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The Alchemist - Encyclopaedia Alchemica Revised
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Apr 24 @ 11:36am
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The Alchemist - Encyclopaedia Alchemica Revised

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Encyclopaedia Alchemica Redone (EAR) is a complete remake of my earlier mod (Encyclopaedia Alchemica) and also more compatible with Skyrim's latest updates. After using this mod myself I found lots of discrepancies in the weights and values of ingredients. Also, the six volumes of the Encyclopedia Alchemica needed various adjustments and extensions.

The Story
An alchemist is on his way to the Arcane University in the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. Shortly before the Skyrim-Cyrodill border he is attacked by bandits who robbed him of everything he had with him, including his horse. The bandits left him for dead and in his last moments he was able to write a small note. In this note he writes about a mysterious alchemy laboratory. If you find the alchemist and his note, you may be able to gain access to his laboratory, Alchemist's Delight.

  • Skyrim Legendary Edition (including all DLCs)

  • Unofficial Skyrim LEgendary Edition Patch (USLEEP)

Subscribe to EAR in the Steam Workshop. Have some patience, as EAR will not appear in your Data folder instantly.

Unsubscribe from EAR in the Steam Workshop and delete it's files from the Data folder (amm_EARedone.esp & amm_EARedone.bsa).

Other mods that alter the same locations as used in this mod may conflict. Other mods that alter weights and values of ingredients may not produce results that you expected, depending on load order. If you are using 'Hunting and Gathering', you should put this mod lower in load order (higher in the Data Files list). You may have to adjust load order manually when using LOOT. If you prefer 'Hunting and Gathering' over this mod, put it higher in load order (lower in the Data Files list). Your choice will only affect the number of ingredients that can be harvested from trees, plants and creatures.

WARNING! With over 50,000 mods available in the Steam Workshop, Skyrim Nexus and various other websites, it is impossible to prevent conflicts to occur. Many of these conflicts will do your game(play) no harm, but one mod's data may override another mod's data, the socalled conflict winners or losers. When using mods be sure to have some good tools at hand (a mod manager like Wrye Bash, LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool) and TES5Edit).

  • Six volume Encyclopaedia Alchemica (completely revised and extended)
  • More realistic weights of ingredients
  • More realistic values of ingredients, based on ingredient effects
  • More realistic amounts of ingredients to be harvested or collected from flora, trees, animals and creatures
  • A small Dwemer building that an alchemist (and enchanter) may call his home
  • Sixteen book cases
  • Various Dwemer chests for storing food, ingredients, staffs and soul gems
  • A grinding chest to grind mammoth tusk into powder, the Mammoth Tusk Grinder
  • A magical chest to replicate ingredients, the Replicator
  • A magical chest to transmute iron and silver ingots into gold ingots, the Transmutor
  • A machine to reclaim materials from armor, weapons and jewelry, the Recycling Machine
  • A strongbox with 1 sample of jarrin root
  • Living quarters with double bed, sitting area, two safes and some other storage facilities
  • Kitchen with cooking spit, oven, butter churn and dining table
  • Two alchemy workbenches
  • An enchanting workbench
  • An staff workbench
  • All shrines of the Nine Divines and a shrine to Auriel.
  • All standing stones
  • Running water in living quarters (wash basins), kitchen and bathing area (will be switched on and off automatically while getting near or moving further away)
  • Two large fireplaces with central heating, ventilation and cooling system
  • All containers are non-respawning; storage is safe

For now EAR will only be available in the Steam Workshop.

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If this mod becomes a favorite of yours, don't forget to favorite and rate EAR. That's what free modders are doing it for!

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Altbert  [author] May 14 @ 7:41am 
The ebony (base, unenchanted) items accepted by the recycling machine are:
000139AC Ebony Battleaxe
000139AD Ebony Bow
000139AE Ebony Dagger
000139AF Ebony Greatsword
000139B0 Ebony Mace
000139B1 Ebony Sword
000139AB Ebony Waraxe
000139B2 Ebony Warhammer
00013960 Ebony Boots
00013961 Ebony Cuirass
00013962 Ebony Gautlets
00013963 Ebony Helmet
00013964 Ebony Shield
All these items have an extra keyword attached which is checked by the script from the machine. Are you using a mod that changes one or more of the properties of ebony armor or weapons, such as value or weight? If so, is it below my mod in load order, e.g. my mod 1A and the other 1E or lower in the Data list? In that case the other mod is a conflict winner and overwrites all changes made by my mod. You could put my mod below the other one, but then my mod would overwrite the properties of the other. You can check this with LOOT and/or TES5Edit.
Mudkipster May 13 @ 9:47pm 
i found out that the Recycling machine STILL doesnt work, i put in a bunch of Ebony weapons and got Nothing in return
Mudkipster May 5 @ 8:08pm 
AHHHHH ok i used enchanted... i think both were enchanted
Altbert  [author] May 5 @ 2:10am 

I've been testing the mod over and over today, but found no problems whatsoever. The recycling machine works properly, but the machine only accepts NON-ENCHANTED weapons and armor. I may have been a little too hasty with my previous answer. If the item is enchanted it will remain in the machine unchanged.
Fast travelling to Whiterun and back several times was no problem either. I've also checked fast travelling to various other locations.
I think one or more other mods may be conflicting with this one. Use TES5Edit to check which other mod(s) may cause the conflicts.
Phwakes May 4 @ 10:46pm 
Looks good
Mudkipster May 4 @ 5:19pm 
ok ALSO i found out that for some reason when i have this mod enabled, if i fast travel to whiterun the game permanantly stays in the load screen... and the only way to get out is to Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then shut down, or hard shut down (hold the power button), i know its the mod because i disabled it, fast traveled to whiterun and it went fine
Altbert  [author] May 4 @ 3:39pm 
I will look into this. Although the weight of the helmet is not very realistic (26) recycling should have produced at least 15 ebony ingots.
Mudkipster May 4 @ 7:58am 
i dont think the recycling machine works properly, i put in an ebony helmet... and it just ate it up and i got nothing...
Altbert  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:16pm 
I don't think I will make the house a standalone mod. Just put you other mods higher in load order and these will override my modifications in weights, values and harvest amounts. These mods will most probably not conflict, but just be a conflict winner. Let me know how it turn out!
Fennec Apr 28 @ 7:18pm 
Any chance of making just the house as a standalone mod? I like how it looks, but I already use other mods that modify weights, values, and harvest amounts. If so, I'll greatly look forward to it. If not, thank you for your upload regardless and I may just disable the other mods and give this one a try regardless!