resources on this map = ALL RESOURCES from ALL available DLCs
- Added special creatures = Listed above. ( all tameable )
- Added special items = Golden Sword
- Added special resources = Gold, Golden Bar
- Number of upper world caves = Lot
- Number of underwater caves = Soon!
- Number of special explorer note series = Soon!

It is recommended to delete MOD files manually before update!

- MOD ID = 1383636655
- MAP Name = BadCoWorld

- Configuration = Click Here.

- Admin Commands = Click Here.

This MOD ( MAP ) is ACTIVELY DEVELOPED by BadCo-Lacee(e) since May 12, 2018!!!

If you like BadCoWorld MAP then like it and get subscribe to get the latest updates!
Also don't forget to hit the Favorite button and turn auto updates on for your ARK!
Upon that there is always a way to donate if you really feel it and wanna say thank you.

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I am a human, human makes mistakes so if you see something went wrong after an update, please let me know by leaving a comment in the Bug report section then I will try my best to fix it as soon as possible!!

For more information, please visit our website at .

If your server running this MAP then
List your server HERE.

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BadCo - Lacee  [author] Dec 9 @ 10:22pm 
Thank you! I suggest you to use BadCoAIO MOD as it is including everything (or even more) that BadCoPets, BadCoCostumes, BadCoStacks and BadCoFlyers MOD has. (the last two MODs has not been released for the public yet, but AIO includes already) :)
gwSenpai007 Dec 9 @ 7:16pm 
Im thinking about getting back onto this map as things develop with the mods, as I do quite enjoy playing it. I intend to play with all the other BadCo mods with it
Irish Boy Dec 9 @ 12:20pm 
ok thanks for the quick reply
BadCo - Lacee  [author] Dec 9 @ 11:31am 
Sure, just a bit of stop because of the Extinction rush.. Actually waiting for the Official Version Release for the Dev Kit :)
Irish Boy Dec 9 @ 11:27am 
Is this still being worked on?
Miakki Slade Oct 30 @ 6:17pm 
@author.. I am totally LOVING on the map.. It's a super cool idea, and I love that the resources are separated, and you have to look to find them.
Miakki Slade Oct 30 @ 6:16pm 
I managed to kill th em, using an alpha or a monster creature.. the vanilla's dont' put a mark on them.
BadCo - Lacee  [author] Oct 29 @ 11:13pm 
Thats weird for sure. Probably something went wrong in your config, because I've never experienced anyrhing like that. Those normal raptors are original assets.
gwSenpai007 Oct 29 @ 4:53pm 
The one issue im having - probably a mod issue but may aswell alert you, the raptors - not alphas just normal, I can't kill them at all, not even by command - seems weird. I do need to get a modlist together so I can post my server lol
BadCo - Lacee  [author] Oct 29 @ 4:37pm 
Yes I meant dinos. Glad to hear that Human NPCs MOD is working fine on my MAP.