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Items (980)
Duncan's Hood
Created by Rozzy
Mail hood for the Demoman....
Rooty-tooty Chops
Created by Constructor
An old item I ran through the importer....
Singed Sanity[HQ]
Created by Killjoy™
A helmet with a shattered visor and wilting flower....
Le Shiv
Created by Karma^Pt
The ideal weapon for the Spy, demonstrating that he's capable of converting any household item into a deadly weapon...
It has a sharp and pointy blade for backstabs, and a razor for that extra clean cut!...
Kimono blossom | War paint
Created by davif
Made for the Journey to the East Community Contest!

Inspired by the traditional kimono and sakura blossom.

Follow my workshop!

Made by IDHAU/Dave...
The Wielded Love
Created by Rozzy
Kiss me...

Includes 4 paint-able love text styles:-

Created by Douchebag
Can be combine with Toilet splash sound....
Cleaners' Keyring
Created by TidMiste
Why can't I hold all of these keys? Now, there's a simpler way to hold onto your keys* with this handy hip-hanging keyring!

*Note: Keys not included.

This item is NOT paintable. I do not plan on making it paintable, simple because keys themselves are...
Action Mullet
Created by Pie_Savvy
Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the intelligence?...
The Flamer's Fiddle
Created by The Winglet
Serenade your enemies with beautiful Renaissance era music while their flesh sizzles away and they cling to their waning life.

Winglet- Animation, Rigging
Xb33- Model, texture
Pumodi- Music
Max The Swag Master- Concept

Loop starts at frame 80 ...
The Profane Puppeteer
Created by JPRAS
Brothers in arms...
The Oversized Optics
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Other sunglasses look like they're going to fall from your mask any minute? Some other sunglasses only available for other classes?!

Well, these are custom sunglasses for Pyro, featuring a metal frame with a hinge so they can be attached safely to your ...
Nuclear Fusion War Paint
Created by Kooby
(Ignore the KeyShot watermark on the preview)...
Perceptive Phosphorescence
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
It's not mad science until it starts emitting glowing radiation!

Teamcolored Engineer goggles with a glowing core. Look futuristic and dangerous at the same time!...
Eddy Potasium's Jive 'Stache
Created by Clouse
This stache is a replica of the Scout's hero- the lead singer of "King", Eddy Potassium! With this rockin' stache on your face, you're sure to make your foes "Chew the Dirt"!...
Lead-Eating Grin
Created by Kaymon95
Ya gotta eat lead and crap sparks!

Welder's mask and hardhat for Engineer, paintable

Concept art: OverlordLettuce
Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, LODs, rig: Kaymon...
Hovering Hardhat
Created by Sparkwire
Take over the skies, and whatever else you want! Everyone will bow down to you with this impressive display of dominance.

Hex: Animation, Promos
Grease Guzzler
Created by Pixenal
Sick of your overalls not having enough pockets for your 1 wrench? This shirt has not 3, but 2! Plus a questionably sanitised rag!

• Paintable!
• 3 LODs (Levels of Detail)
• Jigglebones (on the rag)
• 2 Styles

Created by Ducksink
Don't tell!

All class and paintable...
Winter Walkers
Created by ZoraKirby
"Walkin' in a winter wonderland!"

All class!

Saint Lombax: Concept Art
ZoraKirby: Models/Textures
Overpowered: SFM promo...
Minor Magus Sleeves
Created by Gigazelle
Disclaimer: Equipping this does not allow the Soldier to summon a Magic Missile tower....
Bard's Bristles
Created by Jukebox
+1 Charisma and +2 to Perform skill


Jukebox - Item
Dilly Dong - SFM
Beard of the Seven seas
Created by Ernest
Don't misslead me with the Ottoman joker

-normal map/model/texture/preview pic: Ernest

-facial flexes:Jpras

-sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona

-concept art/description/name:Earl de Darkwood...
Deep-sea Adventure.
Created by Douchebag
Adventurer's hat. Only red....
The Scotsman's Sea Legs
Created by Toad
Walk all over your foes with these stylish buckled shoes

Salty Sweater
Created by multitrip
Saltier than the sea itself....
Created by Douchebag
The Summer Submarine
Created by Batandy
Embark on a magical mystery trip across the sea of green with the Summer Submarine!

Floating misc, Paintable, Team Colored, 3 LODS...
The Sandy Back
Created by Snood 🍕
If you had left this at the beach the sea would have washed it away! Pyromaniacs can be architects too.

Comes with paintable flag and LODs....
Ardor Amigo
Created by Vipes
¡Venga y sea feliz y cante la canción de las llamas!

Check out the Charlatan's Cordobés here!

Get the mod here:
Soldier's Surveyor
Created by Freyja
Even on a good day bucaneering on the gravel sea, enemies are still all around.

With this trusty spyglass set, never be without the capability to look into it backwards and make your enemies appear tiny and insignifiant to your great strength.

If the...
The Confiding Crustacean
Created by slug
A faithful friend from the nearest sea. Pincers may or may not cause severe pain and loss of focus. Wear with caution.

Diffuse x512
Normal x512
2 LODs (1400, 700 tris)
Shoulder pet
All you could want in a ...
See No Evil
Created by CyanPlastic
War is blind

- Paintable...
Louis See. K
Created by AibohphobiA
Based on Louis from Left 4 Dead...
The All-seeing Loupe
Created by Bombzopple
Look at all the jewelry miscs. you have! ...or have a gander at the female pyro over there?

Reforged Visor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
See into the future!...
Le Spyclops
Created by El Burritoh
"The better to see you with, my dear."...
The French Horn-Rims
Created by CoBalt
I see...

- Paintable!
- Helps eyesight!
- 3 LODs!...
Bedside Manner
Created by Candor
Ze doctor vill see you now....
Camo Vision
Lets you see better in the thick shrubbery...
The Visor Vision
Created by CoBalt
I see clearly now.

- 2 LODs
- Paintable
- Hides your identity....
The War Front
Created by CoBalt
I don't see any snipers...

- Paintable
- Stealthy...
Created by ToxicWeasel
'OH HEY! It's a bloodeh ghost eye!! It sees ...EVERYTHING!!!'

Dynamite Detonator
Created by SMaestros
Explody thingy

If you wanna see how this was made watch the timelapse!...
Échapper Artiste

The idea that inspired to make this revolver is that spy needs fast switching revolver in case he got spotted or failed to infiltrate/backstab and needed to act fast to escape from that situation.

The current stats are just concept and vision of...
Pretty Princess
Created by Rurouni Sonic
Being this pretty is scary.

