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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Welcome to Amissa


Current Version: 0.3

Map ID: 1383342563
Map Name: Amissa

This is my 2nd map and heavy WIP, but fully playable. Expect bugs and other issue, but they shoud be minor.
I'm planning to release monthly content updates incl. fixes if needed. If there's a major bug, i'm trying to fix that as soon as i can and will not wait for the monthly update. Less stress for server admins and more time to play.

You don't need the DLC's for this map

Map is about 25%

Guys please don't send me any friend requests i will irgnore them. If you want to talk to me, please use the comments. Thank you

  • Map is a bit bigger than The Island
  • 7 different biomes (Snow, Desert, Redwood, Mushroom Redwoods, Swamp, Grass/Jungle and Red Jungle)
  • Almost all dinos are in, incl. SE and Aberration Dinos
  • All resources are in, incl. SE and Aberration Resources (more spots are coming)
  • You can learn all Engrams (The Island, SE and Aberration)
  • Different player spawns as on other maps
  • Mountain Wyvern (Bigger but not aggresive untill you hit them or steal the egg. Also knockout tameable)
  • Macaw Argent (Exotic version of the vanilla Argent, also not aggresive untill you harm them)
  • Custom battle music (day and night version)
  • Custom music volumes, area based around the map
  • Add SE and AB loot crates
  • Custom Boss Arenas (Broodmother and Gorilla, Dragon is vanilla)
  • Control the weather (as admin only):
    admincheat ce start/stop_electricalstrom (not in yet)
    admincheat ce start/stop_rain
    admincheat ce start/stop_fog
    admincheat ce start/stop_wave (cold or heat wave, they start randomly)

  • More main land completion (More resources and detail work)
  • More buildings/ruins for each area
  • Caves/Dungeon (normal and different/new ones)
  • Underwater work (River, Lakes and Ocean)
  • and much more

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You want to know the current patch notes or what's coming next?
Click on the link.

For reporting bugs or other issues please only use (Reports in the comments or disscusions will be deleted without warning)

and to contact me and other players, join my discord:





Thanks to:
IsoGaming - For the Giant Red Tree ( I love it )
Biggums - For the first version of the Portal
Exilog - For completing the work on the Portal and helping me to fix things or get them to work
Blue Dragon - For the idea and concept of the Macaw Argent
Tbjbu2 - For the griffin dive and knockot tame function for the mountain wyvern
DOA - Long time supporter, contributor, server admin and shoulder to cry on :D

Big thanks to GG Fizz for the awesome trailer. Watch in 4K
Here is the link to his Youtube channel and smash the sub button.

Screenshots by GG Fizz

Special Thanks to the closed tester group for finding major bugs during the closed test.

PS: If you like the map, please don't forget to vote and give a thumbs up. ;)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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Sicco0803  [author] 4 hours ago 
@everyone i will release a update later today just to remove the recource and special vendor, this should solve the issue. I only get reports of the issue here and only from 3-4 people, so idk what the reason is.
Kane 7 hours ago 
I run 30 mods, including S+, hg stacking and and AA. No problems observed as of last update.
Abaddon the Unholy 9 hours ago 
i also have amissa installed but dont usually play on it for reasons i mentioned in my last post.
Abaddon the Unholy 9 hours ago 
@samurai_amatsu basically i run ark like an experiment...i spawn in what i want to toy with (and arkforum is pretty much the only map i can run (so called "gaming" comp cant handle any others) so i have to spawn my stuff in...anywho whenever get in game my element is still there but no longer works as power for my tek stuff (i take it back, i usually spawn in around 10k as this is what my stacking mod allows as max stacks, when i log in i only have about 200). This leads me to have to spawn in yet more element. i do use a stacking mod so my issue might be related to that.
Mariusen 9 hours ago 
@sicco0803 the Mats look identicak, but cant be used for exampel: All old hide is ‘useless’ If I Get new, it works. But ingots is other way, all new I make dosent ‘fit’ but old ones still work.. only mods I use that updatet is map And HG’s mod.

Aware it is a WIP, just wanted to let you know
Samurai_Amatsu 11 hours ago 
Missing water volume @ X-159723 Y-25499 Z-185
Samurai_Amatsu 11 hours ago 
@abaddon the Unholy If you have corrective information would be nice. I do run multiple ark servers with different maps including s+ as a mod and have no issues with them. And never have till now. If you are talking about that one issue. As I see below that a person is now having a stacking problem with items included in the vendors why I decided to post it. But i am not having that issue and don't have stacking mod either. Map is a WIP so no big deal for me but as a Modder collective info is good for him. Sicco also has no water volume in the "aberrant cave" just a water plane.If someone wants to post that bug.
Abaddon the Unholy 12 hours ago 
@samurai_amatsu I have had this happen with arkforum event map too I am not sure this is an Amissa thing.
Samurai_Amatsu 12 hours ago 
We have two things since the update happen with dedicated server. Apon restart no s+ tek generators work with supplied element in it. You take element out (including shards) element are bugged cant put them into anything. No stack mods. Happens on every restart and an old backup so I know it has something to do with Amissa. Since it is most recent mod update. 2nd thing is weapons vendor has one item in it at a time pike or bow as others have two. And is the only one that has caused multiple client side crashes when exiting and walking away testing purposes to see if it wasnt just one person and machine type.I can submit a bug report if you would like.
Sicco0803  [author] 16 hours ago 
@Mariusen ok, are these the mats from the vendors or just in general?