Arma 3
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A Corn's guide For Online Tank Crewmen
By Dixie Bastard
As you can tell this is a guide/list of things to learn to anyone who wants to be a competent tank crewmen for certain/all roles, wanting to improve at being a tank crewmen, or is completely new to the idea that you don't even know what to do so i'm here to kinda push you in the right direction of being a competent tank crewmen without baby sitting you completely and making you learn these on your own instead of me giving you the answers.
SO lets begin

Driver Position

So lets begin with the easiest and the most hated position yet very important position for a tank, the Driver Position. This list will provide everything a driver will at least need to know to do good during a mission

  • Able to read maps
  • Able to listen to commands and understand them clearly
  • Knowledge of how angling works
  • Able to drive correctly without ending the tank or armored vehicle in a ditch or flipped over somehow
  • Knowledge of your tanks turning speed(stopped/moving), acceleration ,maximum angle of which the tank can climb,and speed
  • Able to React fast to things you weren't aware of or showed up out of no where (tight turns,vehicles,IED's,Explosives,Hidden armor,Infantry with AT capabilities, and random shelling from artillery)
  • Able to spot anything in front of you that could either end your tank or allies nearby (IED,Mines,Explosives)
  • knowing how to keep tank hidden if needed

So lets move on to the next one
Gunner Position

Alright lets go over everyone's favorite position,the gunner position. This one is important as it destroys anything that threatens the tank and its crew and kills any enemies that threaten allied infantry.This list is the things that every gunner should know in order to do good during a mission.

  • Able to have accurate fire .
  • Able to range a target accurately (T is default for modern tanks).
  • Able to quickly aim at the target the commander gives you .
  • Knowing which round is acceptable for the job/tasking.
  • Knowing the enemies tanks well(suggest you do some practice offline against an empty tank and the tank you will use).
  • Know how to destroy the target the fastest and least wasteful way as ammo doesn't grow on tree's
  • Know your "blast radius" as sometimes allied infantry will be stupid enough to walk near your main cannon and get injured for being near the blast radius as we all know infantry aren't the smartest of people at times.
  • (If ACE is selected)Make sure friendlies aren't in front of your barrel because shooting over friendlies can injure/kill friendly infantry.
  • Knowing of the blast radius of rounds (example: the blast radius of a 25mm HEDS shell).
  • Knowing of how to accurately use the coaxial gun as most don't shoot straight.
  • Able to scout during convoys or any tasking as it isn't just the commanders job to spot stuff.
  • Able to work with the driver as far as getting into a better position due to your gun being lower than the command can see.

    Alright to the next one
Commander Position

Now this would be the section for the loader position but in my opinion the loader position is useless in arma so This one is for the Commander Position. This position is the most important as it keeps the tank to work at its finest and its basically the brain of the whole take as its job is to tell the whole crew what to do and certain tasks to be completed while finishing the mission or completing an objective that was tasked to armor. Here is the list of this you need to know in order to do good in a mission.

  • Know how to communicate
  • Make sure the crew is in check and is doing there job during combat
  • Do not get narrow minded at all as you are basically the biggest pair of eyes and ears the tank has
  • Know how to use a radio properly and be able to notify a higher up or command of something important
  • Keep your crew safe as its your job to make sure the tank doesn't get destroyed or falls into a trap
  • Know how to spot things clearly and give the correct info on it to the person its told to (example:gunner there a tank baring 172 up on the hill in the middle facing west)
  • Know your tanks weaknesses and strengths and use it to your advantage
  • Know which strategy to use (head on,out and open, high ground, guerrilla warfare,flanking,surrounding,perimeter, far away,shoot then scoot,and charge) these are all different ways to do an objective for a tank and each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses to it . Like for example ; if I do a charge against infantry that are only capable of small arms fire instead of AT capabilities then that's a prefect strategy . But if I did a charge against a small tank force then your kind screwed or at least Going to take some damage.
  • Knowing how to keep the crew's moral high

last one is for any one who needs advice as far as rules go for armor that works well

Rule Advice to milsim or the Commanding officer for armor

So I know IM not the greatest tank commander in the world or arma 3 but I know that IM a very capable and competent commander for any armor job out there . For every unit I've been in as the commander of armor, victory ratings were high and allied casualties went down a lot so I would say that I know a few tips and tricks about having a successful armor section or detachment.

