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Apr 27, 2018 @ 4:16am
May 24, 2018 @ 2:56pm
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Creator of the UFO mod for Arma 3 : TILK
Reminder : If you use something from my mod you have to credit me !

Description :
A simple mod that adds an UFO to the arma 3 props with an animation (MP compatible) that can be triggered with the arma 3 action menu when you are close enough to the object.
You can also activate the animation with a trigger by giving a variable name to the UFO object (like : ufo1) and putting that in the trigger : [ufo1] call UFO_fnc_launchUFO;

Credits :
Thanks to Mr.H for his help!
Source of sounds :
Source of visual effect script : AlaskaVet

Enjoy it !

You can also use the script "Levitation-Floating" by aliascartoons :
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Rule Britannia! Mar 21, 2021 @ 3:58pm 
where to find it?
Morales Dec 15, 2020 @ 11:47pm 
Unidentified Flying Object.
Blarfnarg Jul 6, 2019 @ 2:03pm 
Ok. :)
TILK  [author] Jul 6, 2019 @ 1:39pm 
I know, but thank you for clarifying it.
Blarfnarg Jul 6, 2019 @ 1:25pm 
Sorry, but I feel I must mention this,
UFO does not mean alien flying saucer/alien space ship, it means Unidentified Flying Object.
Sorry if you already knew just felt that I should clear up that misconception. Best of luck.
Forky Jun 22, 2018 @ 8:36am 
at least shade it smooth pal
TILK  [author] Apr 27, 2018 @ 11:12am 
@Soviet doggo : It's a static structure but you can add actions on it and animate it with a script.
Katie Apr 27, 2018 @ 6:32am 
Can it be a craft? :O