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How to don´t get banned in KOTH
By Jack-o'-Lantern
This guide will give you some hints, about how to don´t get banned in KOTH.
Top 10 How to don´t get banned in KOTH
1 - Don´t join x2 xp and money servers! (that includes x10, x20, x30, etc...)
2 - Never question a admin about they virginity! (They still have them)
3 - Don´t play ''The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men'' in front of any admin or any player. (About players, its the same thing)
4 - Never say for a girl that she can´t give 10 headshots in only 30 seconds. (We are not talking about the hackers)
5 - Don´t let your cheat open. (You can got ban! But you always can change the name for ''Minecraft'' they will never found it)
6 - Never make this question for Asus : Asus, how do you got 1 level with 7 milions of kills? (He don´t like questions)
7 - Don´t enter inside the mountain bug. (Well there a bug if you get inside a certain mountain,you can saw all players and kill them)
8 - Never question any admin about 2018! (No one know about me, im the ghost writer, oh shi*, im dead)
9 - Don´t leave a dislike! (I will found you and your family, and i will give them a lollipop)
10 - Don´t mist to put +rep in my profile, that was very helpful! (I will give you 10 invisible millions if you do it)
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Museman7 Sep 9 @ 12:02pm 
uh oh, you forgot the golden rule: Random =/= funny