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Apr 24, 2018 @ 5:13pm
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Customize It!

Change "Customizable Property" values for *Service* buildings directly in-game.

When you create an asset, you can specify some 'customizable properties' options for your building.

This mod lets you change those inside the game, while also exposing some that are not even available to edit in the asset editor.


This mod provides a panel with inputs where you can edit the following fields depending on building type:
  • Construction Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Sewage Accumulation
  • Garbage Accumulation
  • Fire Hazard
  • Fire Tolerance
  • Low Wealth Tourists
  • Medium Wealth Tourists
  • High Wealth Tourists
  • Entertainment Accumulation
  • Entertainment Radius
  • Uneducated Workers
  • Educated Workers
  • Well Educated Workers
  • Highly Educated Workers
  • Noise Accumulation
  • Noise Radius
  • Cargo Transport Accumulation
  • Cargo Transport Radius
  • Hearse Count
  • Capacity
  • Burial Rate
  • Grave Count
  • .......You get the idea.
For a full list of properties, see the Discussions Section.

  1. The panel is accessed through the Building Info Panel that appears when you click on a building, by clicking on the little Gear button just under the Close Button. (See images)
  2. Only buildings of AI type PlayerBuildingAI have customizable properties. This means you cannot edit things for growables. Only ploppables.
  3. Changes are saved in a xml file, or optionally in the savegame (allows per-city customizations), not in the assets themselves. Pressing the "Reset" button in the customization panel reverts current building to default values. Pressing the "Reset All" button in Options menu reverts ALL buildings to default(No Undo). Removing the mod reverts everything to normal.
  4. All copies of the same building share the same properties. If you have a park called "Small Park" and you plop it 10 times in your city, changes to any of the 10 parks will also apply to the others.
  5. Some properties cannot be set to 0 or they cause errors. If you see a texfield which goes back to 1 when you enter 0, this is the reason.
  6. You need to subscribe to PrefabHook, which is needed for this to work. Link in required items section on the right.

This is sort of experimenta! I haven't thoroughly tested all the fields yet and I don't know what exactly they all do.
It's probably wise to avoid going too crazy with the numbers. Use your brain. If a field has a default value of 1, it's probably dumb to put 100000 in there. Experiment by increasing things gradually. Decreasing things is probably much safer.
You can read the Asset Editor Properties[]wiki for an idea..
If you get any errors, I need to know which field you were editing and what values you entered.
If you notice any unexpected behaviour let me know.

Thanks to

Judazz for the base of most of the UI code.

Leader of the Monkeys for Swedish translation.
Geze for French translation.
AquilaSol for Dutch translation.
Armesto for helping with proof-reading my Spanish translation.

Bloodypenguin for the awesome Translation Framework.
This mod includes 5 translations: Swedish, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish. If you'd like to add your own translation, let me know in the comments below.


If you like this mod, please take a moment to rate+, it really helps me stay motivated to continue creating mods for the community. If you're feeling generous, consider making a small donation. Even tiny amounts make a huge difference. Thank you!

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I keep getting the "Failed generating error message" upon start up, and when I go to enable the mod in game, it tells me that I need the "Prefab Hook" mod, even though I already have it. I've tried installing and uninstalling both, but it keeps happening. The mod may need to be updated.
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hi TPB. id like to add translation, can we contact?
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This mod seems to be incompatible with the RICO mod I'm afraid.
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i just want to say: thank you for this must-have mod, it's a blessing !
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