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Gravemind - SSG.Emery (Zoey)
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Gravemind - SSG.Emery (Zoey)

"Born in 2509, Zoe Emery hailed from the farm world of Harvest, she was part of an extensive farming family at the edge of Utgard where she lived and learned to take care of the giant JOTUN machines that took care of her family fields.

However, she'd be 16 when the First Contact came around, losing her family at the hands of the Covenant she survived through the operation that the brave Harvest Militiamen and the UNSC undertook, she found herself in bunkers and taking care of wounded in the ground of Harvest as one of the UNSC medic officers had his hands full, he took her help, having no time to process the death of her family at the hands of the Covenant she worked through her grief, up until the moment they could escape the planet.

Some time would've passed and she found herself being taken in by the same medic that recruited her help back in Harvest, he would foster her to the best of his ability once they returned to an alien planet for her, Actium, where she would've been considered a refugee were it not for the medic that took her in with an admittedly arduous adoption process, she'd had still been underage at the age of 16 and her foster father would've had to leave her often due to the circumtances of a whole new war. So she found herself inside the confines of the Aegis Academy of Military Methodology in Actium, she would excel in her classes and eventually, when she grew old enough enlisted in the United Nations Space Command, having graduated directly from her academy with high ratings and she'd choose to keep her focus on the medical field like the man that had fostered her and given her a chance.

Some time would pass and she would've conceived a child with a fellow UNSC Officer from the Marine Corp's, 502nd Expeditionary Unit. But a dreaded day came and her boyfriend would suffer heavy injuries in the field, forcing him to receive a leg amputation and receive prosthetics, which would force him to stay back for his full recovery, taking the full responsibility of their child she sought out to continue her service, making sure she'd receive her pays so they could afford to take care of their child and allow him a future.

Staff Sergeant Zoe Emery would see combat all throughout the war, seeing the beginning of it, and going all the way to see its ending at Installation 00 and the Voi Memorial."

This is a survivor model made specifically to fit the theme of the Halo:Gravemind overhaul project for L4D2, it includes custom VGUI, face flexes and eye tracking for lip sync and facial animations and even replaces the zoey model seen in the begining of the Passing campaign. Link to the mod project's collection is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762814380

Huge special thanks to Haruspexofhell for providing the detailed lore behind Emery, and also special thanks to Bossveteran for the cool render of Emery! Link to them down Below!

Armor and cap model - 343 industries
Head model - Kyle Hefley, 343 Industries ( www.artstation.com/sortadone )
Head model modification - Danger Wasp
Textures - 343 industries, Soda, Tillice
Shaders - Danger Wasp
Rigging - Darkman
Compiling - Danger Wasp
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xwing376 Jul 9 @ 7:57pm 
Do you take mod suggestions/requests?
GIANTHURTBALLJR May 6 @ 10:33am 
Alright, Good to know!
Danger Wasp  [author] May 6 @ 10:32am 
@GIANTHURTBALLJR so far I finished Zoey, nearly finished Louis, working on Bill's, and Francis i'm working on making.
GIANTHURTBALLJR May 6 @ 10:29am 
Cool! Can't wait wait to see you do the rest of the survivors!
Danger Wasp  [author] May 6 @ 10:27am 
@GIANTHURTBALLJR yes. just gotta fix the weights for his hands and the attachments on his body. that and redo his vmodel hands as I did that incorrectly
GIANTHURTBALLJR May 6 @ 10:24am 
Is that skin for Louis a WIP?
BlackFlagCos May 1 @ 11:00pm 
Lysander May 1 @ 3:27pm 
@Archangel SK

He's been working on it for awhile now. Doing a replacer for that isn't exactly easy. He has a massive backlog of things to get done
Archangel SK May 1 @ 3:23am 
Do the Falcon already!
rage1911 Apr 30 @ 9:57am 
Can you please do this skin for Nick also? I'd LOVE to see this guy replace Nick's rediculous white suit! LOL