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Acoustic Guitar Mod
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May 5 @ 12:15pm
May 16 @ 9:02am
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Acoustic Guitar Mod


This mod is a port of Acoustic Guitar Mod for Arma 2 Made by USSRsniper [].
I think that this will be a good addition to immersion and roleplay in the game.
Also I've added options in Ace3 self interaction menu for turning on/off the guitar playing animation during the game (The action only pops up when player has a guitar)
(Works on Multiplayer).

Original Arma 2 mod description on Armaholic

" It adds a guitar, and also the static animations for it. This addon also contains guitar player animation, static animations is "gitaraP", and non-static animation "gitaraPlay".
To use the animation use SwitchMove command. "



Optional mods

Ace3 - for the ability to turn on/off the guitar playing animation via Ace3 self interaction menu during playtime.


USSRsniper - Original Arma 2 Acoustic Guitar Mod []

Hubix - Arma 3 port and Ace3 functionality


I've messaged Original Mod creator USSRsniper on Armaholic about uploading the port on workshop, however I haven't received a response from him. USSRsniper, if you have any objections regarding this addon's presence on steam workshop please message me and I hope that we will be able to work it out.

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FatherSarge Jun 2 @ 8:11am 

This mod is only the animation, there is no included sounds yet. See Hubrix's post
[PFU®]DaddelMatis™[GER] Jun 2 @ 5:42am 
if im select the guitar only the animation is shown but no music is playing
Hubix  [author] Jun 1 @ 1:54pm 

A couple of weeks ago I was going to add an optional extension to let users play some songs via guitar, unfortunately personal stuff interrupted it's delivery.
I was also thinking about adding new animations, but due to small amount of free time I can't currently work on that either.
I'm sorry to announce that currently I can't promise any content updates.
42nfl19 May 31 @ 4:30pm 
@Hubix While this is only a port, have you ever thought of expanding this mod? Like adding a playing while standing animation? Or playing while even walking animation? Or was this a simple one and done port?
we tortured some folks May 18 @ 8:02am 
SpaceKraken May 18 @ 7:01am 
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leo_songwei May 17 @ 11:07pm 
Digi | Julian May 16 @ 5:20pm 
Is it possible that when you play a melody comes?
FatherSarge May 16 @ 12:53pm 
Here's hoping for friday! :P