3 lods
jigglebone tassles
all class

A princess hat for every class...
The Kiddy's Kindler
Created by FissionMetroid101
When Pyromania was released, I was disappointed with the lack of kiddy secondary weapons, and always wanted to see one exist. After a dream I had a little under a week ago with this weapon in it, I have been designing and working on this item.

The knob ...
Temple Picker
Created by Pie_Savvy
See these rare temple bricks? Back in the shop they can easily go for $50 a dozen
And these Gems? A quick and easy $100 profit....
The Scarred Superior
Created by Colteh
Everyone on the frontlines will cower in fear when they see you with this villain-esque moustache and eye patch combo.
Darth Pyro
Created by ###unkno#wn##
You dont know the power of the dark side!...
Imperial Jade | War Paint
Created by RatX
Made for the Journey to the East Community Contest

Inspired by the ancient "imperial jade" discs

"Due to budget cuts to Mann Co.'s working force (which was found literally cut...
Field Pharma
Created by Pie_Savvy
Harvesting organs when out on the field has never been easier with this handy little kit!...
Swedish Nightmare
Created by Karma^Pt
A paintable long braided swedish style hair for Heavy...
Dancing Flame - Killstreaker
Created by ITstumbler
All shall hail those who carry teams to victory. Let the flames dance.

For higher quality GIFs:

Can't judge from the video and pictures yet? Why not use a mod to try it for yourself?

Stuffed Tsuchinoko
Created by Pie_Savvy
From the UMA hunters of the east to the Cryptozoologists of the west, many have debated the great question:

To eat the Tsuchinoko or not?...
Alcohol Abstract War Paints
Created by Rocketman909
Welcome To The Alcohol Abstract War Paints!

From Zuddles,

As an artist I develop pieces of art that intrigue, inspire, challenge and delight. I transform seemingly normal into different views and give mystery and inspiration to the abstrac...
Ancient Artifact Warpaint
Created by Pixel
Glowey weapons you found in the ruins of a forgotten civilization.
Who built them?...
Comical - War Paint
Created by rabscootle
Absolutely comical....
Coat of Harm
Created by Ducksink
put this on and get into the battlefield and maybe your subjects will like you..I hardly believe they will..

A celtic fur lined armor+cape! paintable! 2 styles!
Philanthropic Philtrum
Created by Ducksink
The right to bare lips
A beard! with a golden tooth!
The Family Jewels
Created by Ducksink
be fashionable or its over for you

fur lined sleeves+rings!
The Celtic Nut
Created by Ducksink
The crows dig it

A demoman shield...
The Bold Baron
Created by Ducksink
the sheer reflection has been said to blind troops behind the enemy lines

hair and crown! dyeable! has flexes!
Cod Cap
Created by blueNES
Made for fishermen, hijacked by commies!

- Paintable

- All Class

Mod Download[]
The Mann V2
Created by Constructor
Redone texture, imported

Usable by all classes MANNLY enough....
Aquatic Infiltrator
Created by Barlim
Made this a while ago, resubmitting to the new system.

Comes with 2 styles, "mask up" and "mask down". Also paintable, so that's something....
The Open Surgeon
Created by Rozzy
It can get a little hot practicing medicine in the dusty chasms of Dustbowl....
Señor's Sombrero
Created by Colteh
Even comes with complementary facial hair....
Bomber's Beer Reserve
Created by drew
Drinking made easy.

Model - Drew
Texture - Pie_Savvy
Concept - Square, Greg
Promos - Greg...
BadBoy's Board 2.0
Created by Populus
BadBoy's Board 2.0...
Lieutenants Lemonade
Created by Rantis
There is nothing more American than an ice cold lemonade on a hot summer's day.

The cap is paintable....
Stainless Steel Stock Pot
Created by Pie_Savvy
Soldier felt something one day that wasn't bloodthirst or commie-hate after seeing heavy donating a hat to medic, so he decided to give medic one of his trusted rocketjumping helmets.

In retrospect Soldier was probably just trying to get medic to do the...
Conspiracy Protection
Created by jesse-the-human
It's time that TF2 gets a TFH! This is a standard issue tin foil hat that's guaranteed to stop enemies from reading your brain waves (but it won't stop bullets). Now, I know what you're thinking... but I wouldn't if you had one one of these!...
Dinner time
Created by KamiRidao
Dinner time - melee weapon for soldier!...
Purple Rain
Created by Mephist
Time to kill...

Mephist - particles
Hex - promotional work...
Retro :: War Paint V2
Created by PJ
I decided to do some reworks of my earliest war paint, retro (vector). I hope you like the new version!

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)

old version
Cutting Edge Style
Created by Wolfenstein
Every now and then, great people achieve success, pushing boundaries, breaking the limits, reaching the next level. This girl was no expeption, marking a new age of graphical beauty and passion for adventure!!

"Look at those graphics!!!" - Some Random Dud...
Retro Burst :: War Paint (alternative)
Created by PJ
Same design as Retro but with team colors!

(I used Carpet Bomber to test the War Paint)...
Sponge War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
Haunted Eye
Created by Overflow
Weapon Skin for Team Fortress 2...
Skilful Liar
Created by KamiRidao
Skilful Liar - Yes, it definitely does not hurt. Ah ha ha!...
Eye for an Eye
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
So you’re saying your eye got possessed by an evil book and turned it into a floating, eye rocket shooting abomination of supernatural death and destruction?... okay, well, I’d advise you wear this until we find you a suitable replacement....
Sieger's Straps
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Tactical jacket for Demo....
Stealthy Slacks
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Tactical trousers for Demo....
Backsword (updated)
Created by Coolchou Zhao
Need a backup? Here's a sword!

alright I madse it smaller...
The Snug Saboteur
Created by Sargent_Jode
A knitted festive present from the Scout's mother. Yes, it's embarrasing and yes it's a knitted jumper, but it keeps the spy warm..... and really annoys the Scout!!

Four different jumper styles
Two Lods
Extra Precaution
Created by AGStanley
It doesn't hurt to plan ahead.

Medic hat, "The Extra Precaution."
4 LOD Models, RED and BLU team textures and SPEC.

Made with Maya 2011, Photoshop and Illustrator....
Extra Large Fan Support
Created by ZOAG
Do you want to cheer your team on? Well, what better way to do that than to wave a giant foam hand around, saying how great your team is? How about being able to whack the members of the enemy team with said foam hand to weaken their morale and boost the c...
pyrana's flipper
now the water will be less safe with extra speed...
Rubber Fingerbox
Created by Napy Da Wise
Box of extra gloves, in case of emergency.
Kitsunetsuki v2
Created by Yikes

Model by Yikes
Texture by Vap
SFM by Hotrod
Concept by Extra Ram...
Netherworld Newsie
Created by Yurka
Extra! Extra! Disgaea's coming to Steam in February!

