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[WOTC] Extended Explosive Tweaks
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Apr 29, 2018 @ 3:29pm
Aug 25, 2018 @ 9:29am
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[WOTC] Extended Explosive Tweaks

[WOTC] Extended Explosive Tweaks
This is my personal mod for explosive environmental damage falloff, based on those mechanics from Long War 2. The core feature of this mod is that all explosive abilities that deal damage to an area will now do less damage to the environment based on distance from the center of the explosion. The WOTC Community Highlander is required. I recommend using this mod with the Precision Explosives advanced option, [WOTC] LW2 Classes and Perks, and [WOTC] LW2 Secondary Weapons to get the most out of it, but none of those are required.

Adds two perks to the game, which may appear as Training Center abilities:
  • Combat Engineer: Soldiers with this ability will deal the full amount of environment damage to an explosive's entire area of effect.
  • Tandem Warheads: Soldiers with this ability will deal the full amount of damage to an explosive's entire area of effect. Will have no effect if Precision Explosives is not enabled.

With the default settings, this mod will have the following effects:
  • Environment damage falloff will be applied to all explosive abilities and items, in addition to the Shredder Gun, Shredstorm Cannon, and the Andromedon's Acid Blomb
  • Environment damage falloff will be applied to the Gauntlet (from [WOTC] LW2 Secondary Weapons)
  • Frag and Plasma grenades will destroy small cover on the tile that they are centered around, but will not destroy cover in the rest of the radius
  • With the Sapper perk (from [WOTC] LW2 Classes and Perks), Frag and Plasma grenades will destroy medium cover on the tile that they are centered around, small cover in one tile beyond that, but will not destroy cover in the rest of the radius
  • With the Combat Engineer perk, Frag and Plasma grenades will destory small cover in the entire area of effect
  • With both Sapper and Combat Engineer, Frag and Plasma grenades will destory medium cover in the entire area of effect

This mod is best used when starting a new capaign, but will work on existing campaigns. However, the mod may not work properly until the next mission if the first save you load is during a mission. Also, Training Center abilities are rolled when a soldier is first created, so you probably won't see the Combat Engineer and Tandem Warheads perks on existing campaigns.

The .ini files have detailed comments describing how this mod can be configured. By reading the configs, you can set this mod up to function very closely to the damage falloff mechanics of LW2.

Be aware that this DOES NOT port the damage falloff from LW2; it relies on Precision Explosives for that. The only change to Precision Explosives is that perks can be made that ignore the setting.

Contains no class overrides, so no major conflicts there. This mod works by replacing the X2Effect_ApplyWeaponDamage effect of explosive area of effect abilities with a new X2Effect_ApplyExplosiveEnvironmentFalloffWeaponDamage effect. To my knowledge there aren't any other mods that are doing this, however if you do use another mod that replaces or makes changes to abilities' X2Effect_ApplyWeaponDamage effects, then this may not function correctly.

Anyone is free to use anything in this mod for any project they'd like, as long as credit is given and money is not involved.

Original design and implementation: Pavonis Interactive
War of the Chosen port and additional modifications: Favid
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Mitzruti Apr 5 @ 12:20pm 
figured it out - there's a couple skills that do explosives but use the grenadier's shredder damage effect, so it got hung up on them. going to update soon with them excluded from things for your mod to effect, which fixes the problem.
Mitzruti Apr 4 @ 8:46pm 
yo. seems to be colliding with my perk pack somehow. (ketaros tracked it down) not sure exactly why atm.
Daniel_USA Mar 22 @ 2:56pm 
It's not crashing, it just hangs when you launch.
Favid  [author] Mar 22 @ 2:54pm 
Thanks for the details. I know it's not RPGO causing the issue, but I guess it could be incompatible with something else. I've never heard of this mod causing a crash but I'll try to look into it.
Daniel_USA Mar 22 @ 2:00pm 
I never had an issue with the mod because I never got to use it. It just locks the game up when I try to launch it. If I uncheck the box, the game loads. It must be incompatible with some other mod.

I have RPG mod.

And I haven't even played the game yet so I'm modding it before actually playing it.
Favid  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:47pm 
There is actually no way to guarentee load order. Early on people thought that the order in the alternative mod launcher worked, but the game always just loads mods in some unknown order. It's really annoying.

What specific issues were you having with this mod? It's hard for me to fix problems with only "it doesn't work" to go on.
Daniel_USA Mar 22 @ 1:34pm 
This mod doesn't want to play nice with any of my other mods. Since this is my first time modding I'm not going to take the time to figure out which one it's incompatible with since they all load together and it's just this one that doesn't want to work.

I loaded the mod at the bottom and at the top of my load order. Yes I have the highlander mod.
Favid  [author] Sep 22, 2018 @ 9:06am 
The perks should work fine in RPGO, but I don't think there are any mods that actually add them to the RPGO perk tree. They can be added to the perk tree in the same manner as the other RPGO perk tree mods though.
jweller12 Sep 22, 2018 @ 2:13am 
is this compatible with rpgo and bstars rpgo lw2 classes? can the perks be added?