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Hot Button Deluxe - Arena of the Fittest
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May 10, 2018 @ 10:05am
Jun 23, 2020 @ 12:01pm
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Hot Button Deluxe - Arena of the Fittest

The "Survival of the Fittest"-Style Mod: Hot Button (Deluxe) - Arena of the Fittest

This mod adds a Hot Button (Deluxe) to the Game.
It is a "Survival of the Fittest"-Style-Mod, so you can play a SotF-like gameplay on a map and with the mods of your choice.
It is not completly finished yet, i am testing this mod before every new version, the Mod is stable, but some functions may change or be removed without warning during updates.
Eventually there are some bugs, so please report them in the bug-discussion-thread if you find them. :)

Please rate this mod if you like it!

Please Note:
This mod was made for BEAM's ARK ULTRA ARENA - thinking and creating a mod and a game-format takes some time. A 100% copy of "Beam's ARK ULTRA ARENA" game-format (on YT or Streaming-Services) is not welcome, so please think about creating your own format around this mod if you like to use it for that.
Here is a link to his YT-Channel: Beam

Content shown in the trailer
The shown dinos and/or items in some of the trailers are part of other mods like Eternal, Primal Fear, Speed Glider and so on.

General Informations
The Hot Button can't be crafted anyway.
You have to spawn the Hot Button by an admin command (see below) and place it on your map.
The Hot Button works a like a "Survival of the Fittest" Gamemode.
The owner can use the hole Settings interface and all functions ingame to customize the game flow.

It can be used for many gameplay reasons, like arena fight, fully automatic server mode, single arena mode, and everything you can imagine as PvP battle where one player has to push the button to win.
The goal is, that only the last man standing should be able to trigger the button, because everyone will attack him, if he gets near the button.
The way to get there, has many sideways, so lets get to the functions.

Included functions:
  • Timer events settings and automatic server restart / match automatic
    -> Fully adjustable Timer Settings for all Events
    -> Sphere shrink (sphere shrinks to the end size)
    -> Sphere offset (sphere moves to the destination)
    -> Time penalty (time to reenter the Sphere)
    -> Level check (sphere turns yellow)
    -> Player debuff (sphere turns red)
    -> Button pressable (push the button to win the match)
    -> Spawn as Spectator (players can't respawn anymore)
    -> Sudden Death (match draw)
    -> automatic "Sphere to map size" and "HBD-placement-point to sphere offset" calculation
    -> automatic server wipe and match restart (if finished or draw) with “wait for player login” delay timer and needed player check
    -> (Starter-)Sphere with match start automatic, vote to start and admin start now Button
    -> automatic match start if minimum player limit is reached
    -> Player-“God-Mode” inside the starter sphere for waiting players
    -> fully adjustable start items and amount (GameUserSettings.ini)
    -> SotF link start in the sky or random spawn on a random position inside the sphere
    -> manually match start without server wipe/restart possible by owners multi-use-entry’s
    -> full adjustable timers for every event - no prescribed order - fully customizable
    -> spawn point calculation for spawn in a circle in the air around the button or on fully random locations on the map inside the sphere
    -> respawn during the match on fully random locations on the map inside the sphere
    -> respawn as spectator if the event “spawn as spectator” is active
    -> (match-)sphere shrink and offset functionality during match with “button always in the sphere” calculation -> shrinking and offsetting in one step
  • save and load button for settings to save them to a local file on your server
  • Sphere Shield included
    -> Shrinking Sphere from Time to Time - Option
    -> Player debuff if they are outside the sphere - Option
    -> X/Y-Offset possible, see Settings-Interface
    -> pushes out lowies if they are in the Shield (toggleable)
    -> Pushes lowies if they want to enter (toggleable)
    -> kills Players with forbidden names (see GUS.ini - toggleable)
    -> adds a time-penalty for leaving Players during the Final (toggleable, Time adjustable)
    -> Color Change green = no Event, yellow = LevelCheck but no debuff, red = debuff
  • Everything can be RemonteControlled by Console Commands (see below)
  • Player timer and Connected/alive display in the upper left corner
  • Winners will automaticly added to the winners display (toggleable, editable)
  • The Owner can open a "Pop-Up" user-interface to edit all settings (see pictures)
  • Toggleable timer option to begin the timer at the next server start
  • The Owner can start the desired game mode
  • The Owner can start the final immediately, 3 seconds countdown
  • The match-state are automaticly saved every server-autosave with a delay of max 60sec, so if the server crashes the match will automaticly startup at the next restart
  • After the Servercrash/-restart it pops up an Message after 4min that the Timer was restored and how much time is left

I am sure i forgot something, but you will find out anyway ...

