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Using the Steam Community Market
By Jimo
I will teach you how to buy and sell items using the Steam Community Market.
This guide will give you information on how to buy and sell items on the Steam Community Market for Steam Wallet funds. Steam Wallet funds can be used to purchase titles from the Steam Storefront and other in-game economy stores.

Steam Guard
Before you can participate in the Steam Community Market you need to have a non-limited account which has been protected by Steam Guard for at least 15 days.

Each new device or browser authenticated to your Steam account will be individually restricted for 15 days before being able to use any features requiring Steam Guard. New devices authenticated within your household and previously authenticated devices and browsers will not be restricted.

You can learn more about how to enable and use Steam Guard here. You can also follow my guide on how to enable Steam Guard below.
Purchasing an Item
To purchase an item using the Steam Community Market you will need to go to the Community Market page.

When you're on the main page you will see a list of available items for purchase as well as a few options on the side bar. If you're interested in an item for a specific game you can click the buttons located on the right side to filter your results.

In this example I will be purchasing a Dota 2 item. Once I have clicked on the Dota 2 button I can now begin searching from the many items available for purchase.

You'll notice that in the search bar there is now appid:570. This code is the game ID for Dota 2. To begin searching for an item specifically in Dota 2 we will need to type what we're searching for after that code. The screenshot below will show you how to do this.

Once you click enter your search results will show up. In the screenshot below you'll see that there are 27 'Genuine Inky the Hexpus' available and the cheapest one is currently $4.70.

Once you click on the icon of the item you want to buy you will see a page which has the item name and description and a chart which gives you the prices that the item has historically sold for. It is important to pay attention to this information so you can make sure you're getting a fair price. If the average sale price of the item is $2.00 based on sale history and the cheapest on the market is currently $10.00, you might want to consider bookmarking the page and trying again at a later date.

You can view the information on the graph by running your mouse against each point. It will display the date the item sold, at what price and how many were sold.

Based on the information provided I can see that the Hexapus usually sells for just around the $5 mark.

If you scroll down further on the page you can see each individual listing and the set price for each seller. If you hover over the icon on the left side of each listing you can see if the item has any Name, Description or Gift tags, this will vary on each listing and it's always worth checking. Name and Description tags can be removed, but Gift tags cannot.

You can also narrow down the listings by using the search bar underneath the price graph. For example, by typing in 100 it will display a list of Hexapus' which have the word 100 in their item tooltip. This can be used for searching for a specific crate number, or couriers with a certain amount of games viewed.

I'm quite happy with paying $4.70 so I'm going to go ahead and click on Buy Now located on the right side of the listing.

Once you click on Buy Now you will receive a popup which will give you a breakdown of the item's price. In this example you'll see that the seller listed the item for $4.09 and Valve added $0.61 to the price in transaction fees.

Because I don't have enough Funds in my Steam Wallet I will need to add some. To do this I can click on the Add Funds Button located on the bottom of the popup.

The next page will be very familiar if you're used to purchasing items on Steam. Add as much money as you'd like and follow the prompts to enter your payment details.

Once you're done adding funds to your Steam Wallet you will be taken back to the previous page. Should you agree to the terms, accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement and click Purchase.

We're done! If I look at my Steam Inventory or load Dota 2 it will show that I'm now the proud owner of a Genuine quality Inky the Hexapus.

Buy Orders
Certain items on the Steam Community Market use a buy order system. This allows users to name a price they would like to buy an item for. Once an item becomes available at that price the item will be sold to the person with a matching buy order in the order in which it was placed.

To make a buy order select the "Buy" button.

You'll then be prompted to type in the price you'd like to buy the item for. Once you select "Place Order" it will attempt to match you with potential sellers.

If a seller cannot be found your buy order will enter a pending phase until one can be found. If you'd like to cancel a buy order you can return to the page of which you placed it and hit the cancel button.
Selling an Item
To sell an item on the Steam Community Market you will need to go to the Community Market page.

In the previous section I went over how to search for items. Make use of this and begin by searching for the item you want to sell. Keep in mind that not every item can be sold, view the FAQ page or the Steam Group for an up-to-date list.

I would like to sell my Genuine Foppish Physician in Team Fortress 2 because I have several of them. I have begun by searching for the item on the Community Market and I've pulled up the pricing graph for it.

The information on the graph shows me that the price for this item fluctuates a lot. On average it seems to sell for around $0.80 to $1.00. If I scroll down further I can see that the cheapest priced Foppish Physician is currently $0.86 including fees.

Armed with the knowledge of the current market trends I'm now ready to begin selling my item.

To begin, go back to the homepage of the Steam Community Market and click on the Sell an item button located at the top right side of the page.

Once you've clicked on the Sell an item button you will get a popup which will ask you to choose an item from your inventory.

Locate the item you want to sell and select it. Once you've selected the item some details will appear on the right hand side with a button which says Sell.

Once you've clicked on Sell you will get another popup box which will ask to set the price you want to sell your item for. If you type in your price in the You receive box it will automatically calculate the Steam Fees in the Buyer pays box, which will be the final sale price of the item.

Earlier I mentioned that the cheapest Foppish Physician was $0.86. For demonstration purposes I'm going to list mine for $0.85 which will make mine the cheapest on the market. This tactic is called undercutting. You don't have to do this, if I listed the item for $1 it would likely sell, just as not as quickly. The final sale price of the item is ultimately up to you.

You're also able to view the pricing graph for the item from this screen as well.

Read and Accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement and click on Ok, put it up for sale. You will then be given another box which will inform you that once it's up for sale it will be locked from your inventory and it will not be usable.

Click on Ok and the item will now be listed on the Steam Community Market. The page will put you back on your Steam Inventory and it will give you a confirmation at the top.

If at any point you want to view your listing you can do so by going to the Steam Community Market page and clicking on the My Active Listings tab, this information should be displayed by default.

If you want to cancel a listing, locate the item and click on the Remove button on the right side.

Once your item has sold you will receive an e-mail from Steam letting you know that the funds from your sale have been added to your Steam Wallet.

There is no possible way to withdraw funds from your Steam Wallet. You can use the funds you earn from selling items on the Community Market to purchase games from Steam or to purchase more items from games such as Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2.
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fort knox Nov 25, 2021 @ 8:43am 
how do i find the right seller?
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y u scam no work
badseN Feb 1, 2021 @ 3:25am 
how do I get skin, that I put on sale but I want it back?
Duchess from The Aristocats 🥚 Jan 10, 2021 @ 8:30am 
Do you have to be 18+ to sell items?
seansatake Dec 6, 2020 @ 4:55am 
where is the section about not putting items at 1,337$ when they really cost 9 cents
SpaceGuy987 Jan 17, 2020 @ 3:16am 
But you didn't sell your Foppish Physician for 74 cents, you sold it for 75.
GreenTea Dec 10, 2019 @ 10:14am 
Do you have manually put the price or does steam automatically do it for you?
Asadovich May 7, 2019 @ 7:49am 
+rep dakog oten
Ragnarok Apr 25, 2019 @ 11:06am 
It's an anti-scammer measure IIRC.
Kat. Dec 30, 2018 @ 4:00am 
Whenever you buy a item you have to wait until a certain day in order to trade that item like Valve stop being gay and remove that