Most prinnies either end up in the Netherworld or Celestia. Then again, most prinnies get sleek, new, explosive bodies for their trouble. Obviously Mann Co. is holding out on you....
Professional's Anti-Ambush Mask
Created by Mrdude
Freak out those spies with an extra set of eyes in the back of your head >:D...
Markers Shade
Created by M3anBONE
Headshots come easy with an extra pair of eyes.

LOD1 - 1284 Tris
LOD2 - 687 Tris

Diffuse + Normal...
The No Smoking Chine
Created by SgtR007
Pyro has never really had a very good head on his shoulders.

Jiggleboned for extra gore!...
Augustan Angler
Created by Zipfinator
Keeps your head dry on those extra wet fishing expeditions. Or not, because it's made of cloth.

Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
Fashionable Fire-Arm
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
"You always need some extra ammo on the battlefield"

Misc for scout
Not paintable

I also have a steam group wich you can join here: [url] []...
The Australian Arrow Man
Created by DrSlowking
Wearing extra padding dosen't stop swords, it just makes sure you don't die from the first extremly painful strike. Same when it comes to bullets.

It's paintable so you can run around in a bright pink vest....
The Huntsman's Helper
Created by Merczy
"Everyone needs a little extra fire in their arrows!"

-It has LODs!

-It's Paintable!

-It's the cutest damned thing on Earth!

*Thanks to my good friend Original Name for the SFM shots.

Changes as of 03/22/13:
-Fixed smoothing

-Fixed LODs...
The Appalling Appendages
Created by Gryoss
Pyro seems to have sprouted some extra hands. Oh well, the more hands to lock people inside barns with, the better!

- Absolutely NO paintability!
- 3 LODs

Coming soon - Night of the Living Update 2
Part of the "Literally, a Firebug" Set....
The Skater's Slacks
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Does not feature any extra protection against being maimed by skating related accidents.


Doe's Duffle
Created by Zoey
25% extra warmth not guaranteed!

(Mann co. is not to be held liable for any less or more warmth provided and the consquences of said warmth, such as heat stroke or hypothermia)

- LODs 0 - 2
- Paintable
- Magical Unicorns
- Guff
- Normal map / Diffuse 25...
Contractor's Cut
Created by Vulgarman
A cut above the rest. And a smash. Slam. Whack. Jab. And a couple of bullet wounds for good measure. Searing pain is extra, but we have a deal for you on internal or external hemorrhaging, your choice!...
Corpsman's Companion
Created by Psyke
The good doctor didn't have the heart to dispose of the spare test units.

So now he goes about his daily routine with an extra set of eyes watching out for him....
The Critical Call Box
Created by Finnigan
The Critical Call Box. Some emergency situations call for quick thinking and a level head. Some call for extra help and a second opinion. Some call for pizza.

And don't forget the anchovies this time....
Blockhead's Blinkers
Created by Mnemo
You're a nerd, Harry!

Includes paint functionality, two LODs and bonus acne. Order now and receive a lifetime supply of virginity at no extra cost....
Bright Idea
Created by /FSnC\ Forte ∅
It can get boring tending to sentries all day. Put that extra brainpower to use!...
Created by tso
- team-coloured
- top and spiral illuminated
- spiral spins
- 2 extra lod's

download (replaces Scrap Pack) -

edit - better video! yay for Scrap Pack!...
The Enemy's Leftover V2
Created by +HyperVolt+
A better use for a gun.

Played with the textures a little to match
TF2's texture style.

Added the extra barrel to the broken side
of the gun.

Download link - {LINK REMOVED}...
The Bottlecap Battlecap
Created by CoreVixen
Show Your comrades that you have moved a large bulding with only the power of helium and landed it next to a landmark several thousand miles away by wearing this Badge. Or you could simply burn the building down and buy a drink afterwards.
Now with the ex...
Toothkickers for the Engineer
Created by The Ronin
Engineer version.
Uses the same materials as the originals.
Wearable with the engineer spurs.

To people asking why this was not made for the engie in the first place; we had a different engineer item which was the cowboy chaps. We also felt tha...
Southern Courage
Created by MintyBanana
Chicken hat I made a few months ago. The idea behind it is that the engineer is always hiding behind his tools to do the work for him. This chicken, which he took with him from Texas as a bit of extra courage.
The Building Block
Created by Digital Ninja
An Engineers good luck charm, Never leave the base without it!

A remake of an old item of mine, mainly because my skills have improved that I decided to remake it, I've scrapped the extra styles and fixed the placement and physics, as well as the mode...
The Vengeful Ventriloquist V2
Created by Teh_Doorman
A submission I been wanting to make for a while, Its been a while but its done, improvements will come in due time. Thanks for taking the time to vote and look at this item. Paintable bowtie.

custom descp.

Shades of night are creeping, willow tre...
Tribal War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
Created by AibohphobiA
"Ze Medigun? I guarantee, it is absolutely safe, mein friend! Haha!"...
Serious Eye (for Spy)
Created by Tora
Scout's mom will love it!...
Gilded Gauntlets
Created by Jukebox
The tassles mean it's fancy.

Paintable wrist cuffs and tassles.

Jukebox: Item
Bloodfart: SFM promos

Other items in the set

Bavarian Baron
Outback Outcoat
Created by The Ronin
Strap redesign
Quiver redesign
smooth and cool

Model, Rigging and Texture by Ronin
Model and Concept by Zoso
Previews and thumbnails by Jzeeba...
Created by invisibleStuff
Creative name right?
Anyways this is supposed to be a new weapon for the Engineer; passive use.
Although this could still be a Misc.

*Standard 512x512 texture
*Team colors

Any feedback or name suggestions would be very much appreciated....
Plaid-Clad Practitioner
Created by Sky
Casual medic wear.
Paintable pattern.

Concept by Ram
Model/Texture by Sky
Texture by Psyke
Promos by Tabby...
Field Medic Finery
Created by Kaymon95
See the medical band? Means I'm important.

Field medic armband, undershirt, and epaulettes. Paintable.

SFM promos: Hex
Model, textures: Kaymon...
Rally Cap Blues
Created by Kaymon95
It's been one of those days...

Softcap for Medic, paintable camo

SFM promos: Hex
Model, texture: Kaymon...
Ridden | War Paint!
Created by DryDoctorEgg
Heavy's been to work......
Babby Fortress | War Paint!
Created by DryDoctorEgg

BLU & RED Babby variants....
Dynasty War Paint
Created by dC^
Made for Journey to the East

Inspired by asian ornaments. Made for both teams.
I hope you like it.
Created by Overflow
Weapon skin for Team Fortress 2.

