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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Welcome to Amissa


Current Version: 0.51

Map ID: 1383342563
Map Name: Amissa

This is my 2nd map and heavy WIP, but fully playable. Expect bugs and other issue, but they shoud be minor.
I'm planning to release monthly content updates incl. fixes if needed. If there's a major bug, i'm trying to fix that as soon as i can and will not wait for the monthly update. Less stress for server admins and more time to play.

You don't need the DLC's for this map

Map is about 35%

Guys please don't send me any friend requests i will irgnore them. If you want to talk to me, please use the comments. Thank you

  • Map is a bit bigger than The Island
  • 7 different biomes (Snow, Desert, Redwood, Mushroom Redwoods, Swamp, Grass/Jungle and Red Jungle)
  • Almost all dinos are in, incl. SE and Aberration Dinos
  • All resources are in, incl. SE and Aberration Resources (more spots are coming)
  • You can learn all Engrams (The Island, SE and Aberration)
  • Different player spawns as on other maps
  • Mountain Wyvern (Bigger but not aggresive untill you hit them or steal the egg. Also knockout tameable)
  • Macaw Argent (Exotic version of the vanilla Argent, also not aggresive untill you harm them)
  • Custom battle music (day and night version)
  • Custom music volumes, area based around the map
  • Add SE and AB loot crates
  • Custom Boss Arenas (Broodmother and Gorilla, Dragon is vanilla)
  • Control the weather (as admin only):
    admincheat ce start/stop_electricalstorm
    admincheat ce start/stop_rain
    admincheat ce start/stop_fog
    admincheat ce start/stop_wave (cold or heat wave, they start randomly)

  • More main land completion (More resources and detail work)
  • More buildings/ruins for each area
  • Caves/Dungeon (normal and different/new ones)
  • Underwater work (River, Lakes and Ocean)
  • and much more

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You want to know the current patch notes or what's coming next?
Click on the link.

For reporting bugs or other issues please only use (Reports in the comments or disscusions will be deleted without warning)

and to contact me and other players, join my discord:





Thanks to:
IsoGaming - For the Giant Red Tree ( I love it )
Biggums - For the first version of the Portal
Exilog - For completing the work on the Portal and helping me to fix things or get them to work
Blue Dragon - For the idea and concept of the Macaw Argent
Tbjbu2 - For the griffin dive and knockot tame function for the mountain wyvern
DOA - Long time supporter, contributor, server admin and shoulder to cry on :D

Big thanks to GG Fizz for the awesome trailer. Watch in 4K
Here is the link to his Youtube channel and smash the sub button.

Screenshots by GG Fizz

Special Thanks to the closed tester group for finding major bugs during the closed test.

PS: If you like the map, please don't forget to vote and give a thumbs up. ;)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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Building at spawn point
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Sicco0803  [author] Nov 19 @ 2:55am 
qMinozz it's a game issue, WC needs to fix that.
Minozz Nov 19 @ 2:46am 
Bug report, there is a problem with the wyvern trench, the wyvern don't lay eggs, there are many nests but nothing in it ^^
Malabar Nov 19 @ 2:19am 
@Sicco0803 Ok :) thanks for the answer
Sicco0803  [author] Nov 19 @ 12:12am 
@Malabar i know about the issue, will be fixed with the next content update. Till then please do a daily wild dino wipe so solve the issue for now.
Malabar Nov 18 @ 4:07pm 
Hello just to say that in the haunted forest there is far too much zombies, more than a hundred in the same place, and when we go there, we lag as not possible ^^ just a spawn bug i think :) (sorry for my english ^^)
Sicco0803  [author] Nov 14 @ 3:26pm 
@Scorpion well if you don't know it, why you're sure that's the mummy's? There should only spawn1 mummy. I don't have any reports of a mummy overspawn. The new dark forest is a bit heavy for some PC's because of the particle effects there.
Sicco0803  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:40am 
@Biggie W H E E Z E they're all there. The trench is near the mountain wyvern spawn.
Biggie W H E E Z E Nov 12 @ 5:27pm 
are there fire/poison/lightning/ice wyverns on the map, if so, where? ive looked all over the desert but havent found any. i know theres the mountain wyvern, but thats not what i need
Miss_AJ_Worden Nov 11 @ 3:57pm 
I'm in love!! AMAZING work!! I love it!!
blackdragonskyfire Nov 8 @ 4:11pm 
Hi Sicco0803 could you please make a list of the Spawn Entries for the map. I'm trying to figure out the spawn using the corresponding names you have given each place but that seems not to be working at the moment. And I have used the wiki but I've ran out of ideas. Please could you create a list in the description. Thank you.