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Morrowstorm Castle
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Morrowstorm Castle

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TES-V:Skyrim / Dragonborn DLC:
Morrowstorm Castle ~ by: M7.

First go to Raven Rock along the shore of the bay harbor until you find a small boat with the corpse of Lord Horus Mike (apparently who died after his Castle was confiscated by the Bank for not paying his taxes, due to "an influx of Ebony Bandits"...). Search him for a Key and the Morrowstorm letter. Read it. This starts the Quest. Use the key on the boat and travel to Morrowstorm Castle on its own island. It is called Morrowstorm by the occasional ash storms from Morrowind. On arrival you can purchase the Deed title from a shopkeeper in the Marketplace Courtyard (at the hours it is open; after 8am). Read the Deed and the Castle is yours. Yay!!!


Custom Retextures
Partial Navmesh (I only placed Navmesh at the entrances, the town and a camp. On another mod I had unexplained CTD using Navmeshing on an island; the interiors are all Navmeshed, so you can bring family there or followers).
Rolling snowy hills, trees, and an impassable mountain on the edge of the town (I used a small part of a larger island for the Castle).
Castle Village with Farms (& "Peyton" Farmer who buys firewood) and interiors.
Guards = both Day and Night Guards who alternate but share a meal in the Banquet Hall from 8am to 10am.
Working Prison (Cellar).
Self-closing entrance Gate (uses Triggerbox).
Summonable Pet Cat (not yet tested for battle) (Conjuration).
Lesser Powers = Morrowstorm Menu Spell (can teleport to 3 interior locations and Raven Rock; summon 3 Followers including Housecarl; Summon 3 horses all different; Mark/Recall location; and random Food conjuration (1-9).)
Waterfalls in entrance along the integrated bridge (and exit in case you jump in).
Upper level/Lower level/Main level.
Master Bedroom with children room.
Servant room.
Banquet Hall with Kitchen.
Private Garden.
Throne Chamber and Office.
Marketplace Courtyard.
Hall of Valor.
Forge & Mines.
Theater with 2 Bards (Day/Night).
Bath pool (healing).
Upper Level has 2 roof access.
Armory (mannequins, weapon racks, library bookshelves, display cases).
Cellar - with working Laundry Machine.
Lots of Storage chests (Vault).
Lots of interior space for conjuring.
Mage Tower with alchemy/enchanting.
Town with Farmer.
Storm Camp.
Docks with fishing poles (catches fish).
Water Wells.
Mead / Wine casks.
Custom Banners.
Grain Mill.
Practice Safe for lockpicking Skill.
Arrow Fletcher/Anvil (in Town) for arrows/bow.
Crypt in Cellar.

M7. 2018.

Postscript: Custom Family Home is an option for adding Family to the Mod.

Morrowstorm Castle on Nexus []

Roy D. Loudbark (for Testing, observation).
Bethesda (DLC) (Skyrim).

M7 Steam Fan Club

Modding Tools used for Morrowstorm Castle:
NIFskope (retexturer), Gimp (Graphics Editor), BSA Browser, Digital Camera, Inscribe2004 (for Egyptian Hieroglyphs on ceiling), Dawnguard/Dragonborn DLC (for components that are retextured), & Skyrim (for components retextured).

M7 2018.

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Skyrim Mod Developer M7
Apr 26 @ 11:03pm
Positive Feedback
Skyrim Mod Developer M7
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voajusdisselcria Jul 10 @ 1:08am 
Your mods are interesting. It would be awesome if you did a vanilla city overhaul or maybe help me make one in the future.
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] May 1 @ 5:18pm 
@czarny biały (Sotha Sil) - if you want "better mods" go to Nexus instead of Steam.
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] May 1 @ 5:14pm 
What is not decent about this mod?
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] May 1 @ 3:48pm 
Roy D. Loudbark (for Testing, observation).
Jiubek May 1 @ 5:14am 
Cyrodill Beyond
Jiubek May 1 @ 5:13am 
Or join the Beyond Project?
Jiubek May 1 @ 5:12am 
Maybe you will gather all your strength and create decent Skyrim Modifications?
Jiubek May 1 @ 5:09am 
WTF.....? ? ? ....... ? ? ?....... Roy doing this shit?
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Apr 29 @ 10:21pm 
This mod was compensation for the one I was working on last week that kept CTD ing. It was a war mod where the player captures one of 10 towns - each based on race - and the banner of each town changes to the Player's banner (which worked), until the player captures the Castle and becomes the regions' sovereign. The battles worked but during the fight scenes my computer kept CTD (crash to desktop) - either it was the Navmesh or too many textures? I only worked on exteriors thankfully before the CTD issue. It was going to be epic. M7.
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Apr 29 @ 10:17pm 
I think people are still playing my Build your own Township mod?
M7 ;)