Available in Yellow and Green colors....
Tamahagane 玉鋼 War Paint
Created by dC^
Made for Journey to the East

Tamahagane (玉鋼) is a type of steel made in the Japanese tradition. It is used to make katanas. Warpaint itself is inspired by katana.

I hope you like it.

Aborigine War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
Family Mann
Created by Yikes
it seems today......
The New Zealand Newsboy
Created by A_Guardian
You've got to cover you head in order to farm. It's just impossible to do so otherwise....
Vroomvroom Juju
Created by Gigazelle
Only the finest metal hats come with exhaust pipes and sprockets.

Made for the Canteen Crasher community event....
Battle Boppers
Created by Harry
Wear these jiggly deeley boppers to your next battle, war or any other form of large scale conflict.

Concept by Square

Promos by Dilly

Everything else by Harry...
Lunar Legend War Paint
Created by Pixel
This is a history accurate (or not) reproduction of the technology found on the lost continent of New Zealand (or not) (cf TF2 comic)
In doubt, blame it on Merasmus!

Includes BLU,RED,neutral and glow-in-the-dark runes.
metallic maze
Created by Pitchumi
Originally a skin planned for the Mayann project in 2016. I decided to adapt it as a War Paint. It comes with a black and brown palette....
Cute Topper
Created by Coolchou Zhao
Wanna fancy up your pants? Well this hat can just do that!...
The Sneaky Feet .V2
Created by The Winglet
After decades of research, leading scientists discovered that running and yelling is actually not the most effective method of remaining undetected.

For the first time ever, experience the art of stealth in a cutting edge new form- walking slightly slowe...
The Fiery Flamenco
Created by Hypo
¡Venga y sea feliz y cante la canción de las llamas!


Hypo - All animation, promo poster, workshop thumbnail, backpack icon
Petachepas - Model, concept
Vipes - Concept

(Music is used only for promotional material ...
Squeaky-clean Scrubbed War Paint
Created by Pixel
Give the gift of cleanliness with this giant soap bar.
Take a shower,hippie!...
Poleyn & Pantaloons
Created by Kaymon95
Protect your pelvis in style

Paintable pants with faulds and poleyn for Soldier

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, rig: Kaymon...
Texas Truckin'
Created by Populus
Nothing bestows divine power over your crops quite like a tractor.

Populus - Animation
Donhonk - Model
Square - Concept
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Intro 0-70
loop 70-400
Outro 400-466
The Mine Mann
Created by tasoki
Punk Panther
Created by Ducksink
An indetermant hairdo that does not abide to social rules
Medic and engineer
Gears of gravel war | War Paint
Find out what really grinds your gears....
Landsknecht's Formal
Created by Kaymon95
For only the most foppish fighters, or the nuttiest knights

Paintable Landsknecht-style armor and weapons for Soldier

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, rig: Kaymon...
The Sound of Progress
Created by Anomidae
Progress comes in all shapes and sounds - and it takes only the most patient of men to lead the charge of progress. An eloquent composer can make even the most dire battles feel even more dire, because he's not really helping out much to begin with. at lea...
Incognito War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)
Splatter War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I hope you enjoy it :)...
The Crowd Controller
Created by Spike Nitros
Watch out for bats

Mod Download

Paintable Riot control helmet for Demo, Soldier and Pyro....
Colossus Cap
Created by blueNES
"Try not to bump that thick head of yours while leaving the plane"



Concept - Extra Ram
Model - blueNES
Texture / SFM - Cobalt

Mod Download[]

Sea Legs
Created by Kowalo
Model/Texture: Kowalo
Concept: Metabolic
Promos: Hex...
Black Label Bomber
Created by Yikes
Royale War Paint
Created by 11it
This is a rework and reupload from an older war paint.
I made some significant changes in this remake to submit it for the Journey to the East contest.

I hope you enjoy it :)
Blazing Hero
Created by Pie_Savvy
Taking Hero Syndrome to the next level....
The Uncivil Protector
Created by Spike Nitros
Stay anonymous

Mod Download

Paintable Riot control gas mask for Demo, Soldier and Pyro....
Varsity Vest
Created by blueNES
"Utrinque Paratus"

- 3 LODs

- Paintable

Concept - Extra Ram
Model / Rigging- blueNES
Texture / SFM - Cobalt

Mod Download[]
Torched Tengu
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
For Journey to the east[]

Texturing, Lowpoly fixing - Pie_savvy
Concept art, Initial base model - Overlord Lettuce
Highpoly, lowpoly model - Strno8
SFM art - Dilly
Arnhem Attire
Created by blueNES
Don't go putting rocks into those pockets. Might cause some unnecessary extra weight.

- 2 LODs

Concept - Extra Ram
Model / Rigging- blueNES
Texture / SFM - Cobalt

Mod Download[]

Corsair Cowl
Created by Kowalo
Model/Texture: Kowalo
Concept: Metabolic
Promos: Hex...
Created by Kowalo
Model/Texture: Kowalo
Concept: Metabolic
Promos: Hex...
Created by Yikes
Blast Man Standing
Created by Yikes
Smokin' Slacks
Created by Pie_Savvy
Make sure nothing gets in the way of running through charred remains....
Life Cutters
Created by Pie_Savvy
This baby will peel 'em like an orange.
...Lets see what it does to a real orange.

Comes with jigglebones!...
The Star Spangled Shroud
Created by DatGmann
DatGmann - Models, Textures & Promos
Square - Concept Art
NeoDement - Rigging & Jigglebones

Gaelic Genshu
Created by FiveEyes
"While you studied the blade I studied the bottle"

- Team Colored
- Shattered Bodygroup

FiveEyes: Model
Pie_Savy: Texture
Hotrod: Promos
Hatguy: Idea...
Cyan love
Created by Frozen / Lilla
pretty colors...
The Fist Bump!
Created by Hypo
The Fist Bump, scientifically proven to be the coolest and most hygienic greeting to ever grace the battlefield!
Punch the fists of friends and foe alike with this brand new partner taunt!!

[Technical Info / Note...
Primed Directive
Created by Svdl
A stubby little launcher for the Demoman, with a side mounted display and other technological marvels.

Display changes messages after every shot.
Custom grenades.
4 Lods....
Frontier Psychiatrist
Created by donhonk
He's not qualified, but he's a good listener!

Beard works with AND without hair! And vice-versa!...
Freudian Slipover
Created by donhonk
He's not qualified, but he's a good listener!

Beard works with AND without hair! And vice-versa!...
Created by maniac™
Not supposed to work as a regular cosmetic hat!
The idea is explained on the chalkboard, please read it.

