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Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark
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Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark

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MOD ID: 1373744537

This is the spiritual successor to my Additional Creatures mod. Additional Creatures was my first mod and it truly means the world to me, as it taught me many things about modding and helped me become the modder I am today. However there were both people who were not happy with the quality of the ported models, and creatures I wanted in Ark that I could never find the models for.

That's what this mod answers: new, unique creatures edited from existing ark models!

This mod is indeed financially based. In a sense these models are commissions, and at this moment I am only a college student still looking for a job. If you'd like to donate via patreon or Paypal for creatures, links are below. Yes I will consider “sponsored” creatures, with stipulations. See the appropriate discussion topic for the rules on sponsored creatures, as well as the confirmed species list to see what's coming.

-Tarbosaurus Breeding fixed
-Narwhal breeding fixed
-Oxalaia new sounds
-Australovenator Sounds
-Fixed typo in Mothball Grenade item name
///Halloween Event Finale!///
-Lasts until the end of the month!
-ALL Banguela are now wearing witch hats.
-EVENT DINO: Kruegersaurus! Find it now before the event ends!

Latest version:

-Current creatures::
-Smok saurovindico!

///////MOD PAYPAL////

/////////////MOD PATREON////////////

//////Support me on Ko-Fi!/////


Mod mentor, true great friend.

Collaboration work

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

Mod Official Artist

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters
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Scanova the Carnotaurus
< >
Shadlos  [author] 14 hours ago 
Some of them do and others don't.

Their tail base doesn't have a color region, but their stripes, underbelly, and body main do.

I've seen a few myself on my own servers.
wingedwolfpsion 14 hours ago 
Teeny issue. Shunosaurus are not spawning with event colors.
Badass Gyarados Oct 22 @ 1:24pm 
@Shadlos I understand. Thanks for the answer. :steamhappy:
Shadlos  [author] Oct 22 @ 12:46pm 
If you're on the discord i've made notice of this already when it tried to breed my own, lol.

I have it fixed and working in-kit, its just that i don't want to update the entire mod for one small fix, ya know? The cook and upload process can take 1 1/2 -2 hours, so i normally try to get all major bugs fixed.

I'll see if there's anything else i can add to the patch to make an upload worthwhile.
Badass Gyarados Oct 22 @ 12:22pm 
Amazing mod, but i've noticed tarbosaurus breeding is broken, the eggs doesn't seems to incubate, and are not compatible with the s+ Hatchery (the hatchery doesn't picked the eggs up)
TheSlayerNL Oct 22 @ 4:06am 
There is this seem on the Head of the Tarbosaurus, its very visible
Catbob11 Oct 21 @ 7:48pm 
ok thanks a lot
Shadlos  [author] Oct 21 @ 7:44pm 
The creature information provided in the discussions tells you how to tame every single creature in the mod.

Segnosaurus is a passive tame.
Catbob11 Oct 21 @ 7:42pm 
i noticed segnosaurus wasnt taking torpor from darts, how do you tame one?
Xrl69 Oct 21 @ 7:36pm 
@BISONWARP use a elevator and check the weight limit for each boss arena