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Acoustic Guitar Mod
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May 5 @ 12:15pm
Jul 16 @ 2:29pm
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Acoustic Guitar Mod


This mod is a port of Acoustic Guitar Mod for Arma 2 Made by USSRsniper [].
I think that this will be a good addition to immersion and roleplay in the game.
Also I've added options in Ace3 self interaction menu for turning on/off the guitar playing animation and playing songs during the game (The action only pops up when player has a guitar)
(Works on Multiplayer).

Original Arma 2 mod description on Armaholic

" It adds a guitar, and also the static animations for it. This addon also contains guitar player animation, static animations is "gitaraP", and non-static animation "gitaraPlay".
To use the animation use SwitchMove command. "



Optional mods

Ace3 - for the ability to turn on/off the guitar playing animation and play songs via Ace3 self interaction menu during playtime.

Adding your own songs

I've made a tool which will create you an extensnion for Acoustic Guitar mod with your own songs!
You can download it here [] and find usage instrucion here []


USSRsniper - Original Arma 2 Acoustic Guitar Mod []

Hubix - Arma 3 port and Ace3 functionality

Jnyu - Creator of songs used in addon, check out his youtube


I've messaged Original Mod creator USSRsniper on Armaholic about uploading the port on workshop, however I haven't received a response from him. USSRsniper, if you have any objections regarding this addon's presence on steam workshop please message me and I hope that we will be able to work it out.

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Acoustic Guitar Extension Creator support/issues
Jul 26 @ 7:52am
Hey guys, i have one question.
< >
PantherPaw Oct 8 @ 3:42pm 
I like macaroni on my toast
PilotMan Sep 23 @ 7:02am 
Come here comrade, I'll sing you a song about how I killed Bloodstalker.
Castet Aug 29 @ 1:41am 
Useful mod! I hope the author does not stop there.
RandomRadek Aug 27 @ 8:36am 
Womble is a faggot
[aHERO]Niphoria Jul 29 @ 9:18am 
Where are the keys for the server ? :c
FatherSarge Jul 24 @ 12:03am 
@42 - Best to avoid spaces, dashes and all other special characters when dealing with arma scripting... about the only thing it can handle is an underscore.
42nfl19 Jul 23 @ 10:08pm 
It looks like it worked after changing the song names and removing all special characters also like () - and .

IDK if that was the true reason but it looks like it works now.
Did not work:
Did work:
42nfl19 Jul 23 @ 9:28pm 
Now that I am playing around with the tool, I am getting inconsistent results. I rarely get the .pbo and for the most part I get a folder instead in the addon folder. What I notice is that when it does work, the command box gets to the point where it says creating config file etc etc will close in 10 seconds. When it fails it just goes really fast in the command box and it closes. I tried moving the folder location but no luck and creating the PBO is a crap shoot. I tried packing/pbo the folder that is created but nothing happens.
42nfl19 Jul 23 @ 8:07pm 
I would also like to say great job with the Extra Songs tool. It took a bit for me to work it out because I haven't packed a PBO file in awhile but this is great! It sucks that everyone needs the same extension mod to hear the custom songs. It would have been cool if people could just pack their own custom mix folders.

As I mentioned before and what FatherSarge has mentioned, another cool milestone would be the ability to play and walk around at the same time.

Another cool thing would be to have an electric guitar but since you said that this was a port, it would take you to have some modeling knowledge or someone helping you out.

Either way, thanks for the great update!
FatherSarge Jul 23 @ 5:43pm 

Really fantastic job with the extension tool. Super simple to use!

Next challenge: Let us walk around while playing ;)