Thank you for all the comments and votes!
Lóng Shot
Imperial protector and warrior...
Unusual Effect: knowledge
Created by Cheesypuff
Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things?...
The Pooped Deck
Created by Mall
Spend the hottest days in the Badlands drinking away in the comfort of your poolside chair. (Pool not included)

Mall - Animation, promos
NeoDement - Text...
The Heckler
Created by Momo
The perfect passive-aggressive tool in any political rally, standup routine or Bob Dylan concert.

Momo: modeling the model and texturing the texture
DJB2401: rendering the renders and screen shooting the screenshots
Extra Ram: concepting th...
Mission Impasse
Created by Marco Mineral Warg
Take charge of the traffic flow by making the road to the fight safer to cross. (Results may vary)

Technical Info
This taunt is intended to loop, meaning the animations 'intro', 'mouse1' and 'mouse2' would be followed up by the 'loop' animatio...
Celtic Guard
Created by Blight
And not the set is complete...!Since we have the arab set going onm,working just fine! I made a new concept helmet for the eyelander set!
2 lods textured,modeled,uv mapped by that raging homo Blight...
French Manicure
Created by SpringSeabastial
A weapon i made for Spy. The name is a play on the name of the real-life weapon this was based on, the real-life name being French Nail....
Created by Ducksink
Don't get stuck inside the door.

A spec ops balaclava mask with a headset for Soldier, Heavy and Demoman. Paintable!

Concept by Square...
Scorchy the Whale
Created by Pie_Savvy
It's Paradise Pier's Scorchy the Whale!
The lovable giant plushie mascot that all the kids want that they can't have after the arson attack....
Cracky Pop Bottle
Created by NewClarion
Destroy your teeth, then your foes.

A bottle for the Demoman. It's got readable text and a shattered version model.

SFM version here:
The French Resolution
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Stay classy; shoot classier.

*A spy flintlock revolver gun!

*Available for mod download[]...
Murderer's Motif
Created by DeR‎osaJ
For a shady man.

*Paintable hat band

*Available for mod download[]...
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Exposé a little.

*Paintable lace

*Available for mod download[]...
Lug-nut Lockjaw
Created by Sky
Concept and promos by Greg, models and textures by Sky.

Paintable, jaw has facial flexes....
Bandit's Boots
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Tread heavily.

*Paintable belts

*Available for mod download[]...
Neon Golf
Created by Krystal Disc
For all your glow in the dark needs....
Warpaint | Amethyst & Dark Ruby
Created by Rocketman909
Before continuing, we highly recommend you read the discussion that is posted within the item. It will explain a lot!

A gem inspired design, to fit the theme of BLU vs RED, These skins will not only represent the beauty of Amethysts and Da...
Plate Peacock v2
Created by AyesDyef
A study helmet with the look of the exploding rear of a Peacock! This'll be sure to turn heads and tails alike....
Templars Tabard v2
Created by AyesDyef
Whilst no longer sporting a fashionable Celtic cross across your torso, the strong smell of alcohol remains....
Gaelic Gauntlets v2
Created by AyesDyef

noun: gauntlet; noun: gantlet
1. go through an intimidating or dangerous crowd, place, or experience in order to reach a goal.

Oh, wrong definition? The pathway of explosions and giblets of thine enemies says otherwise....
Trooper War Paint
Created by Gimi
Spitfyre War Paint
Created by Gimi
Huey Machine Gun
Because I mistook Isaac Newton Lewis, the inventor of the Lewis Gun, for Huey Lewis, the American musician whose music Heavy enjoys listening to on the battlefield.

Models and Textures by WingDing
Concept Art by ^q^ king killer...
Happy Chappy
Created by Sky
Happy Happy!...
Beefed Jerk
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Swole is the goal, size is the prize, it's gains o' clock dumbass...
Surfin' Shades
Created by Kowalo
Catch some waves...
Koi Pond War Paint
Created by ji-me
A Koi Pond themed war paint for Journey to the East...
Nightsky War Paint
Created by 11it
Can you see the stars?...
Chemical Burner
Created by Bergholt BadGyver
"Keep all those nasty burning chemicals from melting your lungs with this handy protective mask!"*

*Product may contain burning chemicals

Concept - Square
Model - Petachepas
Rigging - JZeeba

Dusk And Dawn War Paint
Created by hiriz
A simple team colored war paint

This is one of my first war paint that i made,so i would appreciate some feedback.
The Clout Cap
Created by Kaymon95
Ya got clout, boy??

Paintable cap and a pair of sunglasses. All-class.

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures: Kaymon...
The Lóng Face
Created by ToxicWeasel
Submitted for the Journey to the East project.

Although this dragon doesn't breathe fire.. the flamethrower it is holding does!

Staller's 'stache
Created by tasoki
Fighting for your life is a decent excuse for not maintaining your face....
Dust Cloak
Created by Sky
Useful against dust, sand and freezing desert nights.
Less useful against bullets and radiation.

Survivalist's Satchels
Created by Sky
Keeps seeds and any nifty organs you find lying around safe.
Also your shins.

Wasteland Wrap
Created by Sky
Keeps the sand out and would be great for hiding your identity if you weren't the only mercenary wearing a long pale trenchcoat.

Disco Domination
Created by Mr.Goober
Ever wanted to go back to the 80's?

Here I have made a disco theamed warpaint and its team colored!

Red starts with a hot pink and ends with red.
Blu starts with a deep purple and ends with blue.

Hope you guys like it and vote for it!...
Show-off's Finger Guns
Created by Andy Thybo
If you ever wondered how ripped jeans are made: this is how....
Created by Coolchou Zhao
A really big firework strapped to your back, nothing dangerous to see here!

Made for Journey to the East contest:
Artist's Arsenal War Paint
Created by Pixel
Take your brushes and Splat your opponents with this painting equipment!
Includes bristles,canvas,custom wear patterns and paint splatters!
The weapon gets paints splotches as wear goes up!...
Radical Sticky Paper WarPaint
Created by Teli
Over 90 stickers split between three warpaints, over a month and half of effort put into the stickers....
Interceptor's Intercom
Created by drew
There are two things necessary for a sound strategy, style and communication. Now anybody can be a skillful mercenary with the Interceptor's Intercom. Some idiot cooped up in a room somewhere once said that actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’...
Gassy Glutton
Created by boomsta
Battle Baggage
Created by boomsta
Battle Royale fit.

models, textures - boomsta
concept - meta
promos - hex...
Created by Big Bob
Model and textures by Big Bob
Concept and promo help by Extra Ram
Promos by Hotrod McCoolguy and FiveEyes

Click here to download the mod![]...
The Servicemann | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Using this War Paint is basically cheating cause your enemies won't see anything....
Created by Big Bob
Model and textures by Big Bob
Concept and promo help by Extra Ram
Promos by Hotrod McCoolguy and FiveEyes

Click here to download the mod![]...
Created by Sexy Space Spinach
A little known fact about turtles is that they have an uncanny ability to find their way to the nearest battlefield, whether it's on foot or in a pocket.