Under construction:

Known bugs:
none, if you find some, please report them!

Console Commands - Description:
Help - shows all commands ingame
Config - Opens the Interface
Start - starts the Timer
StartAutomatic - starts the match automatic
Final - tiggers the Final
Reset - resets the Button
ONS - toggle start the Timer "On Next Serverstart"
Win - you win the Final immediatly (you **** cheater ...)
Destroy - destroy the Button on your map
Goto - teleports you to the HBD

Console Commands - for Copy-Paste:
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonHelp
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonConfig
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonStart
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonStartAutomatic
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonFinal
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonReset
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonONS
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonWin
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonDestroy
Admincheat ScriptCommand HotButtonGoto

Insert this lines to add spawn items (no limit), you have to set the amount to your number of items, quality, equip and blueprint are optinal:

Insert this line to add forbidden playernames (note: use [HotButtonDeluxe] only once in the GUS.ini):

Spawn Command:
admincheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/HotButtonDeluxe/HBD/PrimalItemStructure__HBD.PrimalItemStructure__HBD" 1 0 0 false


If you want to support me or want to donate, feel free to use this button
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sT!ngA  [author] Sep 15, 2020 @ 10:45am 
Hey, hat Claiyc genau richtig erklärt. Es werden zusätzliche Beacons gespawnt, die Mapinternen werden nicht angefasst, aber mit in die Anzahl eingerechnet.
Die ganze Berechnung ist jedoch etwas aufwändiger da der Beacon nicht auf dem Wasser, in Höhlen, usw. usw. spawnen darf und die Spawn Anforderung eine genau XYZ-Koordinate der Map haben will, also noch ein paar Berechnungen wo der Boden genau ist.
Es gibt leider auch Maps wo das nicht so gut klappt weil der Map Ersteller sein "Ground" nicht korrekt deklariert hat oder in Höhlen auch Open-"Ground" festgelegt hat...
Claiyc Aug 28, 2020 @ 5:19am 
@Svenplayer57 Soweit ich weiß wird die Anzahl der standardmäßig spawnenden Beacons auf der Map nicht verändert. Der HotButton fügt einfach neue Beacons mit einer "zufällig" berechneten Position hinzu. Über die ingame Konsole gibt es dafür spawn commands ( z.B. summon SupplyCrate_Level03_C ), wie das innerhalb einer Mod umgesetzt wird kann ich allerdings nicht genau sagen. Vermutlich wird einfach innerhalb des normalen HBD-Execution-Flows ein Event getriggert was die Map Position des Beacons errechnet. Mit der Position als Parameter wird dann einfach ein ARK-internes SpawnBeacon -Event getriggert. Ich bin kein Modder aber so ungefähr stell ich es mir vor...
Svenplayer57 Aug 28, 2020 @ 5:09am 
Hallo sT!ngA. Wie genau bekommst du es über die Mod hin die Anzahl an Beacons zu ändern? Gibt es dafür irgendwelche Game.ini Settings die ich nicht kenne?
Und betrifft das auch die normal auf einer Map spawnenden Beacons oder nur welche mit zufälligen Spawnorten?
sT!ngA  [author] Jun 21, 2020 @ 4:54am 
danke danke
Frank Jun 21, 2020 @ 2:33am 
Moin, vielen Dank super nett von dir!
Mit ganz lieben Grüßen von der ganzen Community und mir.
sT!ngA  [author] Jun 20, 2020 @ 9:58am 
ist gefixed. Da war auch noch mehr kaputt, ich hab noch nicht verstanden was WC an dem Grundspiel geändert hat aufjedenfall haben sehr viele Punkte nicht mehr funktioniert (z.B. LateCommers Check, Limited Life, usw.)
Sollte alles gefixed sein
Frank Jun 18, 2020 @ 11:45pm 
Guten Morgen,

vielen Dank für deinen Einsatz, ist super nett von dir.
sT!ngA  [author] Jun 17, 2020 @ 11:59am 
sorry ich bin aktuell etwas abwesend, versuche das aber mal zu fixen.
Frank May 9, 2020 @ 9:28am 
@claiyc, es geht hier nicht um die Einstellung der Farbe, ich benutze schon über einen längeren Zeitraum diese Mod, früher war der Randbereich sehr deutlich zu erkennen, jetzt erkennt man diesen fast nur noch bei Nacht (...). Die Farbe wäre mir noch egal, wenn man die Sphere richtig erkennen würde.
Claiyc May 3, 2020 @ 2:25pm 
@Frank +1 , habe das selbe Problem. Es gibt leider keine Möglichkeit die Farbe einzustellen.