So lets cover some rules. Rules can at times ruin a crewman's experience and moral. So I want to list some rules I used a lot in different units.
Originally posted by Corn:
1.Don’t be stupid
2.Listen to higher ups FROM armored and unit commander or higher ups that are above a armor personal that's the highest on.
3. At/during battle you are to be serious, if were driving to the front lines you can be semi serious but still do your job.
4.Outside of the tank or the armored vehicle you are assigned to you need to be professional and serious . You represent armor when everyone can see you so please have the correct uniform,don't start stupid crap, and don't bug anyone, and please no screwing around.
6.Once inside the tank you are allowed to be semi serious if we aren't in combat. Meaning if we are driving to an objective and we aren't in combat then we can listen to music,chat,meme around INSIDE the tank(meaning no side,global or any other chat and that goes for radios too)as long as it doesn't affect the drivers abilities and your quickly able to shut it off once shots fired(No Earrape).
7.Make sure your uniform is the same as handed (weapons can be changed or stayed the same depending on the units rules) .
8. Do not argue over stupid crap . If you have a problem talk to a higher up as its there job to deal with your stupid bullcrap.
9.You are all accountable for armored's actions, meaning if you screw up EVERYONE SCREWS UP so keep yourself and others in check and help them in the right path.
12.IF you have any questions or any thing you have any problems with talk to the Commanding officer.
13.If Any rules are broke, immediately report it to the commanding officer
These were rules I used for multiple different units as not only do people enjoy it,it kept people in line once combat was happening, and it make us work better cause usually you bond as a group but it does get the attention of new recruits if needed.
So this is as much info I can give for now , I am able to add a few more things if I remember them at at later date or suggested in the comments.
Please do take some of this advice and use it to your advantage .

If your needing help understanding something that involves armor, A unit would like some "assistance" with leadership within Armor,or need helping training dont be shy to add me as im fine sharing advice/helping with others as long as it aint used againist me haha.

Future plans with guide: i plan on making a short video for each position to illustrate what I mean by a lot of things incase some people don't understand what I mean (note:this does not mean I will be teaching you these things AT ALL. this is to clarify what I mean by the lists I made)

This is Corn/Dixie signing out

Corny B.astard
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Dixie Bastard  [author] May 9 @ 3:20pm 
Update: i'm starting to work on some of the video's to pass the time for me but eventually i'll add them to the guide when there all finished
Dixie Bastard  [author] May 8 @ 6:49pm 
I know i have checked the spelling but im planning on checking the grammer possibly tomorrow whenever I get the chance to . and the only reason id actually delete someones comment is if its unrelated to the guide completely . negative feedback can be useful and im able to that feedback pretty well without losing my cool
Skeleton Man May 8 @ 3:43pm 
Take as much advice as you want from me or my guides, most authors at this point would have just deleted negative feedback. All you gotta do for your spelling is to copy and paste the text portions of your guide into Word and hit F7 for a spelling and grammar check, that will probably solve the most glaring issues.
Intensegeek May 8 @ 1:04pm 
Alritght ill leave you to it when he talks just sounds.. so ... rude idk
Dixie Bastard  [author] May 8 @ 12:39pm 
And geek don't worry . we are just "debating/discussing" so no need to insult unless he is
Dixie Bastard  [author] May 8 @ 12:32pm 
I agree that alot of video's are used to get traffic to a channel but i stopped using mine and i think i deleted all of them so i wouldn't use it for traffic . also if they know most of this stuff or they dont need the guide then they wouldn't need this guide which wouldn't bother me
Intensegeek May 8 @ 11:31am 
Honestly. Your a stuck up british cunt. No offense if have british friends but theres all ways that one bitch that acts like there better than everyone else, thats what you act like british or not.
Skeleton Man May 8 @ 10:56am 
all knowledge is ultimately based on the experience of others. Your text here even directly references and outlines your own experiences. Youtube guides are not typically worth watching, I feel they only are inserted to generate traffic for a channel. Nowhere did I bash this guide for not being the best, only for being vauge and erronous. A player in an armored vehicle already knows an outline of what is described in this guide within a few hours of armored gameplay and would benefit more from descriptive information and tips as opposed to nondescript advice
Dixie Bastard  [author] May 8 @ 10:43am 
Hell I could add into the guide to work with buddies on this so they can know how it's like to be in a tank not full of AI but actual humans but I'm allowing them to make that decision. But my whole point with what I've been trying to say is don't depend on one source of information, learn on your own and explore a bit by yourself or with help. I make the list and try not to give too much away while giving you a goal to learn and its up to the reader to learn based on there own way or the way I said to do which is go hands on with this stuff on Arma 3. trust me I had to learn all this stuff on my own with no real help besides myself and maybe some outside input once and while but was rare.
Dixie Bastard  [author] May 8 @ 10:34am 
and I did say in the first response that I plan on making video's on each section to make some of the points in the list more understandable if truly needed to spell out what exactly to work on because most likely I'll make my point more clear and with spelling and grammar I have been fixing it when i'm not busy with life. And yes I do agree its not the best of guides for sure . But keep this in mind, if anyone was to go into a milsim and join an armored section and go into a mission after recently reading a very long , detailed , descriptive guide that there's a good chance that guide was based off of one milsim or based off of one's experience then they could get screwed over because, every milsim is different. They all face different enemies or same enemies but different way they fight . My guide was to allow the reader to learn on there own to get experience of there own while knowing what to learn on there own.