Model & Textures by Sexy Space Spinach
Promos by DJB2401...
Support Sticky Paper
Created by Teli
The hip new invention, now supporting.. supporting classes!...
Company Issued v2
Created by Teli
Updated to be the perfect skin for beginners....
Fiesta Chowdown
Created by Teli
Have a fiesta with one of your favorite meals!...
Big-Time Bayou
Created by Teli
After a hearty breakfast, make your way through the marsh with these trusted local weapons. Take me home, swampy road....
Hornet | War Paint
Created by lyndon
After binging both of the Mirrors Edge games I knew I had to make this War Paint....
Shogun Gunshow - War Paint
Created by void~
Once again, you are free to smite the world as you've done in days long past....
Caesar Dressed - War Paint
Created by void~
Hail to the King, baby....
Sleazeball's Strut
Created by Nonamesleft
Make the ladies cringe with this strut inspired by the best movie scene of all time!


Technical Info:

Taunt moves the same speed as the conga.

Loop frames: 0-300
Action frames: 301-417
Action + Loop: 301-717...
Created by drew
Peep it out with the Spyclops and see the world in a whole new light. Show up to high class functions wearing these stylish goggles because fashion, much like the battlefield, is an ever-changing, volatile, beautiful medium.

Model/Mats by drew
Promo b...
Tactical Threads
Created by drew
Looks that could kill.

Model by Drew
Materials by OverPovered
Concept by Metabolic
Promos by Tabby...
Crook's Cap
Created by drew

Model by drew
Materials by NeoDement
Concept by Square
Promo by Dilly...
Honored armor
Evil's grasp chokes the past, present and future...
Brute's Braces
Created by drew
A look that'll make your foes drop dead.

Model by drew
Materials by NeoDement
Concept by Square
Rig by OverPovered
Promo by Dilly...
Combat kabuto
Years have past, but i do not age...
Plated posterior
Gotta get back, back to the past...
Basement Dweller
Created by Fruit
Lounge around a subterranean refuge in the comfiest jumpsuit you've ever worn with the Basement Dweller. Set the world on fire with your fashion sense, even though you don't want to. If you want to embrace the fact you're going to die a virgin, you might a...
Overhealed | War Paint
Created by PrairieChilla
I healed zuh man who vill kill you!


Replaces Bonk Varnished war paint...
Schizoid Mann V2
Created by OverPovered
Dunning-Kruger effect is just a four letter word. It's time to wake up and smell the foul stench of reptilian blood as it pollutes the minds of our beautiful America. Pull the wool from over your eyes, stop drinking the water, and wear this hat.

Highway Star
Created by Evan
[October 25th] Update: Removed unused bone from rig
Sunday Vest
Created by Sky
A more casual alternative shirt slot item we made to go with the Sleuth's Shade.

Concept/Model/Textures by Sky, Promos by Tabby

Stormy Sea - War Paint
A sea themed war paint...
Rowdy Rifle
Created by Ertz™
"They live? Not for much longer."

Shotty for engineer, pyro, soldier and heavy....
Ticket to Ride
Created by Evan
[October 25th] Update: Cleaned up the skin weights and removed unused bone from rig
Dirty Jeans for Dirt Cheap
Created by Evan
[October 25th] Update: Removed unused bone from rig
Corn Cloud
Now you too can take your snack on the go!...
Famous Flashes
You too can be famous, handsome and blind with this new unusual effect!

This unusual effect somes in 6 Variants:
Caustic Celebrity (Green)
Celebrity Glamour (Pink)
Disco Descent (Rainbow)
Famous Flashes (White&Gold)
Final Flash/Paparazzi Party (Pu...
Nostalgic Nights | War Paint
Created by PrairieChilla
Bring back those nostalgic themes to TF2 by spraying that look onto all of your weapons! Every skin comes with a sticker that appears every time!


Skin replaces Park Pigment war paint...
Renegade Rag
Created by NeoDement
A camo headband and hair that looks different on all 3 classes!

Style 1 paints the headband, style 2 paints the hair.

Lotus Lazured Warpaint
Created by Pixel
Medic fell in pond
Went back to base at once
Pretty freakin' wet.

An entry to the "Journey to the East" contest....
The Bottle Cap
Created by Ducksink
Are you a soda loving merc? send 2,400,203 bottle caps over yonder and you might just get into the big Bonk! merch raffle! the winner gets a hat.

Hat+Headset+dogtag case, 2 styles, paintable
Concept art by Square....
The Escort Drone
Created by Sbro
Upvote the Mann&Co.'s latest release: THE ESCORT DRONE!

It's known that engineers are in love with turrets and their shapes but, unfortunately, they're heavy and unable to move by theirselves... but what about a drone?!
Enjoy Mann&Co.'s latest techno...
The Elemental Maniac
Created by Sir Limesalot
Oh boy! After you farmed that pesky level 72 Skin case boss, you finally get it! A legendary shock element rocket launcher! The Norfort!

Renders and artwork by Rytugamer
Pattern and Skin by Sir Limesalot...
Bread Polished
Created by BenCo
"A bread-themed war paint inspired by the pizza polished war paint."...
Warlock's War Wok
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Keep your gasmask to the right temperature all the time!

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
Torching Teamaker
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Tea is better served hot, and if it's over 100 degrees celsius, even better.

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
Sensei's Secrets
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Contains a set of secret recipes for roasting enemies.

* Paintable scroll
* Replaces grenades

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
Trip camo | War paint
Created by davif

Follow my workshop!...
Crew Commander
Created by NeoDement
Being a sea captain ain't an easy job, but at least this hat has a nice shiny badge!
Wrinkled Rifleman
Created by NeoDement
I guess you could say... he's an Old Zealander.

Compatible with hats and beards and stuff!
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Y'all need to understand.. I don't use bots!.. But.. I did make this one..'

Riichi Wrapped - War Paint
Created by FLUDDGrotto
This is my submission for the 2018 Journey to the East contest....
Hat of war
Sign of authority of the ring of honor...
Strategist's stache
White hairs of wisdom and war crimes...
Shifu suit
General's wardrobe of war and fighting...
Repeating crossbow
Ultimate auto reload for fast enemies...
Shakegi shooter
Ancient way to defend the empire from uncertain attackers...
Kusarigama cutter
Elemental tool for break in and cut out...
Headstrong band
Said to be from the hidden village of the wrench...
Drunken master
He who controls the balance and the strength of the agitated body can harness the energy of the spirit...
Silent steps
The art of intonjutsu requires the practicallity of concealment...
Jian jouster
The blade of a thousand slices go smooth in the flesh...
Fearful manchu
Has all the majong on his sleeves, don't try to outsmart him...
Mysterious mantle
Not the keen eye can discover the tricks of the asian mann...
Ka-boom fighter
Everybody was Ka-boom fighting
those charges were fast as lightning
in fact was a little bit prancing
but they fought with expert targing...
Shinobi sweater
The shinobi cannot leave a trace and its uniform erases the trail...
Sugary Spectacles
Created by Puinguin
“If you eat one’s eyes but they just happen to be cookies, would the act be considered cannibalism?”

