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[V92] Vehicles
These are vehicles I have either directly made, or are supported by myself.
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SCars Extra
Created by Sakarias88
SCars Extra Version 1.2.

Make sure you have subscribed to the SCars Slim workshop addon.
This car pack uses ...
SCars Misc Content
Created by Sakarias88
All the content that didn't fit into SCars Extra or SCars Basic ends up here because of size limitation. Some of the content here used to be a part of SCars Slim but was moved here....
SCars Slim
Created by Sakarias88
SCars Version 2.3.5

Don't like normal hl2 vehicles?
Then this addon is for you!
With SCars you can customize your car in almost any way you want.
Everything from paintjob and handling to suspension height and wheels.

Keep in mind that this ...
[SCars|Simfphys] Halo
Created by Reverend V92
The Warthog's as much a part of the UNSC as boots, guns, & tasteless coffee

There's a better Simfphys version available here. I'd recommend...
[SCars] Battlefield 2142
Created by Reverend V92
Survival is the Only Thing that Matters

Battlefield 2142 SCars

- Mk.15 Bandit FAV
- Mk.15 Bandit FAV (Northern Strike)
- AMV-2 Groundhog APC
- A8 Tiger MBT
- UAZ-8 Ocelot FAV
[SCars] Black Mesa
Created by Reverend V92
You'd Better Make Like a Prom Dress & Take Off

  • Security Jeep (with skins)
  • Ford Crown Victoria (with skins)
  • Pickup Truck
  • M1114 HMMWV 'Humvee' Transport Vehicle
  • M35 Transpo
[SCars] FlatOut SpeedEvil
Created by Reverend V92
Now You're Riding Flat Out!

  • SpeedEvil (Rear-Wheel Drive)
  • SpeedEvil (All-Wheel Drive)
  • Moving steering wheels
  • Multiple skins

[SCars] HL2 Leak
Created by Reverend V92
Mister, you can't ride around like that!


Are you an RP server and only want the bus? Look Here!

Includes t...
[SCars] HL2 Leak Bus
Created by Reverend V92
Mister, you can't ride around like that!


Looking for the Main HL2 Leak SCars? Look Here!

Includes the Foll...
[SCars] Half-Life 2
Created by Reverend V92
Are We Gonna Get Going Soon?

These are the rest of the HL2 vehicles that aren't included with SCars Slim.

  • GAZ 24
  • ZAZ 968
  • Moskvitch 2140
  • Trabant 601
  • Trabant 601 (Rebel
[SCars] M60A1
Created by Reverend V92
Welcome to the Jungle

  • M60A1 with 105mm gun
  • M60A1 with 90mm gun
  • Driver/gunner, gunner-only, commander with .50 turret
  • Smoke launcher
  • Several bodygroups
  • HUD that shows
[SCars] Mercenaries 2 Archer Gun Truck
Created by Reverend V92
You're the Merc! The one Solano shot in the ass!

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames SCar M1083 "Archer" Gun Truck

  • Jiggleboned mud flaps
  • Dual .50 gun turrets
  • 8 passenger seats
[SCars] Ravaged
Created by Reverend V92
Mojave, Mo' Problems!

- Quad
- Trike
- Buggy
- Charger
- Jeep 4x4
- Pickup
- Anti-Tank Stryker
- Tractor Tank

The Buggy is armed with a Minigun in the second seat, and has a moving steering wheel and minigun b...
Created by Reverend V92
Get Out of Here Stalker!

Some cars from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  • GAZ-53 Fuel Truck
  • Kamaz 53212 Truck (Red)
  • KAvZ-685 Bus
  • Lada Niva Sedan
  • LAZ-42021
  • T-130 Bulldozer
  • UAZ-452
[SCars] Synergy
Created by Reverend V92
Get the Hell Outta Here!

Synergy's custom vehicles as SCars.

  • Truck
  • Van
  • Buggy
  • Moving Steering Wheels
  • Jiggleboned Bumpers on Van
  • Fun

Have races with the ...
[SCars] WWII Vehicles
Created by Reverend V92
World War 2 SCar Vehicles

All of my WW2 SCars in one upload.

Day of Defeat: Source
  • CCKW 2.5T Truck (Green, Snow)
  • M3 Halftrack (Green, Snow)
  • M16 Anti-Air Halftrack (Green, Snow)
  • M4 Sherman
[SCars|Simfphys] Battlefield 2
Created by Reverend V92
Let's Move!

Battlefield 2 Vehicles v.2017

  • M1A1 Abrams MBT - 2 variants
  • M1114 High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle "Humvee" - 4 variants
  • M6 Bradley Linebacker Anti-Air Vehicle -
[SCars|Simfphys] GTA:SA
Created by Reverend V92
All You Had to Do Was Follow the Damn Train CJ!

Some Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vehicles.

  • Bulldozer: SCar, Simfphys versions
  • Lawn Mower: Vehicle, Simfphys versions
  • Colourab
[SCars|Simfphys] Mighty Foot
Created by Reverend V92
Get Some Gas 'n Tear Some Ass!

Includes the Mighty Foot monster truck from Duke Nukem Forever, in Simfphys & SCars flavours.

  • SCar variant
  • Simfphys variant
  • Integrity check to p
[Simfphys] PAYDAY 2
Created by Reverend V92
I Got Us a SWEET Ride!

Payday 2 SimfPhys Vehicles

  • Ford E-Series/Econoline Van :: "Escape Van"
  • Dodge Charger :: "GenSec Patrol Car"
  • Traumahawk Ambulance :: "Ambulance"
  • Semi
[V92-V] Damage Inc.
Created by Reverend V92
V92 Base, Vehicle Extension, Damage Inc. Pack

  • Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless

  • Controls for animated landing gear
  • Controls for animated canopy/hatches
  • Controls for animated Di