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Team Fortress 2

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Cold War Wrap
Created by Hawf 
Take this warm hat, It's going to be a cold war....
Colonial Clogs
Created by Svdl
They are colonial because they are made for kicking ass.

Either a misc or a weapon....
Gang's Garrison Cap (Soldier)
Created by The Ronin
All-Class Garrison Cap with
Class-Specific Badges

High-resolution preview:

Gallery: {LINK REMOVED}...
Military Rank
Created by Iqarujanus
Rank for heavy and soldier!

p.s: using for left shoulder....
Private Maggot Muncher
Created by Rozzy
The third Eagle of the month!

He likes war and maggots to go.

Two styles:-

'Armour Up'

Features morphs to allow him to talk along with Soldier's gibbering....
Samurai of Honor V3
Created by boomsta
A remake of one of my first items on the workshop! Check out the mod here for a multitude of replacements for the Soldier and Demo!

Soldier's Sash
Created by Evil_Knevil
Yes I used the Dictator movie as a reference, but NO it's not a tribute to the movie.

Part of the Dictator Pack.

Other items in the pack:

- Dictator's Dress Code (misc)
- Supressors Beard (misc...
The "Shogun's Guard"
Created by AyesDyef
Look alive Soldier! This isn't some dress up party! Put these shoulder pads on and scream in the face of your enemies!

What's that? It only covers one arm?
Tough luck Soldier, you'll get the other when I see blood on your sword!

Including paintable garb....
The Compatriot
Created by Populus

An Eagle friend for the Soldier.

Includes Jigglebones and LODs...
Dandy Yankee
Created by Svdl
Keep it up.
Scarf, collar, cuffs....
The Federal Fedora
This item has been added to the game under the name 'The Federal Casemaker'. Thanks everybody for rating!...
General's Attire
Created by Zoey

512x256 diffuse DXT5
512x256 normal DXT5
Paintability ( gold trim, not the buttons or belt )
LODs 0-1-2
Team colours
blah blah blah...

So yeah, a nice little opened jacket misc item for Soldier, inspired by military uniforms of the past and a few...
The Presidential
Created by Svdl
Fit for any future or pretend president.

The Skirmish Smoke
Created by Otec
A good and tasty sigar from Cuba. Like a Soldier's one in “Mann vs Machine” video....
Troubadour's Top Hat
Created by Manolo Legendre
You really don't want to look me in the eye!

This item is part of The One Man Band Set.

Check out forum for more:
Vamp Slayer's Vestments
Created by Jal
Part of the vampire killer set....
Wreath of Victory
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
*Originally submitted as all-class some months ago......
reserve supply style 2
Created by [BE]Snake
soldier needed more ammo, so he took his this badboy out of his locker

The Warbreaker
Created by JPRAS
The Warbreaker: Misc for the Soldier....
The Flap Jacket
Created by Bapaul
Every war veteran needs a good coat to keep his cold heart warm.

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Blaholtzen
Vertex normals and other thingies by Sexy Robot

Comes with full paintability and all that pretty stuff...
The Gangplank Garment
Created by Rozzy
Be the most feared Buccaneer of the Caribbean sea seeking unfoundly riches and plunder.

Paint enabled

Mod version here:
The Civil War Commander
Created by Gadget
The Civil War Commander

o Soldier Hat
o Paintable
o 3 LODs

I'm also working on a uniform which will be released at a later date.

New and improved version of this hat here:

The Defense Standard
Created by boomsta
This flak jacket has saved the Soldier more times than he count!

It has one lod at 540 tris, two diffuse texture, one normal map....
The Samurai Sensei
Created by Ertz™
"If someone is man enough to mess with you . . . ."
-team coloured
-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse and normal...
Flies Like Eagle
Created by Voodoo
It's illegal to shoot at Eagles.

Still people do it, so it's best to wear extra protection just in case.

Chief Run Amock gifted you with his prized breast plate after he saw you land on an eagle's back.
team colors, paintable, 3 lod's
The Boot Warmers
Created by Sky
Paintable leggings and combat boots for six classes. Loosely inspired by US canvas leggings used in WW2.


- Paintable!
- For Scout, Soldier, Demo, Heavy, Medic, Pyro (they don't fit convicingly over the legs of the sniper, spy or engineer...
Captain's Scarf
Created by multitrip
Adventures such as stealing this scarf....
Wrist Wrap-up
Created by Psyke
If you ask me.

The stitchjob that ol' roadside vet isn't as great as i thought initially.

Comes with lods!
Misc Compatable!
No more passing out due to blood-loss!

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture by Psyke...
Veteran's Warmer
Created by JPRAS
A soldier fur collar and scarf misc.

- Paintability;
- LOD 0, 1;
- Fancy looks!

Texture/Concept - Texman
Model - JPRAS
SFM Renders - 'R' DoubleTap...
The Military Mitters
Created by Maxxy
Simple mitters for soldier.

- Paintable!
- 3 LODs....
Marshal's Epaulette & Badge
Created by Tuna Melt
Settle any outstanding vendetta - and do it in style.


- You can download a mod version of this model here -

To Install - Copy the Materials.vpk and MarshalsEpaulette_*itemname*.vpk to y...
Doe's Duffle
Created by Zoey
25% extra warmth not guaranteed!

(Mann co. is not to be held liable for any less or more warmth provided and the consquences of said warmth, such as heat stroke or hypothermia)

- LODs 0 - 2
- Paintable
- Magical Unicorns
- Guff
- Normal map / Diffuse 25...
Muscle Sluggers
Created by AyesDyef
Arms designed for cracking hulls and crushing skulls, and occasionally smashing cars.

Combine these bulky muscles with the Marchrius Mousse!
Marshal's Epaulette v2
Created by Tuna Melt
Settle any outstanding vendetta - and do it in style....
Camo Commando
Created by JPRAS
A camo styled jacket for Soldier!

Comes with paint, 3 LODs and a new class emblem patch!