3 Lods
Pastel Watercolour
Created by santumerino
Soft colours for soft mercs....
Kung fu pounder
Feel the lightning and the thunder...
The Catcher's Companion
Created by Corvalho
Old rivalries never seem to go away


- 2 Styles
- 3 LODs
- Jigglebones
- Paintability
- Team specific birds
- Possible bird poop on your shirt...
Dragon warrior
The universe knows the one when explodes in a ball of fire...
Gunpowder tube
Capable of summon a monsoon of arrows and vanquish the charging enemies from the northwest...
Poser's ponytail
Hope they don't see right though me...
Travel size troublemaker
Indestructible guardian of naughty souls...
Hasty armor
Ladies love them wearing armor...
The Nipper Slippers
Created by nuggetboi
Slip your feet into these nipper slippers and he'll nibble your feet off gently.

Big ol' shark slippers inspired by drunk googling "funny shoes."...
Kuzi kicks
Worthy of alot of practice kicking the tea cans...
Incendiary and explosive portable cannon...
High Cal Hinawaju
Created by Pixenal
Who ever said you can't teach an old gun new calibres!

• Team colored
• 3 LODs (Levels Of Detail)

Submission for the Journey to the East community contest....
Australium Gold Buildings
Australium Buildings for all your defensive needs!

Mod files download:

The mod replaces all of the buildings textures in order to add some australium bits and bobs (the team c...
The Tokamak
Created by Barno
A tokamak (Russian: токамак) is a device that uses magnetic field to confine plasma in the shape of a torus.

Wondering how we got a class-5 plasma caster licensed for military use are you? Well... We technically didn’t, we had to m...
The Incognito Imbecile
Created by ShaunOfTheN00bs
Submission for TF2Maps' Journey to the East[]

Ah, the tengai. The hat of choice of both the dignified komuso monks and occasionally the mysterious ninja, prized for its ability to divorce oneself of ego and iden...
Raging Bull
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
As the violence and temper that leads him to the battle....
Panamanian Practitioner
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
Sun, sea, sand and cigars. The 4 leading causes of death during surgery....
The Lifeguard
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
Uber is not a suitable substitute for sunblock....
Dragon Storm | War Paint
Created by 11it
Our last submission for the Journey to the East contest, we hope you enjoy it :)

Designed for Journey to the East contest.
Wind Breaker
Created by Koost
Blow not only the heat of the battle, but also the limbs of your fallen enemies!

Created for the journey to the east contest....
Goatee of War
Created by Big Bob
Model and textures by Big Bob
Concept by Greg
Promos by Tabby...
The Beach Boy
Created by Sir Limesalot
Get your towels, sun screen and some friends! Because this summer will be hot!

Now with RED Version!

Secondary Pattern by Sir Limesalot

Primary Pattern, Renders and Screenshots by Rytugamer...
Ah summertimes, blinding light, burning sun and suffocating heat, what isnt there to love?

war paint replaced: bamboo brushed
_primary pattern replaces _wall01 pattern.
_secondary pattern replaces _roof01 pattern....
Coco Covered
There are so many uses for the coconut guns: Shooting mercenaries, caving skulls in and, of course, getting major food poisoning.

war paint replaced: bamboo brushed
_primary pattern replaces _wall01 pattern.
_secondary pattern replaces _roof01 pattern...
Summer Drink
Take your drink on the go with this new cocktail-styled war paint!

war paint replaced: bamboo brushed
_primary pattern replaces _wall01 pattern.
_secondary pattern replaces _roof01 pattern....
Summer Soaker
Soak your friends and Soak your ennemies (in bullets) with this new water-pistol inspired weapon finition!

war paint replaced: dream piped
red / blu_primary pattern replaces _red / _blu patterns respectively.
red / blu_secondary pattern replaces _medi...
Explosive Vacation
Created by Fruit
Take a load off and this shirt with you when you go on your next vacation because even mercenaries need a holiday!
[Unusual] Oscillating Orizuru
Created by VortexParadox
An unusual with a similar animation like that of Molten Mallard.
This crane will spin around your head while leaving behind some petals and some mist.
Don't ask how it does that.

  • Three part unusual: M
Apocalypse Scowl
Created by NeoDement
"If you're gonna go Full Metal Jackass in the fog of war, you might as well do it with protection."

Kendo Cage
Created by crazy-g
A kendo fencing helmet, known as a "men" + demoman = demomen

Cloth wrap is jiggleboned

Created for Journey to the East...
Kendo Shinai
Created by crazy-g
A kendo fencing bamboo sword, known as a "shinai." It's ok to bring a stick to a gun fight, but also bring a grenade launcher.

Created for Journey to the East...
Kyoto Kasa
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
* Paintable

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
Peach Papered [War Paint]
Are you passionate about East Asian culture? Are you appreciative of the delicate art and craftsmanship portrayed in the bygone Golden Age? Wish you could tear it apart and wrap it around your weapons of mass destruction to remind you of more peaceful time...
Swordsman Scroll
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
* Paintable
* Hides backpack and grenades

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
Ronin Robes
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
* Paintable

Entry for "Journey to the East"[]...
The random treat
Created by Ducksink
feeling lucky, punk?

My shot at the Journey to the East competition. A fortune cookie, has a special fortune quote note texture file with room for 5-6 quotes.

Feel free to suggest quotes and i'll add the best ones in!

The Searing Sensu
Created by Spike Nitros
Is it me or is it hot in here?


Folding fan weapon for Pyro, uses hot hand animations. Team colours.

Suave Zouaves
Created by Big Bob
I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Now for all classes and with facial flexes!...
The Rush Cap
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
The Rush Cap
For Journey to the east[]...
Shadow Warrior | War Paint
Created by Frosty Scales
Made for the Journey to the East Community Contest
The One-Eyed Dragon
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- Facial Flexed
- 3LODs
Ronin Repairmann
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- 2 LODs
-Paintable hair
Created by Dan Gween
This War Paint is inspired by the Kami skin from CS:GO and by the art of Manga.
This was made for the Journey to the East community event.
Original concept and manga texture by: Dan Greene
Additional textures provided by: Ummuranium
Thanks and please leave...
Drunken Daimyo
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- 3LODs
-Paintable turtlenec...
Demorai Drawers
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- 3LODs
-Paintable socks
The Crack Pot
Created by Vap
He soiled himself.

