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CP Stockpile

My personnal build of the map cp_angular.

To play this map, type in console "map workshop/1382158712"


As opposed to cp_angular, this map is a 4CP in which all the points are cappable at the same time, in the same as in CP_Standin. It features 4 areas:
-A - Courtyard
-B - BLU Base
-C - RED Base
-D - Wine Factory (in fact a secret MANN CO. Rocket facility)

It takes roughly 15 sec to capture a point (so you gotta fight for it).

You can cap A and D at all time. Things work differently when it comes to the bases: as RED or BLU, you need your own base to attack the opposite one. If you succeed, your base's point is locked and cannot be attacked again unless the enemy team capture their base back.

The gamemode (and the map as a whole) will be refined based on the comments so feel free to share ideas/likes/dislikes about it! Bots work on the map (nav file is included, simply type "TF_bot_quota [number]" in your console) but they are very idiotic: they go from a point to another, no defense but only stubborn attack so don't expect any reasonable gameplay out of them.

Jack5 and Soldier_engie-demo continued the developpement of their version (called CP_Hybrid and not angular anymore), built on this map but with a different gamemode. Check it there:

Original map designed by Jack5 and Soldier_engie-demo.
Layout, Artpass by Docteur Whoa.
Some custom content comes from the Frontline Pack and the Construction Pack from
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Jack5 Jun 17 @ 11:42pm 
Development of this map has now progressed past artpassing. Please see my Workshop submission for the newest updates:
Docteur Whoa  [author] May 17 @ 1:48am 
Ah you know it's just like in Standin, get all the points, that's all. That thing with the base is simply not let the teams get each other's points which is ridiculous. But thanks dude!
Barely Competent May 17 @ 1:12am 
Not sure about the gameplay stuff because I haven’t played it (and in TF2 gamemodes with multiple objectives don’t tend to go so well [although the “base” system could work]) but damn it looks good!
Lvk橡皮 May 16 @ 12:23am 
SolEngDem May 15 @ 4:47pm 
I just noticed this map is on the front page.
Docteur Whoa  [author] May 15 @ 9:47am 
That's an interesting suggestion yes, I will look about that
Spug May 15 @ 7:54am 
I very much like the gamemode idea - Would love to see it in game.
Mid-point seems heavily biased towards soldier gameplay I would say though, maybe some ramps onto the boxes to even out the fairness for the grounded classes would help.
R2VC May 14 @ 11:08pm 
Officially a valve mvm map