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Temperature Mode For Simfphys
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Apr 28, 2018 @ 10:49pm
Jun 18, 2018 @ 8:23am
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Temperature Mode For Simfphys


This is temperature(temp) mode for simfphys vehicles.

You - What it adds in game?
Me - It adds too much cool things

For example
1. You need to turn engine on and wait, when it get 80-100 degrees, or your engine will take damage
2. Outside temp is -30 or more?You need to turn on Winter Mode for your vehicle, to save it from cold.You forgot do it?Well, call special human or wait when it will warmer outside
3. You are street racer?Well, I think you need to make revlimiter for your car, or it will overheat and engine will take damage
4. On the street +40 degrees?I think you should go to work on your bicycle.

The most coolest thing that take me about 24 hours is improved engine damage, for example, if your car is overheating, there can be 6 ways:
1. Cylinder head Warped
2. Craks in cylinder head
3. Gaskets burned down
4. Destroyed inter-ring baffles
5. Seals are leaking
6. Lucky guy
(it means, that you very lucky and your engine is ok)

So, I think it all, because there was too many interesting things and I can forget it.

Now, commands:
Chat commands:
!warmcar - set to your car 100 degrees !wm_on - set Winter Mode on, does not allow the car to freeze !wm_off - set Winter Mode off !check_car - it check car for any damages.
Console commands:
simf_temp-mode_ - Turn on temp. mode for simfphys? 1 - true, 0 - false simf_temp-mode_can_warm_users - Can user make car warm? 1 - true, 0 - false simf_temp-mode_language - What language? 1 - Russian, 0 - English
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Rick Grimes Apr 6 @ 2:02pm 
That poor R32.
it takes a long time to blow an engine, there should be an update to be able to change coolent temp so it's easier to blow it up faster
Killer19Cobra69 Mar 2 @ 6:04pm 
for some reason it dons't like any LFS planes can you try to fix it
Jared Feb 15 @ 7:22pm 
too advanced for me, dick stuck in car's air conditioner
Eazzzy Feb 9 @ 3:02am 
link to stormfox :)
Polskaboo Jan 29 @ 9:53pm 
Does not work with LFS
Mango Jan 14 @ 12:18pm 
KryogenTheRockability I think it's the default max
Oldschool = Elite Jan 8 @ 9:50am 
My can can't have more than 1000 max torque. Why is it like that? When I set it to 1200 for my dragster it automatically changes back to 1000
Tonald Drump Oct 20, 2018 @ 3:47pm 
ахуенный аддон,так сказать
Tonald Drump Oct 20, 2018 @ 3:47pm 
best addon in the world