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Black Mesa Driveable Vehicles
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Apr 8, 2013 @ 9:17am
Apr 9, 2013 @ 2:34pm
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Black Mesa Driveable Vehicles

These are all the vehicles from the Black Mesa Source Mod converted into prop_vehicle_jeep models, are now fully driveable (like the standard HL2 buggy), if you wish to take passengers with you, all these vehicles are compatible with the "Passenger Mod".

If you don't need driveable vehicles but will static models, I recommend the Black Mesa Vehicles pack made by Dat Polish Guy and Robert Fagot

Credit goes to the Black Mesa Source team for the original static models, me only for conversion and animation.

1. press the green subscribe (or whatever is in your language) button in this page
2. start Garry's Mod and wait the end of the download

1. load a map of your choice
2. press q (or what you have set for your spawn menu)
3. from the vehicles section go to Black Mesa Vehicles, and spawn the vehicle you will use (see first image)
4. go in front of the driver's door, look at it and press your use key (default is e)
5. drive them with the key you set to move, key you set for jump for the handbrake, key you set for sprint for the turbo, to get out of the vehicle press again the key you use for use

Skin change:
1. look at the vehicle you wish to change skin
2. press and keep pressed c (or what you have set for your context menu)
3. right click on the vehicle
4. from skin choose the skin you will (see second image)
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