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Tenax Training Grounds Basrah
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May 10 @ 3:48pm
Jul 2 @ 7:11pm
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Tenax Training Grounds Basrah

This mods main focus is to provide a training ground for clans to do fire team drills, target practice, training missions, etc. and in general to improve their Squad Skills. At the "Vehicle Exhibition" you can see all the specs of each vehicle within Squad, see their armor model and learn to recognize them by their audio signature. There is 3 day and 3 night versions of this mod with the option to select all factions within Squad.

Facilities at "Camp Tenax":
- Vehicle Exhibition
- Sniper Range
- Breach & Clear Range
- Suppression Range
- Stamina Range
- Target Range
- Bounding Range
- Most of the ranges from "Jensens Range"
- Vehicle Spawner

Facilities at "Camp Victor":
- Convoy Mission

If you start experiencing bugs with the ranges when hosting the mod on a server restart your server and it should be fixed.

Launching the mod:
After you've subscribed steam will download it automatically (you might have to restart steam before the download begins). You then launch Squad and go to the "Shooting Range" from the main menu. Once you are in the Shooting Range you press the tilt key (the one above the "tab" key) to bring up the console (you can also hit one of your chat buttons and delete the "ChatToTeam" part). Then you write adminchangemap tenax and you should see 2 options for the day and the night version. Pick one of them by using the arrow keys and hit enter. The map will then load (you might get a blank white screen but it should still load the mod).
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Victor Tenax  [author] Jul 28 @ 4:09am 
Good shit! Thank you and I'm glad you guys can use it :)
[508th_PIR] Llamageddon Jul 28 @ 1:48am 
Thanks Tenax, me and the clan had a great training session on this map. Wasn't a focus of our training but the marksman's range is fantastic.
[508th_PIR] Wipeout Jul 24 @ 1:08pm 
This is pretty cool and us 508 boys love it
Victor Tenax  [author] Jul 17 @ 1:11pm 
Thank you guys
Xtaziiy' Jul 17 @ 11:26am 
Well done mate. Great training map. :entrenchingtool:
Drinki Jul 16 @ 1:51pm 
Great mod !!! :steammocking:
SFC [508th_PIR] Pirate Jul 3 @ 5:00am 
Huzzah for V 2.0 I'm off to have a look at the new goodies :)
Victor Tenax  [author] Jul 2 @ 7:19pm 
Hotfix 1 for version 2.0
Victor Tenax  [author] Jul 2 @ 4:12pm 
Version 2.0 is out!

ChangeLog mod version 2.0

Added a Vehicle Spawner to "Camp Tenax" (select the vehicle you wanna spawn by shooting the sign with its name on and shoot the "Spawn" sign afterwards)
Added all factions including the new british faction
Added the new vehicles from v11 to the "Vehicle Exibition"
Updated all vehicle info
Added armor models for all vehicles in the "Vehicle Exibition"

Improved performance. FPS drops around the "Vehicle Exibition" should be fixed.
Minor terrain adjustments

Added missing audio to the burning building in the night version
Victor Tenax  [author] Jun 30 @ 5:01pm 
Hey Pirate thank you! Just touching up on the new update should be out within a few days. Main things are improved performance, new vehicles, new factions, updated vehicle info, vehicle armor models, a vehicle spawn system and few minor details.