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Peachy's Zeus Compositions
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Apr 23, 2018 @ 5:31am
May 3, 2018 @ 6:48am
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Peachy's Zeus Compositions

Peachy's Zeus Composition

I'm not dead, just not really liking reading code so this is on hold until I can get some effort in me.
The object export script I use is now availble under Discussions. Feel free to use it, always nice to see other peoples' creations on the Workshop.

Version 2.1.0
Found the batteries. Tweaks and new stuff.
New stuff marked with a *

Note: Because of the limits of the Zeus system not all composition are availble in Zeus. Something to do with object number restrictions that I can't fix. However, all composition are availble in the Eden Editor.

As per the peer pressure of certain annoying people I am releasing this onto the public Steam Workshop for others to enjoy.

PZC is a simple little collection of my time and frustrations bundled nicely into one small package.
Within this mod are categories of different structures ranging from Pre-War to Rebel and FOBs.
Originally designed for a Arma group to help Zeus game makers quickly build a scenario (and stop wasting my time), it expanded into mission makers using it for their missions and now to here.

I will be trying my best to update this mod with new content whenever I can, I will keep it to substantial changes as to not annoy people and make my life easier.

PZC uses additional mods, these are:
CUP Terrains – Core
CUP Terrains – Maps
CUP Terrains – CWA
I’ve listed all these to be on the safe side. You probably don’t need maps or AFRF, SAF, and GREF.
I mostly tried to use vanilla parts for things or kept them to one side (BLUFOR).
But if you have one then you might as well have them all.
N.B This mod can still work without any mods! It will just throw an error message and the contents missing (Mod stuff) will not be placed.
Go wild in vanilla if you want to, just don't complain when there are holes in the walls.

These bases can be found under “Groups” -> “Empty” -> “Peachy’s Zeus Compositions”
Each have their own category that describe what they are.
Within the mod there are:
- Pre-War
- Super-Future *
- Installations
- Outposts
- Forward Operating Bases
- Fire Support Bases
- Combat Hospitals
- Sub-Command
- Armoured Mechanised Depots
- Heliports (Transport / CAS)
- Training Facilities
- Generic Military
o HQs
o Ammo Dumps
o Vehicle Repair Depots
- Checkpoints
- Bunkers, Barricades and Buildings
o Hidden Gun Nests
o Vehicle Bunkers
o Mortar / Artillery Pits
o Anti-Aircraft Pit
o Trenches
- Rebel (Like Generic but for rebels)
- Runway (N.B. This thing is massive)
- Modular Set (Allows you to customise the layout of the base, four variants for each corner).
- IDAP Humanitarian Aid (IDAP does not use Defence Levels)
o Food / Water / Medical Facilities
o Food Distribution (+Ranksacked)
o De-Mining Road Block
- Vehicle Service Depot + LZs *
o Refuelling LZs
o Vehicle Service Depots (Frontline & Standard)
- Civilian Structures (More to be added later but slow to make) *

On these compositions are also size and strength categories, they may not be all the same as they are designed as a rough guide for what to expect before you place it down.
E.g. Headquarters + LZ (2) [L]
Name (Strength) [Size]

Notes on Buildings & Structures
Defence Levels - (4, 3, 2, 1, 0)
Super (4)

• Strong defence, (towers, bunkers, .50cal, vehicle point-defence-systems, multiple sections). Multiple sections for each division or area,
• Multiple large multi-layered walls for inner and perimeter,
Heavy (3)
• Big defences (towers, bunkers, .50cal, multiple sections). Multiple sections for each division or area,
• Tall multi-layered walls for perimeter, (Concrete/green military walls, fences, hesco bags),
• Hard to attack, easy to defend. (Heavy cover for buildings, vehicles & infantry).
Medium (2)
• Slightly less defence (bunkers, towers) sectioned into areas of entry for defence,
• Tall walls for perimeter and inside (Concrete/green military walls, fences, hesco bags),
• Difficult to attack, challenge to defend. (Decent cover for vehicles and full cover infantry).
• This is pretty much the default kind of arrangement of most buildings, so lots of things have it.
Light (1)
• Little defence (sandbag bunkers or walls with hesco implements for cover),
• Short walls (hesco bags, sandbag walls, Maximum level of wall; Green military walls at centre),
• Easy to attack, difficult to defend effectively. (Only effective cover for infantry).
Rushed (0)
• Lowest level of defence, open area,
• Sandbag walls at most, may have camo-nets for cover.
• Defence levels are low, easiest to attack. (Open to attack, little cover for infantry).
N.B. – These are generalised notes, you can alter any buildings to increase or decrease levels. Add a .50! See if I care.

Base Sizes - [SUP, L, M, S]
Superstructure [SUP]

• Massive superstructures, as the name suggests, requires flat ground, like a salt flat... maybe a hilltop isn’t the best idea.
Large [L]
• Requires a large space of area for it to be place. Works best on flat terrain, flat ground is a requirement for this size and anything above.
Medium [M]
• In between large and small, still needs space and may work on hills, recommend flat ground for this size but can still be operational on hilltops.
Small [S]
• Smaller sizes, can fit into smaller zones for multiple buildings. Can work on hilltops or smaller areas, confined zones.
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R Dec 16, 2018 @ 1:44am 
CUP vehicle missing?
Lord Ravage  [author] Aug 1, 2018 @ 6:57pm 
@JacobyWitness All made in Eden Editor then exported using a script that collects object data. I'll see if I can post the script somewhere in the Discussion area of this mod for you.
User Formerly Known as Jacoby Aug 1, 2018 @ 4:12pm 
It's a great compliment to ZEC Compositions, lots of options to choose from. How'd you make the compositions? I'd love to make some of my own for Iron Front.
[TFM] Daniel1060 Jun 29, 2018 @ 8:38am 
Very good work, love the detail and practicality. You've made it so much easier for myself and friends to create missions and make people playing with us think a bit more about their surroundings. Myself plus a small fireteam walked right by a camoflagued MG nest and subsequently they all got gunned down by one man with me being the only survivor. It was hilarious to watch. So all in all, I forgot what I was trying to say.
Scrowed May 10, 2018 @ 6:39am