For the 72 Hour TF2 Jam:

The term Crack Pot is used to describe "an eccentric or foolish person."

- Model: Vap
- Texture: Harry
- SFM: Hotrod...
Carb Loaded
Created by Flipy
Every mercenary worth their salt keeps their weapons close and their food closer. Every other mercenary knows to keep their weapons just as close, never needing to take a break between stomping or chomping their carb loaded fire arms.

Name courtesy of Voi...
Bushido Builder
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- 3LODs
-Paintable Scarf
Flip Flop Fixer
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Last minute submission for the Journey to the East contest.

[img] [/img]
- 3 LODs
-Team colored pants ...
Gourd of Power
A powerful gourd for powerful people! Able to hold a variety of liquids! (Don't get any funny ideas.)

An MvM canteen-like item.

Includes jiggleboned string.

Made for the “Journey to the East" Contest...
Lion Tamers
In ancient times, lions protected people from bad luck. Now they can protect you from anyone unlucky enough to be in your way.

Jiggleboned jaws for fast biting action.

Made for the “Journey to the East" contest....
Dragon's Dance Warpaint
Created by Purriz
Journey to the East...
Eastern Pride War Paint
Created by Gimi
For the "Journey to the East" war paint section.

Hope you like it....
The Go Geta's
Created by Kaymon95
For the samurai who's a real go-getter.

Geta sandals with paintable strap

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures: Kaymon...
The Shogun's Safeguard
Created by Hobo on Fire!
Submitted for the 'Journey to the East’ Community - Created Event. link[]...
Torcher's Tanegashima
Created by Bergholt BadGyver
"Combustion comes down
A fierce flame kindles above
Silence has fallen"

Secondary weapon for Pyro, for the Journey to the East Community Contest

Concept: Vipes
Model: Petachepas
Textures: Petachepas + Pie Savvy
Custom sounds: Lazlo

Mod co...
Down-under Armor
Created by Vulpes Las Luna
Some assassins dont wear body armor, those hitmen arent around anymore. Take to the fight some stylish samurai armor. Your foes will look at you in awe as you show them who the better murderer is, and how stylish you are!

Thank you so much for all t...
Sydney Samurai
Created by Vulpes Las Luna
No one said you had to rob that asian antique store for your gear, but now here you are looking like an bowman from the outback of Japan with a sword to boot. Show your enemies the real power of the Sydney Samurai!

Thank you so much for all the support...
Dynasty Doo
Created by Vulpes Las Luna
Bomb, Domination, the finest liqour, and an amazing haircut to boot. What's not to love about a haircut of an emperor? Go on out there Tavish, show those wee puny mutts who's the real mann!

Thank you so much for all the support i got over these past f...
Zhudan Shave
Created by Vulpes Las Luna
Smell that? That is the smell of blood, brimstone, and booze. Enjoy fine facial hair as the mythical Bomb Lord, or be a pale imitator chucking your drunken explosives about everywhere.

Thank you so much for all the support i got over these past few mo...
Terrorcotta Warrior
Created by Dewzie
Circa - Mmmph Dynasty

(Made for the Journey to the East community update)...
Gunner's Gong
Created by Hex
For Journey to the East[]

Bang more than just heads and bongos with new innovative artform!

Hex: Concept, Animation, Promos
CrazyHalo: Animation
ToxicWeasel: Model, Texture...
Aegis of Empire 1.5
Created by heinous
This is for the Journey to the East contest.

Changes from initial version:
- Completely redesigned the edge padding.
- Added some visual interest other than the scale armor as per feedback.
- New normal map.
- Scaled up the scales to make it look le...
Kawaii Kanabo
Created by Jukebox
When you were partying, I studied the wooden stick.

For the Journey to the East contest....
[Unusual] Vortex
Created by VortexParadox
I had to do it.

Safety Fit
Created by Marco Mineral Warg
Draw attention to yourself before an accident can happen. That is, if it is accedental....
The Booze Bag
Created by ToxicWeasel
Take one drunken merc.. add a bag filled with alcohol and losely strapped grenades attached to the bottom of it.. What could possibly go wrong!?

Jigglebone bag and grenades...
Athenian Attire
Created by Corvalho
"I ain't afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I'm afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. "

- 3 LODS
- Paintable...
Modern :: War Paint
Created by PJ
Modern twist!...
Created by void~
It's not the size that matters, it's how you rule with it....
The Piranha Pal
Created by nuggetboi
Just your regular plant friend. Just remember to water him once a day, just not with the jarate.

Paintable, jiggle bones, all the usual!...
70's Shaded - War Paint
Created by bubba
hello wisconsin...
Sun Crow's Guidance
Created by _Emblem_
Well, this was supposed to be for this community design contest which, the theme was eastern-themed items called "Journey To The East." Unfortunately, I was too late for the deadline, oh well hopefully next time. I did my item based off Yatagarasu the thre...
The Workman's Waistcoat
Created by Vap
"Bloody men at work 'ere."

Model/Textures by me
Concept: Square
SFM promos: DJB2401...
Ruins of War | War Paint
Created by Zeptimus
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Australium Iron Bomber
Created by VortexParadox
Because B4nny[\b4nny] asked for it while streaming, I decided to go on and make this Aussie version of the Iron Bomber.
Despite the "War Paint" tag, it doesn't mean it'll be one. Australium weapons are not war paints.

Cut-Throat Casual
Created by NeoDement
When it's summer, you gotta dress a bit lighter. This is actually Spy's beach outfit.

Paintable tie and compatible with some "undershirt" items such as the Dr. Whoa!
Royale With Sleaze
Created by Sky
Turns Spy's regular suit into a tuxedo.
Paintable, 2 Styles.

Concept/Models/Textures by Sky, Promos by Tabby, 10/10 name and (lots of) feedback by void.
Hephaistos' Handcraft
Created by Corvalho
Madness? This.. Is.. BOSTON!!!

-2 Styles
-3 LODs...
Olympic Leapers
Created by Corvalho
"Yo you're telling me that the third labour is to catch ....a deer ?"

- 2 styles
- Paintable
- Flapping Wings
- 3 lods...
Melon Mantled
Tasty! Refreshing! Deadly!

This war paint is team colored, and melon-inspired.
It also features custom phong masks to make some bits shiny!

war paint replaced: bamboo brushed
_primary pattern replaces _wall01 pattern.
_secondary pattern rep...
Created by drew
Henchman for Hire.

model by me hehe
sculpt by Big Bob
concept by rabscootle
promos by HotPockette...