Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

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Better Camera Mod
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May 8, 2018 @ 12:54pm
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Better Camera Mod

Well know mod from Warhammer 1 & 2 is back!

This simple mod allows both closer and further camera heights, more suitable for better screenshots for better view of the battlefield.

Press "K" to turn off UI for more cinematic view,

Press "N" in order to zoom without unit disappearing.

Press Alt + K to get even more cinematic view of the battle.

Compatible with:
All patches and mods.

Incompatible with:
Multiplayer battles unless other person has the same mod (game engine does not see a difference between small mods like this and big overhauls).

Would you like to try Better Campaign Camera? See below:


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Sado Sep 30 @ 4:57am 
How can I find download links ?
SillyWombat Aug 18 @ 4:58pm 
I'm having an issue that might be a feature.
When zooming in during battles the camera does not only zoom in, but also "levels" out at the same time. So I need to pivot downwards evey time.

Any ideas what I could do to help with this?
kam2150  [author] May 20 @ 3:42am 
It does not need an update, just enable out of date mods.
Mumion der Unsterbliche May 20 @ 12:58am 
Update ?
Pharaoh May 6 @ 4:42pm 
Ah I mean despite that it's still a pretty solid system in my mind i'd take it over rome 2

shogun 2's is my favourite I wonder if it would be possible to port it over some how.
kam2150  [author] May 6 @ 2:12pm 
Base game engine bugs and AI bugs. For example any tries on making combat slower will make it weaker as units that are walking (so for example AI trying to disengage) do not use their defence and get 1 hit killed. This lead to my levy troops routing AI elites when AI tried to disengage from combat.

Or that charge is broken and cavalry units are not even using charge bonus. List goes on. It is not noticeable if combat is made to be arcade as it happens to fast to notice.
Pharaoh May 5 @ 10:51pm 
Im currently playing radious maybe that is why I dont notice it too much.
Pharaoh May 5 @ 10:48pm 
Give examples?
kam2150  [author] May 5 @ 10:42pm 
IT is broken on it's own in many places.
Is this compatible with Radious?