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Downfall V14.0
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Downfall V14.0

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I do not give permission for anyone to edit and reupload this mod anywhere else. If you would like to use it somewhere else, come here and ask me first.

Shout out to Rayman1103 as alot of his/her work in showing how to edit the director had a huge influence in making this. Some of his/her code was used in the Vscript areas. And another shoutout to Omixsat #JuggleProdTime for some of his/her bot behavior cvars.
Current patch notes information / Changes in Patch 14.0

Unique weapon overhaul that makes every weapon perform differently as was voted on. All weapons reload slightly faster while having the added benefit of point blank penetration.

Game is overall slightly less difficult in comparison to previous versions of Downfall. Still offers plenty of challenge. If you would like absolutely no need what so ever for team work, consider installing the autohelp plugin on your server. It will automaticly revive / free survivors after a configurable time limit is set.

Uzi --> Fire rate lowered. Clip size 38. Total damage 1520. Can now gib.

Mac10 --> Fire rate increased. Clip size 50. Total damage 1500

Mp5 --> Fire rate increased. Clip size 45. Total damage 1120. Secondary.

Pump --> Clip size 4. Total damage 1000. Slightly increased penetration range. Secondary.

Chrome --> Clip size 8. Total damage 1000. Slightly decreased penetration range. Secondary.

Ak47 -->Fire rate lowered. Clip size 32. Total damage 1920.

M16 --. Fire rate increased. Clip size 50. Total damage 1750

Desert rifle --> Fully automatic. Has scope zoom. Clip size 40. Total damage 1600.

Sg --> 3 round burst. No zoom. Clip size 21. Total damage 1008. Secondary

Spas --> Clip size 14. Total damage 1260. Tight spread. Secondary.

Autoshotgun --> Clip size 10. Total damage 1250 Normal spread. Secondary.

Military Sniper --> Clip size 10. Total damage 1200. Instant kills common infected. Fast fire rate.

Hunting Rifle --> Clip size 10. Total damage 1500. Instant kills common infected. Slow fire rate.

Magnum --> Clip size 8. Instant kills common infected. Total damage 800. Secondary.

Pistol --> Clip size 15. Total damage 514. Dual pistols --> Clip size 30. Total damage 1020. Secondary.

Chainsaw --> Clip size 60 seconds of fuel.

- Survivors do not take damage while incapped from common infected. Will die in 33 seconds if not revived.

- Incap limit increased to 2.

- New health charts
- Common infected = 100
- Boomer = 100
- Spitter = 100
- Gasser = 250
- Jockey = 250
- Hunter = 250
- Charger = 500
- Tank = 9000 co-op , 6000 survival.

- Added no survivor collision with teammates.

All written information about Downfall : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1368345883/2828702373003872773/

When hosting Scavenge and Versus please use :

Recommended hud to go with Downfall :

Requires a game restart after downloading and must be ran on a local/custom server to function. Disable before playing on a dedicated server to prevent yourself from being kicked for having a script enabled. If friends are having issues joining you, type the following in your console.

sv_consistency 0
sv_pure 0
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Downfall Information Post
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Soft  [author] May 15 @ 7:54am 
And thank you lag on deleting my messed up comment I accidently deleted the persons comment who reported a bug.
Dingle Dorff the Dwarf May 6 @ 7:55pm 
Well then that's all of the issues I had, thanks for the clear up. Can't wait for the update.
Soft  [author] May 6 @ 7:40pm 
I disabled the instant kill by default due to alot of negative feedback.

2. Thats how the m60 works. You can't do anything about it unless you use masterminds prevent m60 drop sourcemod plugin. If you don't then make sure you reload before running out of ammo in a clip.

3. Bot have a slightly larger distance that they can help teammates without putting themself in danger as much.
Dingle Dorff the Dwarf May 6 @ 7:24pm 
After my two runs with the m60, I did not ran into the losing m60 to reviving teammate, so I'm gonna let that slide and call it a rare glitch... might have happened to some before this addon existed. But I did ran into some things in the runs:

1. When you are down, the bots will pick you (still doing solo), or each other up from a small distance, I would say about 9-10 feet away. Unless it's another glitch that happened before this addon was made.

2. You auto throw the m60 when you hit 0 on the mag. I am not sure how to explain this any other way. I did record the sessions just in case I forgot how it happened or don't know how to explain it.

Question: After reading the description, is the witch supposed to one-hit kill you on any difficulty on normal (not realism) games? If so, then it's not working, I got incaped a few times and witnessed others getting incaped by her.
Soft  [author] May 5 @ 10:29pm 
The hunting rifle was made into a scoped shotgun during one of the patch notes to offer a less skill requiring aim and still be able to snipe. I have no clue what could have caused that issue with your m60 dropping while reviving a teammate, have never experienced nor seen a report about it other than yours so if it happens again please try to walk me through it with details so I can recreate it on my end. Just wrote up some vscripts, edited weapon scripts / gamemode.txt script. Packed vpk with l4d2 authoring tools.
Dingle Dorff the Dwarf May 5 @ 9:23pm 
I love this mod, it's a great change to the game with added difficulty, I really recommend this is played with friends (did it alone with bots), but I ran into two bug issues:

#1: I picked up a M60, fired about 2-3 mags worth and reloaded about 6 times, I still hold the gun. I revived a downed teammate, the M60 disappeared without a trace.

#2: The hunting rifle became a shotgun. I am more than sure I was carrying the hunting rifle because I downloaded some visual addons, M1c Garand for HR, Spencer 1882 Shotgun for PS, and M1887 for chrome.

Once again, great addon and scripting, My question is what tools did you use? I have an idea of a mutation game, but I don't know where to start.
Soft  [author] May 5 @ 8:43pm 
@Rumika theres a description for a reason.
Soft  [author] May 5 @ 8:42pm 
@Omega it's just I need information to know whats happening, if no one tells me what is going on then I have no ability to know what is happening. I get alot of comments that sound like someone was taking a broken microwave to be repaired but never said whats wrong with it. At the moment I don't have a clue over what sets up bots priority during a combat situation, but as a general idea theres one thing I can try as an attempt to it. The issue being if I use my idea then its going to result in most likely a bot trying to heal you every 5 seconds. But they do that anyway sometimes so who knows, it might not change much. I'll look into it. Thank you for providing some information I can work off of.
OmegaRiolu0x May 5 @ 7:35pm 
I am sorry sir, playing the mod again, i have found the SI RR system to be rather fair, but in regards to examples for the other issue, the bots seem to have issues helping teammates up. As an example, during a run, both me and a CP were both incapped during a zombie rush, and after it was dealt with, the two remaining CP's took five seconds to decide which on they were gonna save. Another instance of CP issues is in Dead Center, when a CP kept runnig into a wall with flames... when everyone else was already at the safe room. But other than that, your mod is pretty spectacular. To be honest, when I made the last message, I was kinda salty about how INSANELY hard and challenging this mod is. Sorry for offending u.
RUMIKA May 5 @ 7:07pm 
What effect does this mod have?